Animal Magnetism in OSRS is an important medium level quest to get out of the way. One of its rewards is access to the Ava’s devices, the Attractor, the Accumulator, and eventually, the Assembler. 

These are some of the best Ranged items in the game, worn in the cape slot. In addition to the Ranged bonuses they provide, they have a passive effect where each Ranged attack has a chance to not consume ammunition.

Of course, saving ammunition like this is an invaluable boost to your Ranged damage and cost efficiency. Moreover, the quest itself is not long or difficult. In this OSRS Animal Magnetism Guide, I’ll show you how to do the quest so you can take advantage of Ava’s devices. 

Item and Skill Requirements

Before beginning the Animal Magnetism quest, make sure you meet all the requirements. You need to have completed the quests Restless Ghost, Ernest the Chicken, and Priest in Peril before starting Animal Magnetism.

Additionally, in terms of skills, you will need 18 Slayer, 19 Crafting, 30 Ranged, and 35 Woodcutting. If you play as an Ironman, you will also need 51 Smithing and 28 Thieving, or 60 Woodcutting, (for obtaining a blessed axe) and 31 Prayer for a Holy Symbol. 

You will need several items throughout the quest as well. The items you will need are a mithril axe, 5 iron bars, a Ghostspeak Amulet, 20 Ecto-Tokens (or the means to gain them), a hammer, hard leather, a holy symbol, and polished buttons. 

Many players also recommend bringing an energy or stamina potion to maintain your run energy, as well as teleports to various locations. For this quest, you will want teleports to Draynor Village, Port Phasmatys, Burthorpe, Rimmington, and the Slayer Tower. 

Starting Off

With all the required skills and items, the next step in the OSRS Animal Magnetism guide is to start the quest by talking to Ava, located in Draynor Manor, on the western side of the ground floor. She will ask you to bring her two undead chickens. 


Undead Chickens

From there, travel to the farm west of the Ectofuntus in Morytania. The easiest way to get here would be to use the Ectophial from the Ghosts Ahoy quest. Talk to Alice on the farm, then talk to the ghost of her husband (make sure to have your Ghostspeak Amulet equipped.)


You will have to translate between Alice and her husband for a bit, until the husband tells you he wants to speak to Alice directly. For this, you need your Ghostspeak Amulet modified by the Old Crone, who lives east of the Slayer Tower.

Simply talk to the Old Crone while wearing your Ghostspeak Amulet, and she will modify it for you. Bring the crone-made amulet back to Alice and her husband on the farm, and Alice will agree to sell you undead chickens for 10 Ecto-tokens each. 


Ecto-tokens can be obtained at the Ectofuntus, just west of the farm. Fill at least 2 buckets with slime on the bottom floor, then grind at least 2 sets of bones into bonemeal (this goes into pots) on the top floor. Then, worship the Ectofuntus on the main floor, and talk to one of the ghostly disciples (Ghostspeak Amulet required) to receive Ecto-tokens. 


Return to Ava at Draynor Manor with the undead chickens. Dialogue will ensue, and she will now ask for a magnet. Simply speak with the witch in the northwestern corner of Draynor Manor, and she will tell you how to make the magnet. 


She will trade you a selected iron bar for five normal iron bars. Take the selected bar to the middle of the mine near Rimmington, and use a hammer on it while your character is facing north. This turns it into a magnet. 

Undead Twigs

Bring the magnet back to Ava, and she will make one more item request, this time for undead twigs from the undead trees around Draynor Manor. Go outside and try to cut one of these trees, (you will find it’s impossible) then return to Ava.

Ava will tell you to speak with Turael, the Slayer Master in Burthorpe, since he might know a way to chop the undead trees. Head to Burthorpe and speak with him, making sure to avoid getting an unnecessary Slayer task. If you happen to get one, skipping a Slayer task is easy.


Turael will tell you he needs a mithril axe (it MUST be mithril) and a holy symbol to combine into a blessed axe that can chop the undead trees. Simply give these items to him, and he will give you a blessed axe. 

Hard Leather and Polished Buttons

Head back to Draynor Manor and start chopping the undead trees with your blessed axe. You will receive some undead twigs. Bring them back to Ava, and she will ask for the last items she needs: hard leather and polished buttons.

If you play Ironman, you can obtain hard leather by taking cowhide and some coins to a tanner. There are several throughout the world, one is in Al Kharid. Polished buttons can be obtained by pickpocketing HAM Members for buttons, then polishing them.

Use the hard leather or polished buttons on the pattern Ava gives you to translate her notes and create a container. Hand over the container to Ava, and the quest will complete. Congratulations! You will receive a quest point, Slayer, Crafting, Fletching, and Woodcutting experience, and one of Ava’s devices. 

Keep in mind, you can return to Ava and purchase more copies of her devices should you lose one. Also, you can bring Vorkath’s head to upgrade your Accumulator in the Assembler with 70 Ranged. Ava’s Assembler is one of the best Ranged equipment items in the game. For more great Ranged equipment, check out the OSRS Crossbow Guide.

Final Thoughts

Animal Magnetism in OSRS can be completed in several simple steps. First, make sure you have all the quest and skill requirements to begin. Then, also make sure you have all the necessary items. 

Start the quest, and you will need to retrieve several items for Ava. Follow her instructions, grab the items needed, and soon you will have some of the best in slot Ranged gear in the entirety of Old School RuneScape.