Splashing in OSRS is an effective way to get cheap, easy experience for the Magic skill. By having a low enough Magic bonus, players can guarantee their spells will not hit, and continue casting dud spells almost indefinitely. 

This allows players to train their Magic skills in an AFK manner; that is, with minimal interaction with the game. While splashing, many players choose to engage in other activities on their computers, such as watching shows or movies. 

That being said, several updates have nerfed the effectiveness of splashing in Old School RuneScape. However, it’s still the best, and really the only, method of AFK Magic training. In this OSRS splashing guide, I will demonstrate the best equipment and locations to splash in. 


Splashing involves intentionally having a Magic accuracy stat low enough for your spells to never hit. Since you get a base amount of experience for simply casting the spell, you can splash on various NPCs indefinitely, since you will not be damaging them. 

In order to splash, your Magic attack stat needs to be -64 or lower. You can check this stat in the equipment interface, by clicking on the “show equipment stats” button at the bottom. There is a variety of equipment that can get your Magic attack stat this low. 


A typical equipment setup for splashing includes wearing a full set of metal melee armor, of any tier, from bronze to rune. This includes a full helm, platebody, platelegs or plateskirt, and kiteshield. 

In your boot slot, wear any of the metal boots, from bronze to dragon, snakeskin boots with 30 Ranged, the Fremennik Sea Boots from the Fremennik Achievement Diary, or the Fancy or Fighting boots from completing the Stronghold of Security. 

In the glove slot, you will want dragonhide vambraces of any color, provided you have the Ranged level for them. The lowest tier, green, can be equipped at 40 Ranged. Finally, you need an elemental staff to autocast you splashing spells. 


Note that the Granite armor and equipment can also be used, but the math to get to -64 Magic attack will be slightly different. While the granite shield and legs have lower Magic attack bonuses than their counterparts, the granite body and boots actually have a higher Magic attack bonus than their counterparts. 

If you decide to use granite equipment, keep an eye on your Magic attack stat and make sure its -64 or lower. This can be achieved by wearing items like the snakeskin vambraces and boots in combination with the granite equipment.  


The next step in the OSRS splashing guide is to determine which spell you want to splash with. To save on rune costs, I would really only recommend splashing with the first tier of spells, the strike spells. Consider bringing a rune pouch for the extra inventory space.

While the value of runes changes, strike spells often have the best gp/xp ratio out of all the spells in the game. Keep in mind, you will be continuously casting these spells for extended periods of time; you will bleed gp using the high level spells. 

Once you have decided on a spell to splash with, grab yourself an elemental staff corresponding with that spell. For example, fire strike is one of the most common splashing spells, since it gives the most experience of the strike spells, and has the best gp/xp ratio.

If you plan on using fire strike, grab yourself a fire staff, or a significantly more expensive smoke staff. I would refrain from seeking out a smoke staff just to splash with if you don’t have one, they are way more expensive than the runes needed to cast fire strike. 


Elemental staves can be obtained in a number of ways. There are shops that sell them, one is in Varrock, or, you can make a battlestaff yourself, depending on your Crafting level. Of course, they can also be bought from the Grand Exchange.

To splash in OSRS, simply equip the equipment setup mentioned above, and the elemental staff of your choice. Make sure you have the other runes needed to cast your chosen splash spell, and set the combat style on your staff to autocast the spell you want. 


From there, you can simply attack a variety of creatures who will not be able to harm you back, given the defensive bonuses of your equipment. These creatures typically include rats, spiders, and seagulls. 

Locations with many of these creatures include Port Sarim and Port Piscarilius. Alternatively, the chickens between the East Ardougne bank and Captain Barnaby are great candidates as well. Really, you can splash anywhere you can find these creatures. 


Anywhere you can find these creatures except Lumbridge. Jagex removed the ability to gain experience when your Magic accuracy is too low to hit in Lumbridge and Lumbridge only, because they thought it was weird for new players to come in and see everyone splashing. 

Once you have chosen a suitable location and creature to splash on, simply click it to ‘attack,’ and your character will start splashing. Once you start splashing, make sure your auto retaliate option is on, and you will only need to interact with OSRS once every twenty minutes. 

Final Thoughts

Follow this OSRS splashing guide and you can enjoy AFK Magic experience for hours on end. First, you need to equip gear that gets your Magic attack bonus to -64. The, equip an elemental staff to save runes and enable autocasting. 

Choose a location that’s not Lumbridge, such as Port Sarim or Ferox Enclave, with an abundance of rats, seagulls, spiders, or similar low level creatures. Simply set up your autocasting, click on the creature, and splash away to your heart’s content.