Rainbow Six Extraction allows for players to have a customizable loadout that they can then take into missions. Each operator carries a primary and secondary weapon. And every operator only has a few weapons to choose from.

Starting out, your operator only has one primary and secondary unlocked. When you level up though, you will begin to unlock various other weapons, which I will cover and go into a bit more detail about.

To pick the best weapon, you need to make sure it matches your operator’s abilities, armor, and movement speed. Do note that unlocking a weapon for an operator will not unlock the same weapon for another operator.

Now that that’s clear, here are the best weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction for every operator.

Best R6 Extraction Weapon for Every Operator

Let’s focus on the primary weapons as they are the ones that you will be using the most during engagements.

The tables below will show when you can unlock a given weapon for each operative.

I will then provide a short commentary on which weapon is best, why I picked this weapon for the operator, and how to maximize its effectiveness in combat.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
Mx4 Storm SMG Level 1
ACS12 SG Level 3
Keratos .357 Handgun Level 6
ALDA 5.56 LMG Level 9

Alibi is one of the best operators in R6 Extraction and is best suited for flanking runs with her decoys. The ACS12 SG will be well suited to taking out enemy groups. Use her mobility along with the stopping power of the ACS12 to move around enemies and take them out with well-placed shots to their weak points.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
PARA-308 AR Level 1
M249 LMG Level 3
SPAS-15 SG Level 6
M12 SMG Level 9

Capitao uses stealth with his crossbow. We think the best weapon to use with Capitao is the PARA-308 as it matches well when playing from mid-to-long range. Given that the crossbow has limited bolts and does not kill enemies, a weapon with decent stopping power is needed.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
SG-CQB SG Level 1
MP5 SMG Level 3
LFP586 Handgun Level 3
P90 SMG Level 6
HK417 MR Level 9

Doc is capable of healing teammates from a distance with his STIM pistol and because of that, he needs a weapon that clears enemies quickly in his line of sight in order to be able to heal. The SG-CQB works best as it can take down enemies when they’re tight together but it will mean that Doc has to be a bit closer to them too. This works well as you don’t want to miss with the STIM pistol due to the fact that it has very limited ammo.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
Scorpion Evo 3 SMG Level 1
FO-12 SG Level 3
LMG-E LMG Level 6
M762 AR Level 9

Ela’s ability is throwing the GRZMOT proximity mine and because of that, she needs a mobile weapon. The Scorpion Evo 3 SMG works well as it has great mobility coupled with a huge magazine. This allows you to stun enemies and move in for an easy kill.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
SPEAR .308 AR Level 1
SASG-12 SG Level 3
6P41 LMG Level 6
9x19VSN SMG Level 9

Finka is a support operator with the ability to revive downed teammates from a distance. And you want her to be further back during engagements. The SPEAR .308 Assault Rifle is the best weapon for her. She can keep her distance with this AR while still providing her support abilities to teammates.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
6P41 LMG Level 1
AK-12 AR Level 3
SASG-12 SG Level 6
SPEAR .308 AR Level 9

Fuze sticks Cluster Charges to walls and takes out whoever is behind it. I like to match Fuze with the AK-12 Assault Rifle so I can mop up those that survive with precision.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
F90 AR Level 1
M249 SAW LMG Level 3

Gridlock specialized in using traps to slow down attacking enemies. The best weapon to match up to her ability is the M249 SAW LMG with its bigger magazine. You can rain bullets on groups of targets caught in your traps for extended periods of time with this gun.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
TYPE-89 AR Level 1
P229 Handgun Level 6
MP5SD SMG Level 9

Having the ability to shoot sticky bombs at targets, Hibana fights from close to medium distances. Her ability also destroys enemy armor. Naturally, you would want to pair it with a fast-firing and high-mobility weapon. The MP5SD SMG fits perfectly with her playstyle. Shoot sticky bombs, unload a clip and move on is her bread and butter move.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
AUG A2 AR Level 1
M870 SG Level 3
MP7 SMG Level 6
552 COMMANDO AR Level 6
G8A1 LMG Level 9

