The spread of Crimson can disrupt, or even ruin, your entire Terraria world. At world creation, there is an option to pick between Crimson or Corruption. The Crimson is a biome that spawns in every world that is allocated a Crimson world.

Pre-hardmode, Crimson will spread slowly and only have the ability to spread via thorny bushes and grass. Upon defeating the Wall of Flesh and unlocking hardmode, however, Crimson will begin to spread much more aggressively, and to many different block types.

Allowing the Crimson to take over your world will present many difficulties, from gaining resources to even the seemingly simple task of surviving. Therefore, maintaining world purity is essential, and with that comes knowing how to get rid of Crimson in Terraria.

There are a few ways to get rid of Crimson in your Terraria world, the majority of them being relatively easy; the most important ingredient to success in purifying your world is patience.

Containing the Crimson

One of the most common and effective ways to prevent Crimson from spreading in your world is to contain it. This is particularly useful pre-hardmode as the Crimson’s spread is much more limited at that point in the game.

Containing the Crimson is quite a straightforward task, however, it requires arguably the most patience and persistence to achieve – particularly pre-hardmode. 

This method of containing the Crimson involves digging holes around the section of crimson you wish to contain. These holes must be a particular width, as well as needing specific blocks placed at the edges of them.

The reason this requires such patience is because in pre-hardmode, there are very limited tools and equipment available to you. This means that mining these tunnels is slower than if you were in hardmode.

The recommended width of containment tunnels is 6 blocks. They should also be lined with a block that is not affected by the Crimson. Such blocks include dungeon bricks, wood and hay.

Horizontal tunnels should also be dug to connect the vertical containment tunnels. These tunnels should be the same height as the vertical tunnels’ width: 6 blocks. Both horizontal and vertical containment tunnels should have non-corruptible blocks lining them.

This method, however, is best used during pre-hardmode because, upon defeating the Wall of Flesh and entering hardmode, a large diagonal strip of Crimson will spawn and begin spreading almost immediately. The location of this strip is random.

It’s worth noting that Scarab Bombs are an effective way of digging these tunnels efficiently. Scarab Bombs, when placed, will destroy blocks in a 21-block-long, striahgt line, respective to the way the bomb is facing. 

Additionally, the Scarab Bomb will destroy blocks in a tunnel that is 3 blocks wide, meaning that it is perfect for creating the recommended 6 block wide tunnels to contain the Crimson.

Scarab Bombs are obtained via crafting by hand, using a Sturdy Fossil (acquired from Oasis Crates) and a Bomb, or from breaking pots and chests in the underground desert biome.

Use a Clentaminator

Using a Clentaminator is a great way to get rid of Crimson in Terraria. The Clentaminator is an item that, when fired, will change the type of biome that it is fired at.

It uses solution as ammo and the type of solution used will determine the biome change. There are 5 types of solutions, each with the ability to change to a different biome.

These 5 solution types are:

  • Green Solution
  • Red Solution
  • Purple Solution
  • Blue Solution
  • Dark Blue Solution

The green, red, purple and blue solutions are all available from the Steampunker – an NPC that moves into your town after one of the mechanical bosses have been defeated. 

Despite all being purchasable from the Steampunker, there are certain requirements for each type of solution to be sold.

Red and purple solutions are sold by the Steampunker in a Blood Moon. In a Crimson world, red solution is sold and in a Corruption world, purple solution is sold. Each of these solutions turns a biome into its respective biome when used by the Clentaminator.

The dark blue solution is available at any time from the Truffle NPC and will convert Jungle biome into Glowing Mushroom biome when used with the Clentaminator.

Blue solution is also purchased from the Steampunker, but only when she is in a Hallow biome – if she is anywhere else, it will not be available. It is used to spread Hallow.

Finally, green solution is the default solution and is acquired from the Steampunker in any situation other than the aforementioned. It can remove Corruption, Crimson and Hallow, as well as being able to turn Glowing Mushroom biome into Jungle biome. All solutions cost 25 silver coins each.

The Clentaminator is also purchased from the Steampunker and is one of the most expensive items in the game – costing 2 platinum coins. It’s worth noting that the Clentaminator can’t have modifiers and therefore can’t be reforged.

Despite being expensive, with a range of 60 tiles, the Clentaminator is one of the most effective ways to control Crimson in your world.


While the spread of the Crimson can be difficult to control at times, there are several ways to slow it down, or even prevent it. Whether you are using a Clentaminator, or digging holes, preventing the spread of Crimson is an important aspect of Terraria.