This R6 Extraction operator tier list will help you choose your operators for your next incursion. This list ranks the most well-rounded operators to choose for your missions.

You should note: All operators are viable options in the right hands.

Each operator has its own abilities and strengths that can contribute to a mission’s success. While some perform better in stealth, others are much better in face to face combat. How you maximize the abilities of your chosen operator will also greatly affect the outcome of your incursions.

There are operators that excel more than others in terms of versatility.

With 11 mission types, you need to bring the one that can best adapt to any situation. We’ve ranked the available operators from S-Tier down to C-Tier in terms of how versatile they are within different missions.


Finka is part of the S-Tier in our operator tier list for her ability to revive teammates and give them performance boosts

S-Tier operators are the best of the best when it comes to R6 Extraction. They have a good balance of utility, survivability, and stopping power. One of these operators should always be on your list.


Finka is a support specialist operator that can buff and revive teammates. If you have played R6 Seige, then you will know how important Finka is. She is even more important in Extraction.

Finka has the Adrenal Surge ability which heals and revives downed teammates. At higher levels, this ability can also boost stats like movement speed and firing rate. As a supporting character, she can also pack a punch with her SPEAR .308 Assault Rifle.

Having a supporting character that can heal teammates and dish out damage is crucial in every incursion.


Vigil is the top-tier stealth operative in R6 Extraction. His ability is Electronic Rendering Cloaking, or ERC, which disrupts enemies and helps him disappear.

Where Vigil excels is getting in and out of areas undetected. With his cloaking ability, Vigil gets past enemies or gets behind them for a takedown. At higher levels, the cloaking ability can extend to teammates which makes sneaking past those high-level enemies a breeze.

As for weapons, Vigil starts out with the K1A1 Assault Rifle which is also a good all-around weapon in firefights. An operator that can slip in and out of places is always handy.


Knowing where enemies are is crucial in every firefight, and Lion is the best at keeping tabs on targets.

Lion is equipped with the EE-ONE-D Drone which can scout ahead and paint enemies in a given location.

Having situational awareness is key, especially when nasty Tormentors can vanish and reappear elsewhere.

Lion can also take down enemies in a jiffy with his V308 Assault Rifle, which can be equipped with an extended magazine. It also has a fast firing rate.

No enemy will get the drop on your squad when you have someone that knows how to play Lion effectively.


Flanking missions are the specialty of Alibi. She excels in distracting enemies and drawing their attention to her decoys while the real operative waits for the right time to strike.

Alibi has PRISMA decoys as her ability. She can drop up to 3 hologram decoys that draw the enemy’s attention. This gives the team the maneuverability to move into an optimal position to take enemies out. Alternately, deploying the decoys can also distract opponents to help you revive teammates safely.

Her Mx4 Storm SMG is the perfect tool to take out groups of enemies distracted by her decoys.


The A-Team is your backup in case one of your S-Tier operators goes MIA and you need to do a Rescue Mission. The A-Tier is for those who are more specialized in their abilities but can be flexible enough when called upon.


Doc is an A-Tier support operator thanks to his ability to heal and revive downed teammates from a distance.

His Stim Pistol is useful when you don’t have the chance to get near your teammates for a revive. The only downside is the limited ammo. You need a clear shot before attempting a heal because you might accidentally heal the enemy or another player with full health.

The starting weapon for Doc is an SG-CQB Shotgun which can be good for clearing out enemies swarming your teammates. Doc will be your guy if you need to heal only specific teammates.


Being aware of what lurks in the corners is what Pulse does best. His Cardiac Sensor marks targets that can help your team plan your next move. At level 10, his ability marks all enemies within close proximity, which can be extremely handy.

Pulse starts with an M1014 shotgun, which will help with taking out targets in close range. A bit of leveling is needed to unlock the SMG and Assault Rifles in his loadout. If it has a heartbeat, Pulse will detect it.


Holding down a chokepoint where enemies converge is a specialty of this big guy. Tachanka can deploy a mounted DP-28 LMG with a ballistic shield to lock down a corridor. At a higher level, he can deploy two mounted guns so that you and a teammate can defend an area better.

Tachanks starts with a SASG-12 Shotgun that can take out enemies while mobile and not on the mounted LMG. When you need a deployable mounted LMG, Tachanka can deliver.


Having the ability to place automated defense turrets is very useful. Jager can deploy his Magpie Automated Defense Systems in walls or on the floor, and it shoots down enemies and even projectiles. This can be used defensively and offensively depending on the situation.

