Unlocking the Piety prayer in OSRS can be done in several steps.

Many players unlock the prayer to remain competitive in high-level Player vs Monster encounters. Other players seeking simple completionism also unlock the prayer, due to its relatively simple unlock criteria.

As an Old School Runescape player looking to make your character more powerful, you should definitely unlock the Piety prayer.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to unlock Piety in OSRS. 

What is Piety?

The Piety prayer provides several important enhancements to players in Old School Runescape’s higher combat brackets. These enhancements include significant boosts to players’ Attack, Strength, and Defence. The third-highest level prayer in the game, Piety sits behind only Rigour and Augury in the highest tier of combat prayers.

Each prayer in this tier boosts player stats related to the three combat styles: Piety for melee, Rigour for Ranged, and Augury for Magic. The stat boosts offered by each of these prayers accelerate boss kills, Slayer tasks, and more, for each of the respective combat styles. 

In terms of Piety, the prayer is often used in various tanking scenarios. This is due to the 25% boost to the player’s Defence that it provides. Of the three stats Piety boosts, the Defence receives the largest boost, followed by Strength at a 23% boost, and Attack at a 20% boost.

Therefore, this Prayer is a must-have for any players looking to tank in multiplayer boss encounters, such as those found in the God Wars Dungeon. In fact, as players gain more experience points, reach higher levels, and get better equipment, Piety increases in necessity. The prayer is often needed for endgame encounters, such as Nightmare, Chambers of Xeric, and the Theatre of Blood. 

How to Unlock Piety

Step One: King’s Ransom

The first step in unlocking Piety in OSRS is to complete the quest “King’s Ransom.” While the quest has several requirements, it is a relatively simple, quick quest that can be completed in a matter of minutes.

To start the quest, head to the Sinclair Mansion, between Seer’s Village and Rellekka, and talk to the Gossip.

From there, you need to play through and complete the quest. There is a wide variety of resources that can help you during the quest, most notably the Runelite client’s “Quest Helper” plugin. Assuredly, completing the “King’s Ransom” quest is the first step to unlocking Piety in OSRS.

Step Two: Knight’s Wave Training Grounds

With “King’s Ransom” complete, you can begin the Knight’s Wave Training Grounds, which is the second step in unlocking Piety. This is an activity in which you will be pitted against the Knights of the Round Table in succession.

You can begin this activity at the top of the Camelot Castle, by talking to the Squire outside the door. Enter the castle, then climb up two ladders in the southern battlements of the castle.

If you die, you will keep all your items, as this is a safe death, and start from the Knight you left off on.

However, if you physically leave the Training Ground via the door, without dying, you will have to start over. Therefore, if the fight isn’t going well, it’s better to let yourself die or to teleport out, do not use the door under any circumstance.

During the activity, you will have to fight eight Knights in succession with melee combat, and each will drain a specific stat. Each of the Knights has a different combat level, weakness, and stat that they drain. Additionally, you will be unable to use Magic, Ranged, or Prayer during the fights.

Lastly, the Knights will despawn if you take too long to defeat them. Should this happen, simply log out and back in.

The Knights

The first knight you will face is Sir Bedivere, who has 90HP, lowers your Strength, and is weak against slash and stab damage. Next, you fight Sir Pelleas, who has 99HP, lowers your Defence, and is weak to crush and slash damage. Third, Sir Tristram has 105HP, lowers Strength, and is weak to slash and stab. 

Fourth, Sir Palomedes has 100HP, lowers your Attack, and is weak to crush attacks. Fifth up is Sir Lucan. He has 105HP, will lower your Attack and Defence, and is weak to crush and slash damage. Sir Gawain is number six, with 110HP, the ability to lower your Attack, and has a weakness to stab and slash damage.

The penultimate Knight is Sir Kay, with his 110HP, he has Defence-draining abilities, and his weakness is stab and crush attacks. Finally, Sir Lancelot is the last Knight you must defeat. He has 115HP, is weak to slash attacks, and will lower your Strength and your Defence. 

Knight Wave Strategies

There’s a variety of strategies for this activity that players have used over the years. For example, many players bring poisoned weapons, such as a dragon dagger, poison the Knights, then run and hide from them while the poison slowly wears them down.

Alternatively, players with higher combat levels may be able to simply power through all eight Knights. Meanwhile, some players elect to use the Barrows Brother Guthan’s equipment to regain their HP and restore potions to restore their lowered combat stats. Note that Prayer is not allowed in the Training Ground, so regular restore potions are better than the more expensive super restores in this scenario. 

With the Knight’s Wave Training Grounds completed, you’ll receive 20,000 experience points in your Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints stats, the ability to change your spawn point to Camelot, and two prayers: Chivalry, and Piety.

Step Three: Defence and Prayer Levels

However, there is one more small step before you can activate Piety: your Prayer and Defence levels must be at least 70.

A myriad of activities can help you achieve these levels, such as sacrificing bones of any type at Gilded Altars in a friend’s Player-Owned-House. To train your Defence, you can use the Nightmare Zone, just northwest of Yanille, or simply grind some Slayer tasks.


Unlocking Piety in OSRS can be done in several simple steps:

First, you must complete the quest “King’s Ransom” to unlock the Knight’s Wave Training Grounds.

Next, you must complete the Knight’s Wave Training Grounds to gain access to the prayer.

Finally, you must achieve Prayer and Defence levels of at least 70 to be able to activate Piety.

Complete these steps as described, and you will unlock Piety in OSRS.