Wormhole Potions are an essential part of your adventure when playing in a multiplayer world. Whether you’re playing with friends or complete strangers, Wormhole Potions are always useful to have.

Because Wormhole Potions aren’t particularly difficult to obtain, getting as many as you can is recommended. While they only have one primary function, there are many uses for this function that can be used to your advantage when playing with others.

This guide will explain how to use a Wormhole Potion in Terraria, as well as how to get Wormhole Potions and some of their uses. 

How to Get Wormhole Potions

There are a couple of ways to get Wormhole Potions in Terraria: they are obtainable through both crafting and exploration. 

To find a Wormhole Potion in Terraria, you must be in multiplayer. In single-player, it’s impossible to find Wormhole Potions through exploration – they must be crafted.

However, having said that, there doesn’t need to be multiple players online. Simply hosting the world as multiplayer and logging on alone is enough.

When in multiplayer, slimes have a 1/14 chance to drop a single Wormhole Potion when killed. Similarly, by breaking pots, you also have a chance to get a Wormhole Potion.

breakable pots

It’s worth noting that you can only get one Wormhole Potion at a time when acquiring them this way – neither slimes nor pots will drop multiple.

Alternatively, Wormhole Potions are also craftable using relatively common ingredients. While they are only usable in multiplayer, they can be crafted in both single-player and multiplayer worlds.

To craft a Wormhole Potion, you’ll need 1 Bottled Water, 1 Blinkroot, and 1 Specular Fish. All of these are easily obtainable ingredients – even in the early-game. This means that you can start reaping the benefits of Wormhole Potions very early on.

There are two appropriate crafting stations at which you can craft a Wormhole Potion. These are the Alchemist’s Table and the Placed Bottle.

The Alchemist’s Table can be found in the Dungeon – an area accessible after defeating Skeletron.

Creating a Bottled Water is easy. All you need is a Bottle and a Sink. If you don’t have a Sink, any body of water will do the trick. 

Blinkroots can be found on mud or dirt blocks. They grow at any elevation and regardless of the amount of light.

Finally, Specular Fish are commonly-found fish acquired through fishing in a Snow, Forest, or Jungle biome, as well as in the Cavern, Underground, and Underworld layers. 

Therefore, Specular Fish are an abundant resource, and once you have a fishing rod, you’ll be able to make as many Wormhole Potions as you need.

Worth mentioning is that Specular Fish can also be used to craft Recall Potions – another incredibly useful type of potion.

How to Use Wormhole Potions

Firstly, it must be said that you can’t use Wormhole Potions with the mini-map disabled. Therefore, to take advantage of the benefits of Wormhole Potions, enabling the minimap is a requirement.

Similarly, as mentioned, you must be in multiplayer to be able to use a Wormhole Potion. An advancement on this is that there must be other players in your world in order to use one.

Wormhole Potions allow you to teleport to any player on your team via the minimap. This means that before using one, you must be on the same team as the player you wish to teleport to.

Joining a team in Terraria is simple. Enter your inventory (the usual key for this is ‘Esc.’) and left-click on one of the six colored shields near the accessories and armor slots.

team colors

Ensuring that the player you intend on teleporting to using a Wormhole Potion is on the same team is crucial – without doing this, you won’t be able to teleport to them.

Once you’re both on the same team, make sure you have a Wormhole Potion in your inventory. Then, open the minimap fully (the usual key for this is ‘M’) and left-click on the head of the player you wish to teleport to. This will instantly teleport you to the other player’s location.

Use Wormhole Potions For Boss Fights

Wormhole Potions can be an invaluable resource for multiplayer boss fights. There are a couple of ways to utilize them during said boss fights that will benefit you greatly.

The first tactic is best saved for when you’re low on health and close to dying or need to refill your inventory with potions during a boss fight.

Use a Recall Potion (also crafted with a Specular Fish), Magic Mirror, or similar to return to your base. Then, while at your base, your can refill your inventory, regenerate health, and do whatever else is needed. 

Once this is complete, instead of having to travel back to the boss manually, you can instead teleport directly to another player, saving a lot of time. This is hugely important because in Terraria boss fights, every second counts. 

Also, bosses despawn if unoccupied for too long, so constantly having somebody there will make defeating the boss much easier and make it unable to despawn.

This strategy is especially useful for bosses that must be fought at a particular location, such as Queen Bee. Defeating the Wall of Flesh is another example of when this may be helpful, as it must be fought in the Underworld (otherwise known as Hell).

bee hive


Because of the mentioned reasons, having as many Wormhole Potions as possible is highly recommended when playing in a multiplayer world. They will greatly aid exploration and boss fights and therefore provide invaluable utility.

Now that you know how to make and use Wormhole Potions in Terraria, you’ll be able to teleport around the map with ease in multiplayer.