Mounts are an important but fun part of Terraria. They allow movement of all different kinds – whether it be flying or bouncing, swimming, or running. They can be useful for boss fights, invasions, events, or just standard mobility.

This means that knowing how to summon a mount in Terraria is an integral part of any Terrarian’s knowledge. There are a vast number of mounts in Terraria, but they are all summoned the same way.

Read on to find out exactly how to summon a mount and what a mount actually is.

What is a Mount?

In Terraria, a mount is a summonable creature, vehicle, or object that provides utilities such as damage, mobility, and even light in some cases.

With over 25 mounts, there’s a huge range of different mounts to suit your preferences. Some of them are available from very early on, while you can only get others during the last stages of the game.

When you use a mount-summoning item, it will spawn the mount and automatically place you on it. Additionally, it will grant you a buff that lasts as long as the mount is spawned. The buff depends on the mount you use.

You can control the movement of the mount using the standard movement keys (usually “A,” “S,” “D,” and the spacebar).

Using tools and weapons while riding a mount is possible, with the exception of the Drill Mount (also known as the Drill Containment Unit).

drill containment unit

In fact, any item other than hooks can be used when on a mount (except the Drill Mount).

How to Get a Mount

The difficulty of getting a mount in Terraria entirely depends on the mount you want; although, pre-hardmode mounts are usually easier to obtain than hardmode mounts due to hardmode’s increased difficulty.

Pre-Hardmode Mounts

In Terraria, there are 11 mounts available pre-hardmode. Each of these is obtainable in different ways – some more difficult than others. As follows are a few of the more important mounts that you’ll get pre-hardmode.

Slimy Saddle

The Slimy Saddle will likely be one of the first mounts you come across in Terraria, and it’s pretty powerful during the early stages of the game.

slimy saddle

It spawns a Slime mount that provides plenty of benefits:

  • Faster movement
  • Higher jumping
  • Summon damage is dealt to enemies that are jumped on
  • Falling speed is doubled while fall damage taken is halved
  • Floats on water

Getting a Slimy Saddle is straightforward; you can get it from defeating King Slime. However, the Slimy Saddle isn’t a guaranteed reward: it has a 25% chance of dropping from killing King Slime.

This means that it may take a few tries to get the Slimy Saddle; however, getting it is highly recommended due to its power early-game.

Honeyed Goggles

This mount is probably the first flight mount you will come across. Honeyed Goggles are available pretty early on in the game and are a very strong mount option.

On use, they spawn a Bee mount that provides limited fast flight. Unfortunately, this flight ability comes with some sacrifices.

honeyed goggles

The Bee mount is slow on land and will dismount you in liquids. However, if you have a form of water-walking active, such as Water Walking Boots, you won’t be dismounted, and the Bee will, instead, walk on water.

To get Honeyed Goggles, you must defeat Queen Bee. The drop rate of Honeyed Goggles is a mere 5%, meaning you may need to defeat Queen Bee lots of times before acquiring them. Queen Bee can be summoned in a Bee Hive. Finding a Bee Hive is similar to finding a Jungle Temple because they are both found in the underground Jungle biome.

Fuzzy Carrot

The Fuzzy Carrot is an item that will spawn a Bunny mount when used. While it’s not one of the easiest mounts to get, it’s still not particularly difficult. 

This mount has massively increased land movement speed while also providing higher jumps and negating all fall damage. The negation of fall damage is, in itself, a huge benefit meaning that, along with the other buffs, the Bunny mount is a very strong mount early-game.

fuzzy carrot

Getting the Fuzzy Carrot is slightly more complicated than getting the Slimy Saddle or Honeyed Goggles; however, it’s still considered an early-game mount. You will get the Fuzzy Carrot as a reward from the Angler after completing your 5th fishing quest.

How to Use a Mount

There are a couple of ways you can use a mount, and both are very straightforward. You can either use a hotkey or manually activate it from your hotbar or inventory. 

Using a hotkey is the fastest way and simplest way to activate your mount, and is therefore preferred by most players. You might be familiar with this as hotkeys are often used for other tasks, such as using a hook.

When your mount-summoning item is equipped in the “mount” slot of your equipment inventory, you can simply press a key on your keyboard to instantly summon it.

The default key for summoning your mount is ‘R’; however, you can change this in your hotkey settings.

mount hotkey

Alternatively, you can summon your mount manually. The way to do this is to first ensure the mount is in your hotbar (not to be confused with your inventory). Then, select the slot your mount-summoning item is in (so that you’re effectively holding it) and left-click. This will summon your mount.

Movement on a mount is also very easy as it’s exactly the same as moving your player normally (typically using ‘A’ and ‘D’ to move left and right, respectively). 

The only slight difference occurs when using a flying mount. When mounted on a flying mount, pressing your jump key (usually the spacebar) will lift you off the ground and will continue to do so for the duration of the mount’s flight time.

Additionally, some mounts, such as the Bee mount (summoned using the Honeyed Goggles), have the ability to glide once the flight time limit has been reached. You can hold your jump key to activate the gliding mechanism.


To conclude, there are many different kinds of mounts, and using them is universally straightforward. Mounts are very powerful accompaniments and should be utilized regularly in your gameplay.