Rainbow Six Extraction operators work based on a level progression system that allows them to unlock better skills and weapons. Level 30 is the maximum level any operator can reach. Reaching each new higher level becomes tougher and tougher, so here are the strategies on how to level up fast in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Players must level up by taking on more challenging missions and fighting against tougher enemies. Unlocking all the abilities and weapons can become a chore but it is worth it especially if you want to take on the ranked game mode called Maelstrom Protocol.

It’s also worth noting that you can also max out the level of your operator by simply just playing the game, but it’s going to take you longer. But, with the number of operators available to you, having the right approach to leveling up is important if you want to do it in a shorter amount of time.

Extraction Missions Explained

Missions in R6 Extraction are called incursions. Players go against aliens in a PVE environment. This applies to both single-player and multiplayer co-op modes. Each incursion consists of playing in three maps with several different objectives to complete. Once all objectives are completed, players are then given a choice whether to request for extraction or continue on.

Choosing extraction would see the end of the incursion and all the XP gained will be credited to the player. On the other hand, players can opt and continue on to gain better rewards. The difficulty of the missions ramps up every time the players choose to continue on.

It is important to be prudent in the choice of continuing on or extracting because of the increasing difficulty of the next incursion. If the player dies, they lose all the XP they gained through the incursions.
If you barely made it out of the last incursion, I do suggest extracting and banking all the XP you gained rather than risking losing it all.

How to Level Up Operators Quickly

As previously mentioned, an operator gains XP from participating in missions. Every successful mission earns the player a set amount of XP. Other things to consider are the number of kills, the tactics you use, and your health.

Tactics is how well you take down enemies. Detecting enemies or taking them down with a suppressed weapon will earn you additional XP. Similarly, melee takedowns also mean more XP. So, it is not just the number of kills, but also how the elimination is executed.

The other thing to consider is how much health your operator has left at the end of each mission. The more health you get, the better the XP.

There is also a list of side missions for each incursion that you can complete. Whether it’s tagging a nest or taking down a number of Archaeans (or Archies as I like to call them), each side mission will net you extra XP.

It is important to remember that you only gain levels when you make it out of an incursion. An operator that is not extracted goes into MIA status and loses all the XP gained. An MIA rescue mission is needed to recover the operator and lost XP.

Tips on How to Level Up Fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Unlike other FPS games where players can just rush to complete missions, R6 Extraction forces players to take a more deliberate approach towards incursions. Rushing in might lead to a wipeout and losing all the XP gains in the process.

Slow Is Smooth and Smooth Is Fast

Each of the 11 mission types requires a different approach towards success. Coordinating your movements and tactics with your teammates will get you better XP and more completions. Optimize your loadouts and React tech to the mission objectives for best results. Our operator tier list guide will help you in picking the right characters to bring to missions early on.

Complete All Objectives

Each incursion has 3 objectives. Completing one objective and extracting will get you the lowest amount of XP. Naturally, completing the next objectives will earn you more XP but the difficulty of the stage also increases.

If your team completes all 3 objectives and successfully extracts from the incursion, your operator will earn the most amount of XP. You will also gain an extraction bonus which sometimes can almost double the XP you get depending on the mission difficulty at hand.

Know When to Extract

When on a mission, the team can go for an extraction after completing just one of the objectives. As mentioned, the more objectives you complete, the harder it gets. The rewards are always greater for those who are brave.

You might get tempted to challenge yourself to go all out for the higher difficulty for the XP rewards. But failing means you lose all your progress. So, it is important to know when to extract and when to continue.

If the previous objective was a walk in the park, then you could go for the next one. But if your last mission was a tough challenge, then it would be a good call to extract. Remember, you only gain the XP when you extract.

It’s better to complete just one objective than do the MIA Rescue mission.

Stealth Kills and Takedowns

How to level up fast in Rainbow six extractions by performing takedowns and stealth kills.

I already mentioned tactics being part of how to gain XP. Early on, stealth kills and takedowns will earn you a good amount of XP to level up. Stealth kills are kills without alerting them to your presence. Takedowns, on the other hand, is sneaking up and using melee attacks. So takeout Archies silently for more XP.

Scan Kills

Some operators can detect enemies like Pulse using the heartbeat sensor or Lion with his drone ability. Taking out a scanned enemy will get you additional XP.

