Trading sticks in OSRS are a useful currency found in the Tai Bwo Wannai Village, on the island of Karamja. Players can buy a variety of useful items and rewards using the sticks, such as various gems, machetes, villager clothing, and more. 

Additionally, players pay for access to the Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai, as well as a shortcut to the metal dragon area of the Brimhaven Dungeon, with trading sticks. They can also pay sticks to have various items, excluding currencies, sent to the bank. 

Therefore, trading sticks allow access to a number of useful rewards for Woodcutting, Slayer, and more.

As an Old School RuneScape player looking for more efficient ways to train these skills, you should learn how to get trading sticks in OSRS. Here’s how to do it.

Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup


There are several steps to getting trading sticks in OSRS. First, you must complete the quest “Jungle Potion.” This is a relatively simple, easy quest, that can be made even easier with the RuneLite client and the plugin “Quest Helper.”


With “Jungle Potion” complete, you must repair the fence in Tai Bwo Wannai Village, then speak to Murcaily. This unlocks the villagers’ ability to reward you with trading sticks, for helping clean up the village. If you know how to get to Brimhaven, this area is close by.

Once the fence is repaired, talk to Murcaily to start the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame. Keep in mind, you are very likely to take damage and/or get poisoned during this minigame, and it’s an unsafe death. 


Moreover, before you can claim any trading sticks, you need to speak one of the following NPCs, and have them explain how the Cleanup minigame works: Gabooty, Sharimika, Layleen, Mamma Bufetta, Murcaily, Karaday, Rianasta, Safta Doc, Fanellaman, or Jagbakoba. 

Gaining Favor

When you talk to him, Murcaily will tell you that you need to help out by cutting the jungle around the village. You need a machete to cut the jungle, and you can buy one (as well as a number of other useful items for the minigame) from Jiminua’s Jungle Store to the northwest. 


Hacking away at the jungle provides you with Woodcutting experience, and thatching spars to repair the village fence with. You need 10 Woodcutting for light jungle, 20 Woodcutting for medium jungle, and 35 Woodcutting for dense jungle. Check out the best place to cut yews for more Woodcutting experience.


Then, repair the village fence with you machete and the thatching spars you’ve acquired. Light jungle gives the least amount of spars, while dense gives the most. Note that repairing the fence, not cutting the jungle, rewards you with Tai Bwo Wannai favor. 


The Tai Bwo Wannai favor you get from repairing the fence is the traded to the various NPCs listed above for trading sticks. The first sticks you claim MUST be from Murcaily, then you can get them from any of the NPCs. If they have sticks for you, you’ll see them in their hand. 


There are a number of random events that may occur when you’re cutting the jungle. You may find gem rocks or the gout tuber, which is very rare and required for the Karamja Achievement Diary. More likely, you’ll be attacked by various poisonous jungle monsters.

You can buy villager clothing from Gabooty with your trading sticks, as well. Wearing this clothing while performing the minigame causes the NPCs to reward you with more sticks than if you weren’t. 

Alternative Methods

Alternatively, there are several other methods of obtaining trading sticks in OSRS. One of the fastest of which (and THE fastest for Ironmen) is to mine the gem rocks in Shilo Village, then sell the gems to Gabooty for trading sticks. 

You can also buy opals, jades, and red topaz from the Grand Exchange and sell them to Gabooty for sticks. These are the only gems he will buy from you, and he will play significantly more for cut gems versus uncut gems. 

Additionally, various monsters found on Karamja, around the village, have a chance to drop trading sticks. Jogres have a 1 in 4.778 chance to drop sticks, Tribesmen have a 1 in 5.52 chance to drop sticks, and Hobgoblins have a 1 in 8 chance to drop sticks. 

Final Thoughts

There are a number of simple methods to get trading sticks in OSRS. First, make sure to complete the quest “Jungle Potion,” then participate in the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame. Alternatively, you can acquire opals, jades, and red topaz, then sell them for sticks, or simply kill monsters who drop them.