There are many boring, slow, tedious, and otherwise undesirable Slayer tasks in OSRS. A combination of factors such as the level of the monster in question when compared to yours, the mechanics required to fight the monster, or the location where the monster can be found. 

Fortunately, beginner Slayers early in their careers usually do not have much of a reason to skip tasks, since they get assigned much easier, more commonly found monsters without any special mechanics. 

As you continue training the Slayer skill, however, you will certainly figure out which tasks you like to do, and which tasks you do not. Of course, you should skip the tasks you don’t like to preserve you sanity during the Slayer grind. In this guide, I’ll show you how to skip Slayer Tasks in OSRS. 

Slayer Masters and Points

Skipping Slayer tasks in OSRS is a relatively simple, easy process. Whenever you complete a Slayer task after the first four, you will receive a number of points. The amount of points you get is dependent on the Slayer Master who gave you the task. 

Turael and Spria will not give you any points whatsoever. I’d recommend avoiding both of them. Krystilia gives the most points, at 25 per task, but she comes with a catch: she only assigns tasks in the Wilderness. If you choose to risk it, try using Arclight, since she may assign various demons.

Mazchna will give you 2 points for each task, Vannaka will give 4 points per task, Chaeldar gives 10 points for tasks, Konar will give 18 per task, then 20 after completion of the Elite Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary. 

Nieve/Steve will reward 12 points per task, then 15 after completing the Elite Western Provinces Achievement Diary. Finally, Duradel will give you 15 points per completed task. 


Additionally, certain milestone task numbers will reward you with more points. Every tenth task completed will give 5 times as many points, every fiftieth task will give 15 times as many, every 100th task will give you 25 times as many, every 250th gives 35 times as many points, and every 1000th task will give you 50 times as many Slayer points. 

For example, your fiftieth task with Nieve/Steve (without the Elite Diary) will reward you with 180 Slayer points. You would get 12 points for the task without the Diary, and 15 times as many since it’s the fiftieth task. 12 times 15 equals 180. 

I would recommend learning the Piety prayer to help complete your tasks faster.

Skipping and Blocking Tasks

You can use the aptly named Slayer reward points for a number of useful Slayer upgrades and rewards. This includes the ability to skip and block tasks you don’t like or simply don’t want to do. 

Simply return to any of the Slayer masters, right-click on them, and select “Rewards (Slayer Master).” This brings up the rewards interface, which has a number of tabs at the top. Navigate to the rightmost tab, labeled “Tasks.” 


In this tab, you will be shown your current Slayer task, and given options to skip or block it to the right. Skipping the task costs 30 Slayer reward points, and allows that task to be assigned again in the future. Keep in mind, you cannot skip or block tasks that aren’t currently assigned to you. 


Blocking a task prevents you from being assigned that task indefinitely, until you decide to unblock it. This costs 100 Slayer reward points, and you have a limited number of tasks you can block. This number can be increased by completing quests. 

Final Thoughts

Skipping Slayer tasks in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. First, you need to complete enough tasks to have enough points to spend on skipping. Then, simply return to any Slayer Master, and skip your task in the Rewards menu.