Rocket League’s crate system was, in fact, a loot box system in which players would receive a random item after opening the crate.

Thanks to the predatory behavior of big video game companies with such systems, this kind of setup started being negatively viewed by most players.

Although it is not completely clear if that was the reasoning behind Psyonix’s decision to stop using crates, you can no longer earn crates the way you used to in Rocket League. Although players can get an occasional crate from Challenges, they work as random item drops with no transactions involved.

However, there are still some ways to get crates in Rocket League, and similar things to crates as well, and we’ll talk about them below.

Instead, you can make use of a blueprint system that does not put the player through the experience of never knowing if they will get the item they want. This removes the gambling aspect.

How Do Blueprints Work in Rocket League?

Players have a chance of earning Blueprints whenever they end a match. Side note, always be sure to complete your matches if you want to be sure to level up fast in Rocket League.

By spending your credits on a blueprint, you can have the item. Therefore, you do have to wait for the game to award you with a specific blueprint so you can have the item you want, but now you always know what you will get when you spend, instead of spending credits on crates and hoping to get lucky.

Credits are another part of this new system; they substitute for keys.

Besides building items from Blueprints, players can also use credits to purchase items from the Item Shop or upgrade to the Rocket Pass Premium.

How to Get Credits

Credits are Rocket League’s premium currency, which means that in order to have credits, you have to spend real money. The range of price varies, but a credit unit is supposed to be worth about $0.01, with more expensive bundles offering a small bonus of credits over what you have paid for.

If you’re wondering if that is a way to earn credits without paying anything for them, there isn’t.

Although there is a way to earn credits without paying for them, you must pay for credits in the first place to unlock this method.

From the main menu, go to Rocket Pass and click on Premium. For 1000 credits, which is about $10, you will get the Rocket Pass and start earning credits by playing the game.

In addition, Rocket League also has packs that have credits in them. You also have to pay for those, though. The packs that include credits and items can be found in the Item Shop, which you can access from your Main Menu.

Trading for Credits

Another way to gain credits is by trading.

As mentioned before, there is no way to earn credits without paying for something first, so the game won’t allow you to trade before you’ve purchased at least 500 credits. However, you get to trade items with other players after that.

Although this method allows you to trade your items for credits, not all items can be traded and not all players are willing to give you credits for your items.

But if you have a rare item that you don’t care about, you can get some credits by trading it with someone and then spend your credits on a blueprint that you want instead.

The Best Way to Get Credits

The best way to get Rocket League credits is going to depend on you.

If you play the game a lot and do not want to spend a lot of money, a Rocket Pass might be the best route. If you are just looking for a way to earn credits and trade, pay for the smallest number of credits (500 at the time of writing) and be done with it.

Buying credits is also the best way to support the game, and it also lets you unlock bundles, and Rocket Passes, and build items from blueprints.

At least now that the Rocket League crates are gone, you can always know what items you will receive once you spend your currency on them.

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