With IQ, you won’t be spending a lot of time using her sensor ability. She detects supply caches throughout the map. Maximizing her mobility is key and the MP7 SMG fits nicely as she can be both agile and accurate. You don’t have to worry about running out of ammo as she can find where the ammo stash is located.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
M870 SG Level 1
MP7 SMG Level 3
416-C CARBINE AR Level 6
552 COMMANDO AR Level 9

Jager is your defensive specialist with his Auto Defense System turrets which have limited ammo. His best weapon to match the ability is the 552 Commando AR which can provide sustained fire and accuracy at medium range. Place your turrets in front to take out rushers and use the AR to fight ranged foes.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
V308 AR Level 1
HK417 MR Level 3
SG-CQB SG Level 6
F2 AR Level 9

Lion is particularly good at tracking down enemies with his drone sensor. All the enemies marked can be taken out silently and the V308 AR, which is his starting primary weapon works best. It is mobile and has good accuracy. Trigger Lion’s ability and hunt down all targets near you.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
AK74M AR Level 1
ARX200 AR  Level 3
AUG A3 SMG Level 6
TCSG12 SG Level 9

Nomad has the Airjab ability which can knock back any enemies that are approaching you. This can be useful for creating distance from your attackers. The AK is particularly good for this operator as it hits hard and has a decent magazine size. With Nomad, you need to be precise in dealing with foes.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
M1014 SG Level 1
UMP45 SMG Level 3
5.7 USG Handgun Level 6
556XI AR Level 9

Pulse is interesting since his Cardiac Sensor ability requires him to hold a device with both hands to keep it active. While the ability is active, he cannot use his primary weapon. I often choose to go with the UMP45 SMG as it can provide quick bursts of fire after switching from his sensor. Having the ability to unload a mag quickly at enemies is a must for Pulse.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
P90 SMG Level 1
MP5 SMG Level 3
HK417 MR Level 6
SG-CQB SG Level 6
V308 AR Level 9

Rook can drop armor crates for him and his teammates. Having high armor means he can sit and trade blows with foes which is why the SG-CQB shotgun is our choice. You would want to play Rook in front of the team and dish out massive damage.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
M590A1 SG Level 1
SMG-11 MP Level 3
L85A2 AR Level 6
AR33 AR Level 9

Sledge is often seen with his hammer which he uses to bust down doors and walls with. I believe that he would most benefit from a shotgun or an AR, and because of that, I went with the L85A2. With Sledge, you can create an entry point and take out enemies caught by surprise.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
L85A2 AR Level 1
FMG-9 SMG Level 3
M590A1 SG Level 6
SMG-11 MP Level 6
MP5K SMG Level 9

Smoke obscures the enemies’ vision with his gas grenades, which allows him to take out targets quickly. Like with Sledge, the L85A2 AR is just a versatile rifle that can get the job done at most ranges. I use gas grenades to mask my entry, go for a takedown, and then unload rounds on whoever is left standing.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
SASG-12 SG Level 1
9x19VSN SMG Level 3
PMM Handgun Level 6
AK-12 AR Level 9

Tachanka has a mobile gun platform with a mounted LMG. When not using his ability, he works best when rushing into an area. Because of that, the SASG-12 SG seems like an obvious choice as it provides the firepower necessary to get the job done. When using Tachanka, lay down your mounted gun, and then use your primary if enemies get close.


WeaponsLevel Unlock
K1A1 AR  Level 1
BOSG.12.2 SG  Level 3
C75 Auto MP  Level 6
Mk 14 EBR MR  Level 9

Vigil sneaks around with his cloaking ability and makes short work of elite enemies by doing stealth takedowns. I primarily use the K1A1 AR to provide significant damage when the cloaking skill is on a cooldown timer. Alternate between mid-range firefights and stealth takedowns to maximize the Vigil operator.