The voice narrator is a key part of the accessibility options included in newer titles like Rainbow Six Extraction. This helps players who have some level of visual impairment or reading disability to still play video games.

This text-to-speech accessibility option is a great feature for those who have difficulty reading menu text.

However, having a robotic voice read all the menus to players who have good vision and do not have a reading disability can sometimes become irritating or a distraction. Thankfully, there is a way to disable this feature if you do not need it.

Here’s how to turn off the voice narrator in Rainbow Six Extraction.

How to Turn Off the Voice Narrator From Main Screen


The voice narration is disabled by default and can be enabled during the game’s initial setup when you first launch it. Whether you turned it on during the first launch of the game or someone else did, turning off the voice narrator is a simple task.

From the main menu screen, you can click on the Settings icon which looks like a gear or cog. It is found at the top right corner beside the REACT Coins and Squad icons. A drop-down menu will be shown after clicking.

Select Accessibility which can be found at the very top of the settings list by hovering your mouse over it and clicking the left mouse button.

From there you will have three items: Menu Narration, Menu & Subtitles Language, and Spoken Language. Menu Narration is the option you need to set for the voice narration.

accessibility menu

Toggle Menu Narration to OFF to disable the voice narration feature. Click on the Complete button at the bottom left to save the changes made.

How to Turn off Voice Narrator While Playing

If you forgot to turn off the voice narrator from the main menu, you can turn also turn off the feature when already playing the game.

If you’re on your way to complete the MIA rescue mission and want the voice narrator off without exiting, you have to press the ESC key to access the PAUSE menu. From there you will be shown the menu options list.

accessibility ingame

You can then click on the Accessibility menu and set Menu Narration to OFF. Press the Complete button at the lower left to save the changes.

Press ESC or click on the Resume button to gain back control of your operator and continue the game.

There you have it, a simple step-by-step guide on disabling the voice narration feature of the game. Now you can play the game without a robotic voice reading all the menus onscreen.

If the voice narration feature is still active after following these steps, you might have forgotten to click on the Complete button. Just re-do the step above and ensure you click on the Complete button.

To re-enable voice narration. Simply follow the steps and set Menu Narration to ON.

If voiceover is something that you don’t like, and you often match up with toxic teammates, you’ll probably want to know how to turn off game chat in R6 Extraction, too.