Ken has a different outfit, but it isn’t for no reason. He is hiding after being framed for some serious illegal activities.

Unlike other hidden masters like Juri, Ken will be found in World Tour if you do the main quests normally, but you can actually find him early.

If you want to master his style way before you are forced to meet him, here’s where to find Ken in World Tour in Street Fighter 6.

Ken’s Location in World Tour

Ken is working at a construction site. You can see it as soon as the game begins. Your character will stare at it for a while during a cutscene. It’s very noticeable.

Now, you only need a yellow safety helmet to enter the construction site. This can be done by finishing the Safety First side quest.

You can also purchased it from Gomorrah at an apparel shop near the Urban Park fast travel point.

Once you do, equip the helmet and enter the construction site. There, talk to Ken and ask to learn his style. He won’t seem very interested in teaching you at first, but he’ll come around.

Once enrolled, you’ll immediately learn his basic attacks, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.

In case you are new to Street Fighter, you might not know it, but these attacks are very different from Ryu’s special attacks. Well, at least when it comes to their properties, they are.

Ken’s Overdrive Hadouken doesn’t knock down enemies. His hurricane kick hits multiple times. Also, his medium Shoryuken hits twice, while his Heavy Shoryuken hits three times.

On top of that, those attacks get enhanced if you perform them while running.

Ken’s Alternative Costume in SF6

In this game, you can unlock a character’s alternative costumes by maximizing the affinity your avatar has with one of the 18 masters.

If you get Ken enough gifts, he will tell you all about how he was framed, and you will eventually unlock his alternative costume.

Ken’s outfit 2 is his good old red gi from Street Fighter 2. He even has a clean shave and looks much younger in this outfit.