Prayer is an incredibly important aspect of higher level Old School RuneScape content, allowing players to avoid large amounts of damage, increase their own damage outputs, restore stats, and more. 

Players can turn on these prayers at will, and they will drain a resource known as Prayer Points. Prayer Points correspond to the player’s Prayer level. For example, a player with 72 Prayer will have 72 Prayer points. 

These Prayer points will drain at a certain rate, which can be augmented with the Prayer bonus stat. The higher the Prayer bonus on a player’s equipment, the slower their Prayer points will drain. 

Obviously, this makes Prayer bonus an important stat for high level content, and it should be considered when selecting gear or equipment to use. In this OSRS Prayer Bonus Guide, we’ll highlight some of the best Prayer bonus gear, and answer ‘what’s the best Prayer bonus in OSRS?’

Proselyte Gear

The best Prayer bonus currently attainable in Old School RuneScape is 68, and the Proselyte gear is an important part of that. The gear set contains the Proselyte Hauberk, Proselyte Cuisse/Tassets, and Proselyte Sallet. 

The Proselyte Sallet differs from the other two items in that it does NOT offer the best Prayer bonus for its equipment slot, the head. For this reason, focus more on the Proselyte Hauberk and Cuisse/Tassets. They do offer the best Prayer bonus for their slots, the chest and legs respectively. 


In terms of stats, the Proselyte Hauberk and Tassets provide the same defensive stats as adamant platebody and platelegs. However, the Hauberk gives a +8 Prayer bonus, and the Cuisse/Tassets provide a +6 Prayer bonus. 

You can obtain the Proselyte gear from Sir Tiffy Cashien, sitting on the bench in Falador park. After you complete the quest ‘The Slug Menace,’ he will sell you the Proselyte gear anytime you need. 

To complete ‘The Slug Menace,’ you will need 30 Crafting, Slayer, Runecraft, and Theiving. You also must have completed the following quests: ‘Sea Slug,’ ‘Priest in Peril,’ ‘Enter the Abyss (miniquest),’ ‘Goblin Diplomacy,’ ‘Rune Mysteries,’ ‘Lost Tribe,’ ‘Druidic Ritual,’ ‘Black Knights’ Fortress,’ ‘Recruitment Drive,’ and ‘Wanted!’

Dragonbone Necklace

Another piece of gear essential for the best Prayer bonus in the game is the Dragonbone Necklace, which requires 70 Prayer to equip. The Necklace provides the best Prayer bonus for any item in the neck slot at +12.

Additionally, the Dragonbone Necklace has a secondary effect: burying bones with it equipped will restore some Prayer points. The amount of Prayer points restored depends on the type of bone buried. 

Regular bones will restore 1 point; big bones will restore 2, babydragon and wyrm bones restore 3 Prayer points, while dragon, hydra, wyvern, drake, and dagganoth bones will restore 4 Prayer points each. Superior dragon bones will give 5 Prayer points back. 


You can get the Dragonbone Necklace as a rare drop (1/1000) from Vorkath, who can only be fought after completing the quest ‘Dragon Slayer II.’ This quest can be started by talking to Alec Kincade outside the Myth’s Guild with at least 200 Quest Points. 

Check out the OSRS Necklace Guide for more of the game’s best-in-slot necklaces!

God Blessings

Blessings are another set of gear essential to getting the best Prayer bonus in OSRS. There are several kinds of Blessing, but each provides the same stats: a simple +1 to Prayer bonus. What makes the Blessing powerful is the equipment slot they occupy, the ammunition slot. 

Since the ammunition slot is mainly reserved for, well, ammunition, putting a Blessing in there allows you to squeeze more Prayer bonus out of your gear. This way, you can push you Prayer bonus and gear to its limits. 

Each god in the Old School RuneScape pantheon has a Blessing associated with them, but their stats remain the same. There is the Holy Blessing for Saradomin, Unholy Blessing for Zamorak, Peaceful Blessing for Guthix, Honourable Blessing for Armadyl, War Blessing for Bandos, and Ancient Blessing for Zaros. 


Each of the blessings mentioned above count as protection against that god’s followers in the God Wars Dungeon, and can be obtained as a universal Treasure Trails reward. They can come from any clue scroll, but their drop chances increase at higher clue scroll tiers.

Moreover, a special Blessing can be obtained via the Kourend and Kebos Achievement Diary. This is called the Rada’s Blessing, and offers the same stats as the others, in addition to useful effects. 

Some of these effects include the chance to catch an extra fish when fishing and teleports to Mount Karluum, where the Slayer Master Konar is located. However, the Rada’s Blessing 4, which is obtained from the Elite tier of the Achievement Diary, gives a +2 Prayer bonus instead of +1. 

The Elite tier of the Kourend and Kebos Diary has a ton of steep requirements, including 95 Slayer. That being said, the Rada’s Blessing 4 is the best Prayer bonus for the ammunition slot in the game. 

God Books

Like the Blessings, each OSRS god has a God Book associated with them, which can be equipped in the off-hand slot. These books offer attack bonuses depending on the book, and each offers a +5 Prayer bonus, regardless of book. 

Each of the God Books can only be obtained after completing the quest ‘Horror from the Deep.’ To start this quest, talk to Larrissa, right outside the Lighthouse. You will need 35 Agility and to complete the miniquest ‘Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl’ to start ‘Horror from the Deep.’ 


Once you have completed the quest, you can buy damaged books from Jossik for 5,000 coins each. You then need to fill the damaged book with four pages of the corresponding God. The blue damaged book corresponds to Saradomin, for example. 

The God pages can only be acquired through clue scroll caskets or bought on the Grand Exchange if you have access to it. Their costs tend to fluctuate, but it’s much less time-consuming than farming clue scrolls. 

Ring of the Gods

Finally, the Ring of the Gods is the only ring item in the Old School RuneScape Prayer bonus guide since it offers the best Prayer bonus for the ring slot. It offers a +4 Prayer bonus, which can be doubled to +8 by imbuing the ring. 

Vet’ion drops the Ring of the Gods in the Wilderness at a rate of 1 in 512. Or, it can be bought on the Grand Exchange. If you decide to farm for it, be wary and ready to fight other players or escape. Most importantly, only bring items you can afford to lose. 

A Looting Bag might be helpful if you plan on farming Vet’ion for the Ring of the Gods.


Once you have the Ring of the Gods itself, you can imbue it at the Nightmare Zone, Soul Wars, or the Emir’s Arena. At the Nightmare Zone, it will cost 650,000 Nightmare Zone points. At Soul Wars, it will cost 260 Zeal. 

You can also use a Scroll of Imbuing from the Emir’s Arena on the Ring of the Gods, which can be bought from the Rewards shop for 200 points. Talk to Mubariz near the entrance to access this shop. 

Final Thoughts

The OSRS Prayer bonus guide contains several useful items. For example, the Proselyte Hauberk and Proselyte legs of your choice offer very significant Prayer bonus for little cost to obtain. The Dragonbone Necklace provides stellar Prayer bonus as well, and can restore Prayer points while burying bones. 

The God Blessings and God Books also offer the best Prayer bonus for their respective slots, regardless of the god you choose to represent. Finally, the Ring of the Gods provides the best Prayer bonus in the ring slot, and this bonus can be doubled via imbuing.