The Slayer Helm in OSRS provides players invaluable boosts to Slayer efficiency. The 16.67% boost it gives to melee attacks, and the smaller boost it can potentially give to Ranged and Magic shortens time spent on Slayer tasks considerably. 

The Helm is a combination of several items used for specific Slayer monsters, all collapsed into one piece of equipment. This, combined with the aforementioned boosts it provides against your current Slayer task, makes the Slayer Helm a valuable item for training Slayer. 

Maximizing the efficiency of your Slayer tasks via the Slayer Helm allows you to gather more Combat experience, Slayer experience, and money per hour when training Slayer. To increase your Slayer efficiency, in this guide, I’ll show you how to get to Slayer Helm in OSRS. 

Malevolent Masquerade

Getting to Slayer Helm in OSRS can be done in several steps. First, you need to unlock the “Malevolent Masquerade” ability from the Slayer Rewards shop. It costs 400 Slayer Reward points. Grind Slayer until you have enough points, making sure to skip undesirable tasks.


The Slayer Rewards shop can be accessed from any Slayer Master, by right-clicking on them and selecting “rewards.” You can also gain more Rewards points by Konar Boosting, where you take tasks from your preferred master, then switch to Konar for the 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, or 1000th task for the maximum amount of Reward points. 

If you plan on Konar boosting, keep in mind that you need a Combat level of at least 75 to get Slayer tasks from her. She is located on Mount Karluum, just north of the Farming Guild. You can use Fairy Ring code CIR to get to her, as well. 

Acquiring Components

Once you have purchased the malevolent masquerade upgrade, the second step in getting to Slayer Helm in OSRS is acquiring all the materials needed to make the Helm. You will need earmuffs, facemask, nose peg, spiny helmet, enchanted gem, and a black mask. 


Each of these items can be purchased directly by trading with any of the Slayer Masters in the game, with the exception of the black mask. The black mask is dropped by the Cave Horrors in the Mos Le’Harmless Cave, at a rate of 1 in 512. 

Mos Leharmless

You will need at least 58 Slayer to fight the Cave Horrors, and to complete the quest “Cabin Fever” to unlock access to Mos Le’Harmless and the cave within. The Cave Horrors also have a special property, in that they will ALWAYS deal 10% of your Hitpoints level in damage. 

You can negate this guaranteed damage with the Protect from Melee Prayer, or a witchwood icon, a necklace slot item that can be bought from any Slayer Master. I’d recommend keeping your necklace slot free for more valuable bonuses, so use Protect from Melee. 

Alternatively, you can simply purchase a black mask from the Grand Exchange. The prices fluctuate, and you should do your research beforehand, but buying the black mask does bypass the Slayer level and quest requirements. 

Creating the Helm

The third step in getting a Slayer Helm in OSRS is to actually make the Helm. Gather all the necessary items in your inventory, and make sure you have at least 55 Crafting. If you don’t have 55 Crafting, you can boost your Crafting level using a mushroom pie, or a spicy stew.

Simply use one of the required items on another of the required items with all of them in your inventory, and you will create a Slayer Helm. Right off the bat, it will provide all the functions of all its components, including a 16.67% boost to melee attacks against your current Slayer task.


That being said, the Slayer Helm can be upgraded using a few different methods. You can imbue your Slayer Helm to add a smaller bonus of a 15% boost to Ranged and Magic attacks against your current Slayer Task. 

There are a few ways of imbuing a Slayer Helm, the first of which is simply to use the Nightmare Zone. In the Nightmare Zone, you can re-fight bosses from quests you have completed indefinitely, making it a great choice for AFK combat training. 


You will need 1,250,000 Nightmare Zone points to imbue a Slayer Helm, which sounds like a massive grind, but it really isn’t, as each boss kill nets you thousands of points. You can imbue a black mask as well, which will result in a Slayer Helm imbued to begin with. 

Items like the Slayer Helm can also be imbued with 500 Zeal Tokens from Soul Wars, or a Scroll of Imbuing from the PvP arena in Al Kharid. I would personally recommend the Nightmare Zone over these other two methods, as they both heavily involve PvP. 

Cosmetic Upgrades

There are also a number of cosmetic upgrades you can make to your Slayer Helm. They require the heads of the Kalphite Queen, Vorkath, an Abyssal demon, or the King Black Dragon, or the Alchemical Hydra. Dark Claws from Skotizo and Twisted Horns from the Chambers of Xeric also provide cosmetic upgrades. 


You can pay 1,000 Slayer Reward points PER ITEM to combine one of the aforementioned heads with your Slayer Helm. The combined Slayer Helm will take on some of the cosmetic characteristics of the chosen item, such as color scheme. 

Final Thoughts

Getting to Slayer Helm in Old School RuneScape can be done in a few simple steps. First, grind Slayer until you have at least 400 Slayer Rewards points and purchase ‘malevolent masquerade’ from the Rewards shop. 

Then, gather a black mask, facemask, nose peg, spiny helmet, earmuffs, and an enchanted gem to combine them into a Slayer Helm with 55 Crafting. Keep in mind you can imbue your Slayer Helm to make it more powerful, and add various trophies to change its cosmetic look.