After selecting the position of the player you’d like to build in Madden 24 Superstar Mode, the next step is to customize the appearance of that player.

This character customization section includes an option to adjust the physique of the player. This bit is particularly important because it directly affects the base ratings and skills of the player.

For instance, if you’re building a player for a position where speed is important, having a bulky physique would be an inefficient approach.

This guide discusses how to change your physique in Madden 24 Superstar Mode, but we also go into some detail about the best use cases for each type of physique and how it affects your play style.

How to Change Physique

As I said, the character customization section pops up automatically after you select the position of the player.

Even after you progress past this stage, you can still adjust your player’s physique anytime by opening up Superstar Mode and scrolling to the “My Superstar” section as indicated in the image below.

Then, click on “Edit My Superstar” and toggle through the sections to “Appearance”. Choose “Physique” and the menu below should pop up.

This year, Madden 24 uses physique sliders for a deeper level of customization. The types of physiques are the same as Madden 23, but there are more options to make your player’s physical build closer to what want them to be.

There are cosmetic physique sliders such as Gut, Chest, Arm Size, Rear Size, etc. that don’t really make a difference to performance in-game. What you need to pay the most attention to is the player’s height and weight.

The exact combination of height and weight that you select will determine the type of physique that your player has, so let’s talk about those now.

Types of Physiques

The three types of physiques in Madden 24 are Agile, Balanced, and Bruiser.

With the physique sliders, even the shortest possible player that can be built in Superstar Mode can be a Bruiser if you set his weight high enough. On the flip side, any player above 6’4″ can not be agile no matter how low the weight goes (minimum 160 lbs.).

The important things to note are the base physical ratings and core skill impacts of your chosen physique on the player you’re building. These stats will help you decide if you’re on the right track based on how you want the player to feel and perform in-game.

The names of the three physique types are pretty self-explanatory, but let’s talk a bit more about what it means for your playstyle depending on the position you play.


Agile players are generally faster and more nimble than players with other types of physiques. The first position that comes to mind when I think of an agile player is the wide receiver, but this physique can be useful for creative builds in other positions too.

Our cornerback build, for instance, has an option that requires a player with an Agile physique.


The Balanced physique in Madden 24 is a “one-size-fits-all” physique. You can use this physique for any player in any position if you want someone that can do a bit of everything. There are no core skill impacts of using this physique for any player, but there’s a caveat.

That caveat is the fact that such players may only excel in very few departments (or none, really) especially in the early stages of your career before all the skill upgrades. However, every team can use a “Swiss knife” type player that can play any role.


Bruiser builds are most suitable for defensive players that don’t do a lot of running. If you’re looking for a player that will get the most sacks for your team, this is usually the goto physique.

However, you can also find a good use for Bruisers with unique playstyles in other positions. Our Bruiser quarterback build is an example of that.

Impact of Physique Based on Position

The tables below show how the base physical ratings and core skill impacts of your player are affected by the physique you build depending on their positions.


PhysiqueStrength & StaminaSpeed & AgilityPositive Core Skill ImpactNegative Core Skill Impact
Agile7690Spin Move, Juke Move, Throw On The RunThrow Power, Stiff Arm, Break Sack
Bruiser8482Throw Power, Stiff Arm, Break SackSpin Move, Juke Move, Throw On The Run


PhysiqueStrength & StaminaSpeed & AgilityPositive Core Skill ImpactNegative Core Skill Impact
Agile8194Catch, Finesse Moves, PursuitTackle, Hit Power, Press
Bruiser9184Tackle, Hit Power, PressCatch, Finesse Moves, Pursuit


PhysiqueStrength & StaminaSpeed & AgilityPositive Core Skill ImpactNegative Core Skill Impact
Agile8190Jump, Spin Move, Juke MoveTrucking, Stiff Arm, Break Tackle
Bruiser9081Trucking, Stiff Arm, Break TackleJump, Spin Move, Juke Move

Wide Receiver

PhysiqueStrength & StaminaSpeed & AgilityPositive Core Skill ImpactNegative Core Skill Impact
Agile8194Spin Move, Juke Move, Spectacular CatchTrucking, Stiff Arm, Catch in Traffic
Bruiser9085Trucking, Stiff Arm, Catch in TrafficSpin Move, Juke Move, Spectacular Catch


PhysiqueStrength & StaminaSpeed & AgilityPositive Core Skill ImpactNegative Core Skill Impact
Agile8590Finesse Moves, Pursuit, CatchTackle, Power Moves, Hit Power
Bruiser9481Tackle, Power Moves, Hit PowerFinesse Moves, Pursuit, Catch

Now that you know everything about why physique is important in Madden 24 Superstar Mode, remember to check out our builds for all the positions that you can play in the game.

If you’ve just started your Superstar Mode career, you’ll need more than a good physique to be the number one draft pick. Our guide will also help with that and more, so keep checking back!