Multi Kills and Explosives

There is no multi-kill XP bonus in-game but taking out a group of Archies using an explosive will maximize the XP gain. If you have an operator like Fuze with explosive abilities, then try taking out groups rather than single enemies with explosives. A better idea is to scan and then first then take them out undetected for more XP.

Complete Tasks and Side Missions

There is a list of Studies tasks that you can do while on a mission. Examples can be “Kill X number of stunned enemies” or “Perform X number of stealth kills”. Completing these objectives will get you extra XP at the end of the mission.

Additionally, each map has its side missions that you can complete. Side missions can be “tagging X number of nests” or “Scan X number of Archaeans”. This will also boost XP gains for your team.

Challenge Yourself

At the end of each 3-part incursion, you will be given the option to continue or end the incursion. Choosing to continue will place you in a more difficult incursion but once again, the rewards are better. So, if you want to level up fast, then go for those higher difficulty missions. But always remember to know when to extract and end your incursion to prevent a wipeout.

Completing just one of the objectives gives you the option to extract out should things go sideways. You will at the very least gain some more XP on the higher tiers.

How to Level Up Milestones Quickly

Aside from operator progression, Rainbow Six Extraction also has a Milestone completion that you can level up. Each milestone unlocks items that you can use in-game.

I have come up with a list of things you can do as a guide on how to level up milestones fast in Rainbow Six Extraction. These are simple tips that allow you to have fun playing the game while also maximizing the time you spend playing.

With these tips you will get to the maximum milestone level quickly and have access to everything in the game.

What is a Milestone?

How to Level Up Milestones Fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

A milestone is the cumulative XP of all incursion missions performed by you. All operators contribute to the milestone XP. There is a target XP that must be achieved to move to the next level.

Moving to a new milestone unlocks several in-game items such as:

  • Operators
  • Headgear
  • Uniform
  • REACT Gadgets Tier
  • Maps
  • Ranked Mode

Simply playing the game will eventually lead to getting your milestone leveling up but it will take time. You need to consider other ways to earn milestone XP and how to earn them quickly.

All your actions in-game will count towards the leveling of your milestones. Consequently, all failed missions and operators going MIA will also count against your milestone level.

It is possible to lose a milestone level in R6 Extraction. But it does make the game more exciting to play.

How to Level Milestones Quickly

Complete Studies

Studies are tasks given to you to complete during incursions. These side objectives help researchers fight the alien plague according to the storyline.

Each map has a different set of Studies to complete. And Studies are given as a set of three tasks. You can only move on to the next Studies once you complete all three tasks.

These tasks consist mostly of actions such as “Do X number of stealth takedowns” or “Complete X number of objectives”. Some are easy to complete, but others can challenge you.

A single Study task can get you as much XP as a whole incursion for your milestones. Bringing the best operator to complete specific tasks will also help. A good example is choosing Vigil for stealth takedown tasks.

Do Solo Missions

Solo missions do not get you more XP than squad missions. And the number of enemies you will encounter will depend on the number of operatives you’ve taken with you on the mission. This means that if you play solo, you will encounter fewer enemies.

Solo incursions do give you the freedom to complete objectives at your own pace. You can farm a single nest until your ammo runs out if you wanted to.

Solo runs let you focus on the completion of Studies. Some tasks are easier to run on solo rather than in a squad.

An example would be “Kill 15 Grunts”. This can be done faster with just one player waiting on a nest to spawn rather than being on a team that sweeps the area and kills all nests.

And this is especially true when you don’t have squadmates to run incursions with and rely on random players in the lobby. With your own squad, you can tell your buddies to wait up until you finish your Study task. Sadly, that is not possible with most randoms.

Extract Successfully

Whether you completed the incursion objective or not, always request for an extraction. And remember to never leave a man behind.

A successful extraction means you get a bonus of 30% / 60% / 90%, depending on how many players from your team make it out. Extracting all operators from the Hot Zone almost doubles your XP gain.

Extraction of knocked out operators (those covered in statis foam and placed in the extraction pod) or what is now termed in the R6 community as “getting cheesed”, still count towards the extraction bonus.

Extraction also means that all the Studies that you completed go to your milestones. Having an MIA operative will still count towards milestones but only if they are retrieved in the next run on the map.

During solo missions, as mentioned, you can focus on completing the Studies then request for extraction without completing the objectives. There is no bonus XP from Studies during extraction but there is also no risk of going MIA.