Achievement Diaries in OSRS provide players a sort of to-do list of content to experience and engage with, broken up by in-game regions. Twelve regions in the game have Achievement Diaries, and each of those twelve is broken up into four difficulty tiers. 

These tiers include Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. Of course, each of these tiers has quest and skill requirements corresponding to its difficulty. For example, the Ardougne Easy Diary requires two beginner quests, while the medium Diary requires thirteen quests of varying difficulty. 

Moreover, each Diary and tier of Diary has its own rewards, including a specific item, and various quality of life improvements. However, some of these rewards are more useful than others, and based on that criteria, I will be describing the best Diaries to do in OSRS. 

Ardougne Diary

The first candidate for the best diaries to do in OSRS is the Ardougne Diary. In fact, its rewards are so good that I recommend rushing the Ardougne Easy Diary as early as possible into a fresh account, due to its rewards and very low requirements. 

Ardougne Easy

For the Ardougne Easy Diary, you only need 5 Thieving, and to have completed the quests ‘Biohazard’ and ‘Rune Mysteries.’ 

You can start ‘Biohazard’ after completing ‘Plague City’ by speaking to Elena in her house in the northern part of East Ardougne, and you can start ‘Rune Mysteries’ by speaking to Duke Horatio on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle.

When you complete the Ardougne Easy Diary, you will get an Ardougne Cloak 1, which offers unlimited teleports to the Kandarin Monastery, just south of the Ardougne Zoo. This teleport is very close to both a Spirit Tree and Fairy Ring, making it incredibly useful for low levels. 


In terms of quality of life rewards, you will get double the amount of Death Runes when trading in adult cats to West Ardougne’s citizens, a 10% increased chance of stealing successfully from Ardougne’s market stalls, and noted drops from Jubsters and Frogeels at the Tower of Life. 

Ardougne Medium

For the Ardougne Medium Diary, you need the following skill levels: 39 Agility, 10 Construction, 49 Crafting, 31 Farming, 50 Firemaking, 51 Magic, 25 Ranged, 38 Strength, 38 Thieving, 36 Woodcutting, and 20 Quest Points. If you play Ironman, you need 59 Fletching and Smithing. 

In terms of quests for the Ardougne Medium Diary, you need to have started ‘Fairytale II – Cure a Queen,’ which requires completion of ‘Fairytale I,’’Lost City,’’Nature Spirit,’’Priest in Peril,’ and ‘Restless Ghost.’

You will also need ‘Enlightened Journey,’ ‘Hand in the Sand,’ ‘Tower of Life,’ and ‘Underground Pass,’ which requires previous completion of ‘Biohazard’ and ‘Plague City.’ Partial completion of ‘Sea Slug’ and ‘Watchtower’ is also required for Ardougne Medium. 

Rewards from Ardougne Medium stack with those from Easy, and this is true for all Diaries and their rewards. The Ardougne Cloak 2 will be bestowed upon you, which offers three teleports per day to the Farming patches north of East Ardougne. 


Other rewards include 100 free pure essence per day, a 10% increased chance to pickpocket successfully in East Ardougne, extra runes when Runecrafting at the Ourania Altar, noted drops from Unicows, Newtroosts, and Spidines at the Tower of Life, and a Ring of Life toggle to Ardougne. 

Ardougne Hard

For the Ardougne Hard Diary, you need the following quests: ‘Monkey Madness I’ ‘The Grand Tree’ ‘Tree Gnome Village’ ‘Legends’ Quest’ ‘Heroes’ Quest’ ‘Family Crest’ ‘Shield of Arrav’ ‘Merlin’s Crystal’ ‘Dragon Slayer I’ ‘Mourning’s End (both parts)’ ‘Big Chompy Bird Hunting’ ‘Sheep Herder’ ‘Roving Elves’ ‘Waterfall Quest’ ‘Regicide’ and ‘Watchtower.’ 

Ardougne Hard also requires 56 Agility, 50 Construction, 53 Cooking, 50 Crafting, 70 Farming, 53 Fishing, 5 Fletching, 45 Herblore, 59 Hunter, 66 Magic, 52 Mining, 42 Prayer, 60 Ranged, 65 Runecraft, 68 Smithing, 50 Strength, 72 Thieving, 50 Woodcutting, and 107 Quest Points. 


