Although your Avatar can bring gifts to the main roster of SF6, the masters sure have their own preferences.

Chun-Li will be polite and thank you for every single thing you bring her, but she will be much happier if you bring her Dora’s canned fish.

With our help, you will learn which are the best gifts for masters in World Tour in Street Fighter 6 and max your bond with them in no time.

That said, make sure you have enough cash, because this isn’t going to be cheap.

The Best Gifts and Their Locations

Check below in alphabetic order the master you want to like you. Then, see the item that will provide +5 points and how to get it.

For instance, as mentioned before, Chun-Li loves canned herrings, and you can get it from Dora. Meanwhile, Honda likes Rubber Ducks for some reason, and you can find them in Italy when you visit Marisa.

BlankaImitation Blanka-Chan DollGet from a merchant in Jamaica
CammyJellied EelPurchase from a merchant in Jamaica
Chun-LiCanned HerringObtain from Dora, the Shopkeeper at The Lowlands – Commerce Plaza, Old Nayshall
Dee JayLukewarm BeerGet from a merchant in Brazil
DhalsimInstant Curry Ultra MildPurchase from Shopkeeper Tsanpa in Central Bazaar, Old Nayshall
E HondaRubber DucksAcquire from a merchant in Italy
GuileNattoBuy from a merchant in Japan
JamieBao Bao Bro StickerObtain from a merchant in Jamaica
JPAncient Playing CardsPurchase from a merchant in Jamaica
JuriWrenchBuy from a merchant in India
KenCookbookGet from a merchant in Mexico
KimberlyThe Answer Is in the Heart of LoveObtain from a merchant in Jamaica
LilyCelery ChipsPurchase from a merchant in Jamaica
LukeRed Elevator 8Buy from a merchant at Bather’s Beach in Jamaica
ManonBeaujolaisPurchase from a merchant in Jamaica
MarisaCold Tomato SoupGet from a merchant in France
RyuInstant StoveBuy from Shopkeeper Udon in Metro City, Chanko House Edomon
ZangiefWooden BearPurchase from a merchant at Barmaley Steelworks in Russia

Although these gifts do accelerate the process, there are faster ways to make the masters like you. Especially if you are willing to farm zenny for a little while.

Special Gifts

By learning a master’s style and increasing your bond with them, you will eventually unlock a Friendship Mission.

Once you complete this sidequest, you will be awarded a special gift that once given to the right master, it’ll increase your bond with them by over 30 points.

CharacterItemWhere to Get It
BlankaLocketLily’s Friendship Mission
CammyNeco Acrylic KeychainChun-Li’s Friendship Mission
Chun-LiCitrus PerfumeJuri’s Friendship Mission
Dee JayDee Jay’s CDLuke’s Friendship Mission
DhalsimSupreme Instant CurryE. Honda’s Friendship Mission
E. HondaTiramisu BobaCammy’s Friendship Mission
GuileCoffee MillDhalsim’s Friendship Mission
JuriPricey CheckManon’s Friendship Mission
KenSkateboard KeychainJamie’s Friendship Mission
KimberlyVintage EarbudsDee Jay’s Friendship Mission
LilyGummy CaterpillarKimberly’s Friendship Mission
LukeStrawberry Fight 6Ken’s Friendship Mission
ManonCommemorative MedalZangief’s Friendship Mission
MarisaLion NecklaceGuile’s Friendship Mission
RyuClassy ConfectionairesThe “Monk Without a Cause” side quest
ZangiefWeightsMarisa’s Friendship Mission

What to do Next

Now that you know what each of the masters like in Street Fighter 6, you might want to use this information to unlock their aternative outfits.

However, in order to do that, you must find them first. There are characters that are exceptionally easy to miss, such as Juri, the Tae Kwon Do master. Manon is easy to miss as well.