Old School RuneScape stays interesting due to the variety of status effects players may encounter, and disease is no exception. While much less common than many other status effects, disease has a number of negative effects, and is often more difficult to get rid of. 

Disease in OSRS is often caused by any of the monsters found within the ogre burial crypts of Jiggig. There are additional monsters called fever spiders found throughout the game that are also capable of causing disease. 

Fortunately, most players only encounter the disease effect when completing the ogre questline, specifically the quest “Zogre Flesh Eaters.” Since this quest requires them to enter Jiggig, players looking to complete these quests should learn how to cure disease in OSRS – that’s exactly what I’ll teach you in this article.

Relicym’s Balm

Disease can be cured in OSRS using a number of methods. The first and most well known, is the method described in the quest, which is to use Relicym’s Balm. This is an Herblore potion that will be introduced during the “Zogre Flesh Eaters” quest. 

Knowing how to get to Shilo Village is also a big help in getting items needed for the quest.


“Zogre Flesh Eaters” Quest

Since it’s introduced during the quest, “Zogre Flesh Eaters” must be at least partially completed before you can make and use Relicym’s Balm.


To start “Zogre Flesh Eaters,” you must have completed the quests “Jungle Potion” and “Big Chompy Bird Hunting.”

Additionally, you need a number of stats to complete “Zogre Flesh Eaters.” You must have 4 Smithing, 8 Herblore (to make the Relicym’s Balm), and 30 Ranged to start the quest. You must also be able to kill a level 111 monster. 


Making and Using Relicym’s Balm

The ingredients needed to make Relicym’s Balm (Rogue’s Purse and Snake Weed) can only be found around the Tai Bwo Wannai Village. While you’re in this area, consider learning how to get Trading Sticks, as they’re necessary for the Karamja Achievement Diary.

It’s very important to note, and this is something that caused me some distress when I did the quest, that you need to drink MULTIPLE DOSES of the Relicym’s Balm to cure your disease. Drinking one dose will reduce the effects of the disease, but will NOT cure it entirely. 

Alternative Methods


If you get diseased in OSRS, one of the simplest and easiest methods of curing it is simply to wait fifteen real-time minutes. After this time, the disease will go away on its own.

Sanfew Serum

That being said, there are several alternative methods of curing disease in OSRS. There is another, higher level potion called the Sanfew Serum that will cure disease upon drinking, and provide immunity to more disease for the next fifteen minutes. 


You can buy Sanfew Serums (and Relicym’s Balms) from the Grand Exchange, or simply make them yourself. To create a Sanfew Serum, you need 65 Herblore, and to combine unicorn horn dust, clean snake weed, and nail best nails, in that order, with a super restore. 

Pools of Refreshment

Moreover, every negative status effect, including disease, poison, and lowered stats, can be cleansed by drinking from a Pool of Refreshment. You can find one in the Ferox Enclave in the Wilderness. 


If you have a high enough construction level, you can also build an Ornate Rejuvenation Pool in your player-owned house. This construct will act the same as the Pool of Refreshment in the Ferox Enclave. 

Of course, you can also use a friend’s Player-owned house if they have an Ornate Rejuvenation Pool. You can find friends willing to let you use their houses for this and other purposes at the Rimmington house portal on World 330.



There is one more, very simple method of curing disease in OSRS. If you happen to die, even in a safe death minigame, such as Barbarian Assault or Castle Wars, you will be cured of disease when you respawn. This is often used as a last resort, and is also cheaper than using the above mentioned potions. 

Final Thoughts

Disease in Old School RuneScape can be cured using a variety of methods. For example, you can buy or make potions such as Relicym’s Balm and Sanfew Serums. Alternatively, you can drink from the pools at the Ferox Enclave or a Player-owned house.