Rewards for Ardougne’s Hard Diary include the Ardougne Cloak 3, allowing five daily teleports to the Farming patch, 150 free pure essence per day, the ability to toggle the Watchtower Teleport spell to Yanille, more noted drops at the Tower of Life, and a 10% increase to successful pickpocketing throughout the entire game. 


Ardougne Elite

The Ardougne Elite Diary requires the following quests: ‘Desert Treasure’ ‘The Dig Site’ ‘Druidic Ritual’ ‘Temple of Ikov’ ‘The Tourist Trap’ ‘Troll Stronghold’ ‘Death Plateau’ and ‘Haunted Mine.’ 

In terms of skills needed, you must have: 90 Agility, 91 Cooking, 35 Crafting, 85 Farming, 50 Firemaking, 81 Fishing, 69 Fletching, 10 Herblore, 94 Magic, 40 Ranged, 91 Smithing, and 82 Thieving for the Ardougne Elite Diary. 

The rewards for the Ardougne Elite Diary include the Ardougne Cloak 4, which offers unlimited teleports to the aforementioned Farming patch, and is also the best in slot cape for Prayer bonus. 

You will also get 250 free pure essence per day, 50% more fish from the Fishing Trawler, 25% more Marks of Grace on the Ardougne Rooftop course, and finally, Bert can deliver 84 buckets of sand to your bank every day. 

Varrock Diary

Another candidate for best Diaries to do in Old School RuneScape is the Varrock Achievement Diary. Its rewards include increased access to the Cooking Guild, ways to make profit more easily, and teleport toggles. 

Varrock Easy

For the Varrock Easy Diary, you need to have completed the quest ‘Rune Mysteries,’ and have obtained at least 50 Kudos from the Varrock Museum. You will also need the following skills for Varrock Easy: 13 Agility, 15 Mining, 20 Fishing, 5 Thieving, 8 Crafting, and 9 Runecraft. 

In terms of rewards for the Varrock Easy Diary, you will get the Varrock Armor 1, which gives a 10% chance each to mine two ores at once, up to gold, and to smelt two bars at once, up to steel, only at the Edgeville furnace. 


Other rewards include the skull scepter holding 14 charges, and Zaff can sell you fifteen battlestaves every day for 7,000 coins each. These staves are useful for Crafting experience, and can simply be sold on the Grand Exchange. 

Varrock Medium

Moving on to the Varrock Medium Diary, you must have completed the quests ‘The Dig Site’ ‘Enlightened Journey’ ‘Garden of Tranquility’ ‘Gertrude’s Cat’ ‘A Soul’s Bane’ and ‘Tree Gnome Village.’ You also need to set up the RuneScape Authenticator. 

You also need the following skill levels for the Varrock Medium Diary: 30 Agility, 10 Herblore, 25 Thieving, 36 Crafting, 40 Firemaking, 25 Magic, 30 Farming, and a Combat level of 40. 

Rewards for the Varrock Medium Diary include the Varrock Armor 2, which bumps the 10% chance to mine and smelt ores up to mithril. Additionally, Zaff will sell you thirty battlestaves each day for the same price, 7,000 each. 

You will also be able to toggle your Varrock Teleport destination from the town square to the Grand Exchange, and the Skull Scepter will be able to hold up to 18 charges. 


Varrock Hard

The Varrock Hard Diaries requires the quest ‘Desert Treasure,’ as well as the full Skull Scepter, and at least 153 Kudos from the Museum. 

You also need the following skills for the Varrock Hard Diary: 51 Agility, 53 Thieving, 40 Ranged, 52 Prayer, 60 Firemaking, 54 Magic, 60 Woodcutting, 68 Farming, 50 Construction, and 66 Hunter. 

When you complete the Varrock Hard Diary, you will be rewarded with the Varrock Armor 3, which increases the mining and smelting of two ores at once to adamantite, and can be worn instead of a chef’s hat for entry to the Cooking Guild. 


