This guide will show you how to play as Finka in Rainbow Six Extraction in the most effective way. This operator is available from the level one milestone so you can use her as your first character in-game.

We will be focusing on how Finka contributes to missions and how best to equip her for incursions. A part of the discussion will also be around her gameplay and how best to maximize her ability.

Finka is one of the coolest operators in Rainbow Six Extraction in my opinion. She’s an S-Tier operator in our best R6 Extraction operator tier list with her supporting ability. I play Finka as my main operator so I have a fair amount of experience that I can share with you today.

A team that includes Finka will increase the likelihood that operators make it out of the hot zone and not go MIA.

Who is Finka?

How to Play as Finka in Rainbow Six Extraction

Finka fills one of the support/healer operators in Rainbow Six Extraction. She starts with two armor and three speed. These will increase to three armor and four speed at level 10 making her very mobile.

She starts out with the SPEAR .308 Assault Rifle which is a very good primary gun. Her sidearm is the hard-hitting PMM handgun.

The other weapons that can be unlocked are:

  • SASG-12 Shotgun
  • GSH-18 Handgun
  • 6P41 LMG
  • 9x19VSN Assault Rifle

You can max out her level quickly and unlock all her weapons using our operator leveling guide.

Adrenal Surge Ability

Finka’s ability is giving a temporary movement speed and HP boost to her teammates with her Adrenal Surge. This ability can also revive downed teammates from a distance.

The HP boost is temporary and will disappear when her skill is on cooldown. At higher levels, teammates can regenerate health while the skill is active.

Finka has a perk called Resilient Revival which she unlocks at level 5 – enabling her to regain health while downed by killing enemies. If she heals enough HP via the perk, she will do a self-revive.



I like to use the SPEAR .308 AR for Finka. It is mobile and can inflict a decent amount of damage. It also has very little recoil. The 6P41 LMG is a good choice if you have a bigger magazine.

I’d stay away from the SASG-12 and the 9x19VSN. The shotgun is loud and the 9x19VSN runs out of bullets fast.  

For the secondary, either of the two handguns works. I do prefer the GSH-18 due to its larger magazine size.


I always go with stun grenades in most cases. I also like to go with smoke sometimes to prevent her from being attacked when enemies rush at your team. But frag grenades work too if you want to be more offensive.

The Self Revive Kit is a must for Finka. I like to have that insurance of being able to revive myself when needed.

When to Use Finka

A support operator like Finka is useful in any incursion objective. Her revive ability will help out the team in a number of situations.

She does excel in Serial Scan and Sabotage where you have to defend areas.

For Serial Scan and Sabotage, she is vital when teammates go down while defending objectives. Her ability can instantly bring them back into the fight without the need to break the defensive formation.

She also works well in Elite hunts and Decontamination missions since these can get messy quickly and would have downed operatives in most cases.  

When to Use Her Ability

Finka’s ability to give a boost and revive teammates from a distance is vital to any firefight. Do remember that you need to be within shooting distance of your teammates for the revive to work.

I do not consider her a healer but a reviver since her HP boost is temporary. If you want a healer, go with Doc.

I use her ability when a teammate is down to revive them as my first option. In most cases, I wait for a teammate to go down before using the Adrenal Surge since there is a long cooldown timer.

Her ability is also useful when trying to escape firefights since it gives a nice movement speed boost. Use it when going for the extraction zone to minimize the chances of having a downed teammate during exfil.

Think of her ability as a last resort and for those dire situations. But I have had runs where I did not need to use her ability since my team was doing so well.

Additional Tips

Positioning is important with Finka. Play her from medium to long ranges and behind well-armored teammates like Sledge or Tachanka.

I play a more conservative role with Finka as the team might end up needing her reviving skills in case things get hairy. So, play it smart and leave the door breaching to your teammates.