Rainbow Six Extraction is a game where communication and teamwork are essential to success.

Having well-established communication with your team is crucial when it comes to coordinating movements and strategies. If you look at forums and communities for Rainbow Six Extraction, one requirement that players look for in a potential teammate is one that can communicate well with a mic.

If you do not have teammates or friends to play with, the only recourse is to play in public lobbies, but one problem you might encounter when playing with random players is the language barrier or toxicity.

I often encounter this as I belong to the Asia Pacific server of R6 Extraction and get to play with gamers who often don’t speak English or any of the languages I understand. It can be quite annoying listening to teammates who do not speak the same language as you do and can cause some misunderstandings in the game.

Or, sometimes there are teammates that you just need to mute and report because of the way they behave.

Thankfully, there are ways to disable chat. Here’s how to turn off game chat in Rainbow Six Extraction so that you can mute your teammates.

How to Turn Off Chat From the Main Screen

Imagine playing an operator such as Lion who directs teammates with intel he provides but you cannot understand your teammates. It would just be better to use the in-game chat wheel.

So, how do you disable the chat function from the main menu?

First, you have to left-click on the settings icon on the upper right side of the screen. It looks like a gear or cog. When you click on it, a dropdown menu will be shown.

Select the options menu item and then you will be in the General options tab. There is a section on Communications at the lower part of the General tab.

To turn off voice and text chats from players you play with, you can toggle the Players Muted By Default option. It is set to “None” by default which means all voice and text communications are enabled.

You can set this option to “Team” which disables all voice and text communications from players you play with from the matchmaking public lobby.

Lastly, you can set it to “Team + Squad” to disable all incoming communication. The “squad” refers to your friends from your Ubisoft account that you play with as a team.

Press the X key to apply changes made.

Option to Turn Off Chat in Mission Loading Screen

Another way to disable the chat function is when you are already in the game.

From the mission loading screen, there is an option to mute teammates at the lower left-hand portion of the screen. You can click on the option or press the F key.

You can also mute teammates from the character selection/loadout screen or just before mission deployment. This can be done by clicking on the mute teammate’s option at the bottom of the screen.

This option is good if you want to mute only communications with teammates from public matchmaking only for the specific incursion. I use this function instead of setting it in the options menu since I play a lot of public games. Some of the random players I get to play with communicate well, so I do not want to disable the voice and chat functions in all my games by default.

How to Turn Off Chat When Deployed in a Mission

You might encounter a scenario where one of your teammates has his/her mic open and is constantly talking to another person he/she is with. I have had teammates talking to friends while playing and I can hear their conversation. It can be distracting when in-game.

Thankfully, you can also disable the voice and text chats from teammates while already deployed to a mission.

All you have to do is press the ESC key to access the Pause menu. From there you can click on the Options menu and you will be in the General options tab.

You can then go to the Players Muted By Default option and set it to “Team” if you are playing with a random squadmate from the public matchmaking.

Set it to “Team + Squad” if you want to mute all incoming communications.

How to Communicate With Teammates When Chat Is Disabled

Rainbow Six Extraction has a chat wheel that you can use to communicate with teammates when chat is disabled.

You can access the chat wheel by pressing the N key. The chat wheel will be displayed onscreen and you can hover your mouse on the command/chat you want like “I need healing” or “I need ammo”. Each chat has its icon to help you navigate the wheel.

Clicking the command/chat you want to use will send out the message. You can even hear your operator say the command.

If you want to communicate going to an area, point out a supply crate or tell your teammates to attack an enemy, you can use the ping option to do that.

To ping an object, you can just point your crosshair to that object and press the Z key. The game will know what game dialogue to use to issue the command.

When pinging on a crate, you will hear your character tell your teammates that you located a supply box and you want them to take it.

When pinging on an enemy, your character will issue an order to attack the target. And pinging on a particular area or landmark will direct teammates to converge on the location.

You can also respond to a ping command from your teammate by placing your crosshair on the pinged location and pressing Z. You will then hear your operator affirm the command given by your teammate.

There you have it, our guide on how to turn off chat in Rainbow Six Extraction. We hope you found our tips for using the chat wheel beneficial when you can’t communicate via voice or text.

If audio is just something you don’t like in general, you can also turn off the voice narrator in R6 Extraction.