Old School RuneScape players typically spend a lot of time fighting demonic enemies. Of course, there is a wide variety of enemies with this classification in the game. Generally, anything with the word “demon” in the name would count as demonic.

That being said, there are also many enemies without “demon” in their names that are classified as demonic, such as bloodvelds. Bloodvelds are probably the one monster I have been assigned the most as a Slayer task. 

Fortunately, Slayer tasks like this can be shortened with demonbane weapons, the most notable of which being Arclight.

As an Old School RuneScape player training their combat and Slayer skills, you should learn how to get Arclight in OSRS.

Quest 1: Demon Slayer

Obtaining Arclight is a relatively simple endeavor, compared to items and weapons with similar uses. You simply need to complete a few quests. 

First, you must complete the quest “Demon Slayer.” This quest revolves around the magical sword Silverlight, and how it was used to save Varrock from demons. It’s an important beginner quest, and rewards you with Silverlight. 


To start “Demon Slayer,” talk to Gypsy Aris in her tent near the Varrock Square.

While it’s a relatively simple quest, I would highly recommend using the RuneLite client. The RuneLite client enables you to download the plugin “Quest Helper” from its plugin hub. 

Quest Helper will highlight items you need to bring, NPC’s you need to talk to, and items you need to interact with. In short, Quest Helper does everything except the physical act of clicking for you. 

Quest 2: Shadow of the Storm

Once “Demon Slayer” is complete, you need to do the next quest, “Shadow of the Storm.” This is a more advanced, but still relatively easy, continuation of the storyline, featuring many of the same characters.

To start “Shadow of the Storm,” you need to have completed “Demon Slayer,” another quest called “The Golem,” and have at least 30 Crafting. With these requirements met, talk to Father Reen, just south of the bank in Al Kharid. While you’re here, try learning how to cut gems.


At the end of “Shadow of the Storm,” Silverlight gets covered in the demon’s blood, and turns black. It is now upgraded into a new version, called Darklight.

Creating Arclight

Now, you need to upgrade Darklight into Arclight. This does not require a quest, but a simple action. First, you need to learn how to get to Catacombs in OSRS. Then, you need to kill monsters in the Catacombs until you have three or more ancient shards.

With at least three ancient shards in your inventory, head to the middle of the Catacombs. This is where you first enter, under the statue in the Kourend Castle courtyard. Simply use Darklight on the altar in front of you. 


This action fuses Darklight and the shards into Arclight. Keep in mind, Arclight is a charged weapon, and starts with 1,000 charges. To recharge it, use more ancient shards. Three ancient shards will provide 1,000 Arclight charges, to a max of 10,000. 

Final Thoughts

There are several easy steps to get Arclight in OSRS. First, complete the quest “Demon Slayer” in Varrock for Silverlight. Then, obtain the requirements and complete the next quest “Shadow of the Storm.” 

With both quests completed, simply bring Darklight and at least three ancient shards to the altar in Kourend’s Catacombs. Use Darklight on the altar, and you will create Arclight.