It’s always exciting when World of Warcraft gets a new patch but, more often than not, it does mean that you’ll have to spend some time learning about a slew of new currencies and resources when you log in for the first time.

Patch 10.1 was no exception to this rule, introducing Shadowflame Crest Fragments and Flightstones into the mix, alongside a few other key resources.

An important one to make sure you’re keeping an eye on is Barter Bricks. These Bricks are part of the Loamm Niffen faction, and farming them can be very lucrative, especially if you’re a fan of collecting things in the game.

Here’s a quick guide on how to farm Barter Bricks in Dragonflight.

Before You Start

Before you begin farming Barter Bricks, you’ll need to make sure that you’re level 70.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’ve visited Zaralek Cavern and completed the introductory quests for the Niffen faction.

Unlocking Zaralek Cavern and meeting the Niffen does not take too long, and it’s vital as you’ll end up in the Loamm hub where you’ll meet the NPC who introduces you to Barter Bricks.

How to Get Barter Bricks

The first instance where you’ll come across Barter Bricks is when you speak to the NPC Ponzo for the first time.

Ponzo will give you a quest called Get Rich Quick, which will be the first time that you get a Barter Brick. Make sure you hang onto it, as some of the items that you can buy with this type of currency are quite expensive.

Once you’ve finished this initial quest, you’ll need to work on getting your Renown level with the Loamm Niffen up to level 3.

This doesn’t take too long. Just keep an eye out for quests in the Loamm area, as the vast majority of them have ties to the faction.

After you’ve hit this Renown level, you’ll be able to get a quest called Barterting 101 from Ponzo. This quest will send you to Valdrakken and it rewards you with 10 Barter Bricks.

Once this quest has been completed, you’ll be able to start doing Daily Quests with the Loamm Niffen. Completing these Dailies is one of the most efficient ways to farm Barter Bricks, as they reward 10 Bricks apiece.

You can also get Barter Bricks through some Profession Quests.

There’s also the small chance of treasures in the Zalarek Cavern rewarding you with Barter Bricks. It’s not the most lucrative way of farming this currency, but it’s still worth scouting around while you’re completing quests.

In particular, look out for Ritual Offerings and Waterlogged Bundles. These treasures don’t always contain Barter Bricks, but they seem to be the most common sources out of the various treasures that can spawn in the zone.

You can also pick up Barter Bricks through the new Sniffenseeking activity.

This treasure hunting activity can reward you with a lot of interesting loot and collectibles, and one of the most interesting resources that it can reward you with is Barter Bricks. The amount does vary, but it usually ranges between 2 to 4 Barter Bricks.

You may also come across specific Niffen-related quest items while taking part in Sniffenseeking that you can turn in for an extra couple of Barter Bricks.

Some of the Barter Brick items on offer in Loamm can be quite pricey, but if you keep on top of your Dailies and keep an eye out for Sniffenseeking maps and treasures regularly, you’re sure to have enough to spend in no time at all.

How to Get Barter Boulders

If you get your Renown level with the Loamm Niffen up to level 12, you’ll get the ability to find Barter Boulders.

Barter Boulders are essentially an upgraded version of Barter Bricks, and it’s worth tracking them down if you’re interested in the available Niffen items.

If you continue pushing your Renown levels with the Loamm Niffen, you’ll receive more Barter Boulders as gifts, and eventually, unlock the ability to purchase them with gold.

Where to Use Barter Bricks

To spend your Barter Bricks, simply head back to Ponzo in Zaralek Cavern.

You can purchase a number of interesting items from Ponzo, including items to help you boost Professions like Herbalism, a unique mount, Dragonriding customization options, and dig maps for Sniffenseeking treasure hunts.

Currently, no other vendors accept Barter Bricks or Boulders as currency.

You can also sell Barter Bricks to make a little gold, but I’d advise keeping hold of them as this is not the most efficient gold-making strategy around.

What to Do Next

If you’re farming Barter Bricks and Boulders for the sole purpose of picking up collectibles like the Boulder Hauler mount, make sure to check out the other mounts and collectible Battle Pets that you can get in Dragonflight.

It’s a good expansion for collectors and completionists, and Zaralek Cavern alone has a mountain of collectibles to pick up and add to your collection.

While you’re completing Dailies and World Quests in Zaralek Cavern, make sure to keep heading back to Loamm and picking up any available quests. The Loamm Niffen reputation grind is lucrative and it’s worth doing.