Dragonflight completely changed the professions system and this introduced a barrage of new reagents, materials, and embellishments to the game. There’s a lot to keep tabs on in World of Warcraft nowadays, especially if you’re trying to use professions to enhance your performance in competitive PVP or PVE scenarios.

One key reagent that’s worth keeping an eye out for in World of Warcraft is Rousing Ire. This is a reagent that’s heavily tied to professions, yet it’s something that PVP players in particular are going to want to keep an eye out for.

If you’re looking to farm Rousing Ire quickly, I’ve got you covered. Here’s how to get Rousing Ire in Dragonflight, including all the methods of obtaining it and where you can use it.

How to Get Rousing Ire in Dragonflight

You can turn Rousing Ire into Awakened Ire, which is a useful material for crafted items, recipes, and crafted pieces of gear like the Crimson Combatant’s Medallion, too. Rousing Ire can also be a standalone currency for items like the Warbanner of Ire from Fieldmaster Emberath in Valdrakken.

Put simply, it’s a very valuable resource, especially if you’re looking to keep your gear in top condition and level up your professions, too.

The first thing that you’ll need to do in order to farm Rousing Ire in Dragonflight is to make sure that you have turned War Mode on.

In order to turn War Mode on, head back to either Stormwind or Orgrimmar depending on your faction. Then, open up your talent tree and click the War Mode icon in the bottom right hand corner to enable it. This flags you for world PVP.

awakened ire war mode

War Mode is an essential part of gathering Rousing Ire, as it’s a requirement for harvesting Infurious nodes.

Infurious nodes are a specific type of modified gathering node, and they’re relevant for both players with Herbalism and players with Mining. When you gather from an Infurious node, you can get Rousing Ire.

The best way to gather Rousing Ire quickly is to find a dual gathering route for both Mining and Herbalism. There are some areas that you can loop around in The Dragon Isles that contain high quantities of both Infurious Mining nodes and Infurious Herbalism nodes, and I would recommend seeking out contested PVP zones in particular.

awakened ire potential cover

You can sometimes get the Fury of the Battle buff when gathering from Infurious nodes, which can reward you with more Rousing Ire for killing an enemy player.

If you don’t have Herbalism or Mining on your character, it’s also possible to get Rousing Ire from competing in instanced PVP and it can also be found in War Supply Chests when you’re on The Dragon Isles, too.

It’s possible to get Rousing Ire from Victorious Contender’s Strongboxes, which you can buy from Seltherex in Valdrakken. These Strongboxes have a decently high chance of containing Rousing Ire and they cost 5000 Honor.

How to Use Rousing Ire in Dragonflight

You can use Rousing Ire to purchase consumable items and stat-boosting food from Fieldmaster Emberath in Valdrakken.

You can also use Rousing Ire in several Jewelcrafting recipes. You can use Rousing Ire alongside other reagents to make the Crimson Combatant’s Jeweled Amulet and the Crimson Combatant’s Jeweled Signet.

Once you’ve turned Rousing Ire into Awakened Ire, there are plenty of other uses for it. You can use it to buy Crimson Combatant Inscription techniques from Fieldmaster Emberath in Valdrakken.

You can also use Awakened Ire to create Crimson Combatant Inscription trinkets, Infurious Hides and Infurious Scales, PVP Battleground items like the H.E.L.P. alert item, Infurious Alloy, Infurious Wildercloth Bolts, Jetscale Sigils, and Tinker modules for Engineering.

If you don’t have any use for Rousing Ire at this particular moment, you can sell it on the Auction House. The Rousing reagents are a great way to make lots of gold, although it’s important to check the prices on your server before you sell.