Also having the M870 Shotgun as a starting weapon gives him some decent range. With this weapon, his mobility is also excellent. Use Jager to cover those blind corners where enemies lurk.


Contrary to his name, Smoke does not have smoke bombs. What he does have are Gas grenades which can damage enemies and obscure their vision. These grenades are especially useful when thrown out in the middle of a crowd.

Being equipped with the heavy L85A2 Assault Rifle perfectly complements Smoke’s grenades. Having decent stopping power with those gas bombs can takedown even the more elite enemies.


Our B-Tier list operators are the more situational choices in the game. They are certainly not bad, and with the right loadout can go toe to toe with any enemy.

You need to max out their abilities to make the most out of them in missions.


If you need to get rooms cleared but do not want to go for a frontal assault, then Fuze is your guy. The APM-6 Cluster Mines are deployable on those thin and destructible walls. Stick one on a wall and neutralize all the enemies who happen to be on the other side.

Any enemy that survives the initial cluster mine explosion can be easily mopped up by Fuze’s 6P41 LMG. Catching enemies off guard on the other side of a wall saves you from having to rush into a firefight.


Ela can stop enemies from attacking you with her stun mines. Her GRZMOT proximity mines can be thrown towards enemies to stun them temporarily. These mines automatically detonate when enemies are close, which is a good crowd control ability.

With her Scorpion Evo 3 Assault Rifle and its 40 round magazine, you will have plenty of bullets to take out all the enemies you stunned.


Capitao is a versatile operator with his TAC Mk0 Crossbow with the smokescreen and poison bolts. You can use the smokescreen to obscure enemies’ vision so you can move across the room. The poison bolts do damage over time over an area. The firing bolts are also completely silent which is essential for stealth gameplay.

When things do get loud, Capitao can utilize his Para-308 Assault Rifle to neutralize targets at mid-range. Silent takedowns from a distance is where this operator excels.


Explosive things come in small packages. Hibana is an expert at sticking explosives to targets with her X-Kairos Grenade Launcher. This ability allows Hibana to fire sticky explosives from a distance to take down even the highest HP enemies. She can also use this ability to breach walls and bust down doors.

Her Type-89 Assault Rifle focuses on accuracy over firing rate, and is good for mid-range to long-range engagements. Use Hibana to take out Elite enemies and Bosses.


Nomad is a good crowd control operator thanks to her ability. She can launch the Airjab proximity mines at enemies to knock them back. This is perfect for enemies who rush forward and chase you. Maximize this ability by shooting it ahead of enemies as you sprint away.

Nomad comes with the AK74M Assault Rifle that can take down threats with ease. With her ability and loadout of stun grenades, Nomad can take control of a crowded room with ease.


Who needs doors when you have Sledge around? The big sledgehammer that he carries around is useful for breaching walls as well as hitting enemies. At max level, the hammer can dish out a lot of damage. You do need to exercise caution as he is a bit on the slower side.

Sledge also has the M590A1 Shotgun for a primary weapon that hits as hard as his hammer at close range. If you want to get up close and personal, Sledge is your man.


The C-Tier operators can kill aliens without a doubt. But as operators, you will need to be very creative in how you can contribute to the team. There will be situations that call for these operators, but those will be few and far in between.


Rook provides support by dropping down armor crates. Armor plates give you and your teammates additional damage resistance and prevents KO. This can be handy in missions where there are a huge number of enemies that can KO you instantly.

Rook’s P90 SMG looks tiny for a guy his size and is only good for close-quarters combat. Have him level up to unlock the HK417 Assault Rifle for better damage output.


Gridlock is a walking traffic jam of an operator. She can deploy TRAX Stinger anti-personnel mines to slow down and damage enemies. Lay them down on an area where many enemies pass by for maximum effectiveness.

The F90 Assault Rifle, with its fast fire rate, complements her traps quite well. Choose Gridlock as your operator when you need to manage crowds.


IQ can detect objects around her like medkits and supply kits. This comes in handy when you do not have a medic in your squad or if you are running out of ammo. She can also detect cloaked enemies and mines with her R.E.D. Spectre Electronics Detector.

IQ’s primary weapon is the AUG 2 Assault Rifle which is fairly good with decent range and damage. So if your team always needs those kits to survive, then IQ will be the best pick.

Remember that there are no bad operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, some just take a while to master.