Speaking of the Cook’s Guild, you will be able to access the bank here after the Varrock Hard Diary, Zaff will sell you sixty battlestaves per day for the same price of 7,000 coins, and the skull Scepter can hold up to 22 charges. 

Varrock Elite

The Elite tier of the Varrock Achievement Diary has the following requirements: the quests ‘Dream Mentor,’ ‘Rune Mysteries,’ and ‘The Tourist Trap’ must be completed. In terms of skills, you need 89 Smithing, 90 Herblore, 95 Cooking, 81 Fletching, 86 Magic, and 78 Runecraft. 

Rewards for the Varrock Elite Diary include the Varrock Armor 4, which allows two of any ore and bar to be mined or smelted at once, including Amethyst. It can also be used in place of the Prospector Jacket for Clue Scrolls and the experience bonus. 

Additional Varrock Elite rewards let Zaff sell you 120 battlestaves per day for 7,000 coins each, and the Skull Scepter can hold up to 26 charges. 

Honorable Mentions

Falador Hard

Along with the best diaries to do in OSRS, I will also make a few honorable mentions, the first of which being the Falador Hard Diary. This is a great Diary to complete for its rewards, the Falador Shield 3, which offers a daily full Prayer restore, and can locate the Giant Mole in its tunnels, making this fight significantly less tedious. 


Other rewards include access to the bank at the Crafting Guild, which is one of the closest banks to a teleport in the game. Moreover, the skins and claws dropped by the Giant Mole will be noted as well. 

To complete the Falador Hard Diary, you must have completed the quests ‘Heroes’ Quest,’ ‘The Slug Menace,’ and ‘Grim Tales.’ You also need to have killed the Giant Mole once, and have the full Prospector’s Outfit from the Motherlode Mine. 

Skills required for the Falador Hard Diary include 50 Defence, 59 Agility, 60 Mining, 52 Herblore, 53 Fishing, 58 Thieving, 53 Cooking, 70 Prayer, 31 Crafting, 30 Firemaking, 71 Woodcutting, 56 Runecraft, 72 Slayer, and 45 Farming, You also need at least 32 Quest Points. 

Morytania Hard

Another honorable mention for best diaries to do in Old School RuneScape is the Morytania Hard Diary, again, for its rewards, which include the self-explanatory bonecrusher, which gives passive Prayer experience whenever you kill something that would drop bones of any kind. 

Additional Morytania Hard rewards include 50% more runes from the Barrows chest, which increases Barrows profitability significantly. The Morytania Legs 3 offer unlimited teleports to Burgh de Rott, and you can get 26 each of buckets of slime and pots of bonemeal from Robin in exchange for bones. 

morylegs 1

More Morytania Hard rewards are double the amount of Mort Myre fungi when casting Bloom, 50% more Prayer experience when burning Shade remains, access to an Agility shortcut in Mos Le’Harmless, and 7.5% more Slayer experience in the Slayer Tower. 

To complete the Morytania Hard Diary, you need to complete the quests ‘Desert Treasure,’ ‘Haunted Mine,’ ‘In Aid of the Myreque,’ and ‘King’s Ransom.’ You also need to have started ‘The Great Brain Robbery.’ 

In terms of skill requirements, you need 55 Mining, 71 Agility, 50 Smithing, 70 Defence, 53 Thieving, 70 Prayer, 50 Firemaking, 66 Magic, 50 Woodcutting, 58 Slayer, 53 Farming, and 50 Construction. 

Final Thoughts

Note that ALL diaries in the game also reward experience lamps in addition to the rewards I have mentioned. Easy tiers give 2,500 experience in skills over level 30, medium gives 7,500 experience in skills above 40, hard gives 15,000 experience above level 50, and elite offers 50,000 experience in skills over level 70. 

There are many best diaries to do in OSRS. For example, the Ardougne Diary provides incredibly useful teleports, best in slot Prayer bonus, and increases your pickpocketing chances throughout the game. 

Meanwhile, the Varrock Diary increases mining and smithing efficiency, while also allowing you to make a bit of profit each day. Over time, this profit can snowball into a great money maker, whether you use the battlestaves for Crafting experience or not.