The addition of Great Kourend to Old School RuneScape introduced a ton of unique monsters, activities, and locales to the game. That being said, the region is so massive that travel between points of interest becomes tedious.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to access and teleport to the various Kourend cities. For example, the Xeric’s Talisman is a wearable neck item allowing players direct teleports to various points of interest.

Some of these points of interest include Hosidius, Shayzien, and Lovakengj. In addition, you can unlock teleports to Mount Quidamortem, the staging ground for the Chambers of Xeric raid, and directly to the Catacombs statue in the Kourend Castle courtyard.

The Xeric’s Talisman makes it a lot easier to traverse Great Kourend. This guide will show you how to get Xeric’s Talisman in OSRS. 


Obtaining the Xeric’s Talisman is a relatively simple task. You simply need to defeat the various Lizardman variants found throughout Kourend, until they drop one. 

Lizardmen can be found in a number of locations across the region, such as Molch, the Kebos Swamp, and the Lizardman Canyon in Shayzien. Most players choose to kill Lizardmen in the Canyon, which requires Shayzien favor to access. 

You can gain Shayzien favor by healing the wounded soldiers in the infirmary. Simply grab some bandages from the supply crates outside each tent, then use them on the soldiers. You need 5% favor to access the east side of the Lizardman Canyon, and 100% for the West.

You may also want to farm favor for the other houses, to unlock areas such as the best place to cut yews in OSRS, the Blood Altar, and the Blast Mine.

The Canyon is the best place to farm for a Talisman for a number of reasons. On the eastern side, there are forty four Lizardmen. The area is multi-combat, and also filled with NPC Shayzien soldiers. 

As a result of these, Lizardmen will often attack NPC soldiers, allowing you to limit the damage you take by focusing only on Lizardmen already attacking NPCs. Keep in mind, they can poison you, and attack using melee crush attacks and ranged. 

Farming for the Talisman

If you have a high enough Magic level, and access to the Ancient spellbook from the quest “Desert Treasure,” you can speed up the Talisman farming significantly. The spellbook provides access to a number of area-of-effect (AoE) spells. 

The AoE of these spells, as well as the density of Lizardmen in the eastern canyon, allows you to kill a lot of them very quickly. More kills lead to more chances for the Talisman to drop. 

Xeric’s Talisman has a 1/250 chance to drop from the Lizardmen. However, if you have the easy Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary completed, the drop rate increases to 1/125. When bursting with Ancient spells, this should not take very long. 

Alternatively, you can open stone chests in the Lizardman Temple with 64 Thieving. These chests have a 1/300 chance of giving you the Talisman. 

Charging the Talisman

The Lizardmen also drop their fangs, which are used to charge the Talisman. Each fang provides one charge, and the Talisman can hold up to 1,000. Simply use the fangs on the Talisman to charge it, and each teleport costs one charge. 

Simply keep bursting the Lizardmen to obtain a healthy amount of fangs and charges. Then, you can teleport to the Shayzien Infirmary, Hosidius square, and outside the Blast Mine in Lovakengj. 

Extra Teleports

You can unlock additional teleports, as well. If you have the minquest “Architectural Alliance” completed, which requires 100% favor with all five Kourend houses, you can unlock a direct teleport to the Catacombs statue, in the Kourend Castle courtyard.

Alternatively, you can unlock a direct teleport to Mount Quidamortem by completing Chambers of Xeric raids. When finishing a raid, you have a 1/10 chance of getting an ancient tablet as a reward. Using the tablet adds Mount Quidamortem to the teleport list. 

Once you’ve obtained it, you may find the Talisman confusing to use. This is because the locations are not directly listed, but instead described by their in-lore relation to the Xeric character.

Xeric’s Lookout leads just south of the Shayzien Infirmary, Xeric’s Glade leads to Hosidius, Xeric’s Inferno leads to Lovakengj, Xeric’s Heart leads to the Kourend Castle courtyard, and Xeric’s Honour leads to Mount Quidamortem. 

Xeric’s Heart is a particularly useful teleport to get to Catacombs in OSRS.

Final Thoughts

Xeric’s Talisman is a massive boost to Kourend travel efficiency in Old School RuneScape. To obtain it, simply kill Lizardmen until one drops at a rate of 1/250 or 1/125. Then, keep killing Lizardmen to ensure enough charges in your amulet.