The Knight’s Sword in OSRS is an early game, free to play quest involving the Smithing skill. Many players choose to do this quest early, to get from level 1 Smithing to level 29 Smithing from the rewarded experience. 

Note, however, this quest has a few more requirements and difficulty levels than most other free to play quests; its official length is short, and its official difficulty is intermediate, while other free quests are novice or beginner difficulty.

Thematically, the quest involves your character helping a White Knight’s Squire replace his master’s sword without him finding out it was ever missing. To jump a large number of early Smithing levels, I’ll provide the Knight’s Sword guide for OSRS. 

Skill Requirements

Before beginning the Knight’s Sword, take a moment to make sure you meet the requirements. They are very easy to obtain, but you will not be able to progress the quest without these requirements. 

Ensure you have at least 10 Mining, and are not afraid of level 53 and 57 monsters roaming an area you will be visiting. If you play as an Ironman, you will need 15 Mining, 15 Smithing, and 10 Cooking. 

Note that the 15 Mining and 15 Smithing requirements for Ironmen can be bypassed by picking up a few iron bars (two are needed for the quest) from an item spawn just northwest of the Ferox Enclave, in the Wilderness. 

Items Needed

In terms of item requirements, you will need a full Redberry pie, two iron bars, a pickaxe of any kind, and some blurite ore, which is obtained during the quest. While not required, many players also recommend bringing teleports to Varrock, Falador, and Rimmington. 

Beginning the Quest

To start the Knight’s Sword quest, speak to the Squire in the courtyard of the White Knights’ Castle in Falador. He will tell you that he has… misplaced his master, Sir Vyvin’s sword, and that Reldo, in Varrock’s library, can help replace it. 


Go and talk to Reldo in the Varrock library, the northernmost room in the Varrock palace. Ask him about the Imcando Dwarves, and he will tell you that one lives just south of Port Sarim. If you have access to Fairy Rings, use code AIQ for quick access to this location. 


Before visiting the Imcando Dwarf, make sure the Redberry pie is in your inventory. You can buy Redberry pies from Romily Weaklax in the Cook’s Guild, which requires 32 Cooking and a chef’s hat to access. Or, simply buy the required ingredients and make one. 

Imcando Dwarves

South of Port Sarim, at Mudskipper’s Point, there will be a house with an Imcando Dwarf found within. Speak to him, and find out that his name is Thurgo, and that he loves Redberry pies. Give your pie to him. 


After Thurgo eats the pie, talk to him again and he will agree to help you smith a new sword for Sir Vyvin. But, he needs to see a picture of the sword, so you will need to head back to Falador. 

Stealing Portraits

When you get back to Falador, speak to Sir Vyvin’s squire again to fill him in on what’s going on. He will tell you that Sir Vyvin has a picture of the sword in his room. You will need to take this picture from his room, without Sir Vyvin catching you. 

From the Castle Courtyard, go through three doors to the east, then up a ladder. Go through a door to the west, and another doorway, also to the west, and up the stairs. Sir Vyvin’s room should be directly south of you. 

You will know which room is Sir Vyvin’s because he will be roaming around it, and there is a cupboard within the room. You simply need to open and search the cupboard, but Sir Vyvin will stop you if he catches you. 

There are numerous ways to prevent Sir Vyvin from stopping your search of his cupboard. The first, and probably easiest, is to hop worlds until he is outside the room. Otherwise, you can have a friend distract him, or simply open the door and wait for him to roam out of the room. 

Blurite Mining and Smithing

Once you have the picture, bring it back to Thurgo south of Port Sarim. He will identify the sword as a blurite sword, and tell you he needs the materials to make one. He needs two iron bars and one blurite ore to make the sword. 

Blurite ore can be found in the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon, right next to Thurgo’s shack. Make sure to bring your pickaxe, as well as food or armor if you have a low combat level. Take the ladder down, and be prepared for aggressive enemies. 

Simply follow the dungeon’s linear path until you reach a snowy/icy area. You will find blurite rocks along the southern walls, patrolled by numerous level 57 ice warriors and level 53 ice giants. 


Mine as much blurite as you want here. You only need one for the quest, but you will need two (and another two iron bars) if you want a blurite sword for yourself. Mining a blurite ore is also an easy task in the Falador Achievement Diary. 

For more Smithing experience after the quest, check out some of the best places to mine coal in OSRS.

Finishing Off

With all the materials required to make the sword (two iron bars and one blurite ore,) go back to Thurgo, and he will make the sword. If you want a second one for yourself, simply drop the first one, ask Thurgo for a replacement, then pick the first one back up. 

Once you have at least one blurite sword in your inventory, head back to the Squire you started the quest with. He will take one of the blurite swords, and you will complete the Knight’s Sword in OSRS.