One of the most annoying things in Rainbow Six Extraction is when yellow spores stick to you. It’s not totally clear how to get rid of them in game, so I will show you how to remove yellow spores (for good) in this guide.

I’ve compiled all of the methods you can use to deal with these things.

The tips below can be very useful for areas that have a lot of spores so that you and your friends will know how to deal with them effectively.

What Are Yellow Spores?

Yellow spores are small alien mines that latch on to your operator when you get close. These yellow things can be found stuck on walls or ceilings and in darker areas of the map.

When these spores stick to you, your operator will start coughing which can be very distracting in combat. After some time, they will explode, dealing damage and releasing a cloud of yellow gas that can obscure your vision.

The effects of having a spore explode on you will linger throughout the sub-zone. This can be annoying when your operator constantly coughs while you are in a firefight. I haven’t tested it out thoroughly but I think enemies can also detect the sound of your cough.

Taking out spores counts as a kill and can earn you a little XP to help you level up faster. They can also contribute to your milestone completions.

How to Remove Yellow Spores

Shoot at the Spores

The first way you can get rid of the annoying spores is by shooting them from your teammate’s operators or shooting them before they stick to you.

When shooting at the spores, make sure to use the weapon that is silenced in order to prevent any nearby enemies from hearing the shots.

Throw Grenades at Them

Throwing Grenades is perfect for clearing out clumps of yellow spores. Only explosive type grenades like Impact or Stun grenades work; Glue and Smoke grenades do not work.

Your operator’s explosive ability like Hibana’s Grenade Launcher or Ela’s GRZMOT proximity mines will do the job as well.

Melee Attacks

Melee attacks remove spores on teammates.

When spores latch themselves to your teammates, you can approach them and perform a melee attack. It is one of the fastest ways to remove spores.

When you are the one with the spores stuck to you, be sure to stand up when your teammate performs the melee attack. A melee attack to a crouched operator sometimes does not remove all the spores.

Removing Spores Yourself

Whether when playing solo, having KO’d teammates, or are just far away from them, there are times that you don’t have a buddy available to deal with the spores that are stuck to you.

I found out one quick way of removing spores yourself and that is to throw a stun or impact grenade at your feet.

Yes, it can be weird but your grenades do not deal damage to yourself. So when you are in an area without teammates and need to remove spores before they explode, look down and throw a grenade at your feet.

For best results, I often face a corner wall before throwing a grenade so it does not bounce far.

For best results, I often face a corner wall before throwing a grenade so it does not bounce far.

Additional Tip

There is also a Red Spore mine that can blind you when you step on it. Shoot it with your weapon or throw a grenade at it to destroy it.

These red spores are planted by the Sower Archæans. You can eliminate Sowers by shooting at their bellies or backs.

I hope this guide is useful to you. Dealing with spores becomes second nature once you get to know how to remove them easily.