Whether you’re into PVE or PVP, chances are that you’ll need to get your hands on some Storm Sigils in World of Warcraft at some point.

These Sigils can help you upgrade Primal Storm gear, which can be useful for gearing characters quickly and leveling up fast in Dragonflight. They’re worth having, no matter if you’re leveling your first character or maxing out some alts.

To help you upgrade your gear and stay on top of your game, here’s a quick guide on how to farm Storm Sigils in Dragonflight.

How to Farm Storm Sigils

The first thing that you’ll need to do to get Storm Sigils in Dragonflight is to head to Valdrakken and find the NPC called Rethelshi, near the Obsidian Enclave.

You can get the quest Storm Surge from Rethelshi. This quest rewards you with a Storm Sigil, a decent chunk of experience, and a handful of gold.

To complete this quest, you’ll need to find Elemental Storms and defeat Elementally Imbued mobs, in order to collect 75 Elemental Overflow.

It’s a lucrative quest, as farming Elemental Overflow can reward you with even more gear and some nice Battle Pets and mounts, too.

You can finish this quest weekly but there are other weekly quests that can help you get more Storm Sigils.

In particular, look out for weekly quests that ask you to defeat Primalists in Primalist Storm events across the Dragon Isles.

These weekly quests will often reward you with a number of handy items and resources, and they’ll always drop some Storm Sigils, too.

In particular, the quests to look out for include:

  • Dissipating the Air Primalists
  • Extinguishing the Fire Primalists
  • Shattering the Earth Primalists
  • Vaporizing the Water Primalists

Each of these quests asks you to defeat a certain number of Primalists in the designated area, then pick up the relevant Core item (for example, Dissipating the Air Primalists requires you to pick up a Primal Air Core) and take it to Retheleshi in Valdrakken.

These quests reward you with 2 Storm Sigils apiece, so you can farm up 8 per week. Currently, there aren’t any ways to earn more Storm Sigils, so keep on top of your weekly quests if you want to upgrade your gear quickly.

Primal Storms aren’t always active, but the spawn timer for them is roughly within the 6-8 hour range.

It’s possible to also find Storm Sigils in treasure chests and other containers around the Dragon Isles. The containers to keep an eye out for include:

  • Stormed Primalist Caches. You can purchase these from Brendormi in The Primalist Future for 30 Essence of the Storm. This container has a high chance (roughly 70%) of rewarding you with a Storm Sigil, along with Dragon Isle Supplies.
  • Supply-Laden Soup Pots. You can get these by completing tasks in Community Feasts, and they have an incredibly low drop chance for Storm Sigils, coming in at roughly 0.01% based on community reports.
  • Glowing Primalist Caches. These can be found by completing the weekly world quest The Storm’s Fury, and have a 90% chance or higher to drop 2 Storm Sigils. They only drop when you complete The Storm’s Fury for the first time each week.

These aren’t the most lucrative methods of obtaining Storm Sigils, but it’s still worth keeping an eye out for world quests and Community Feasts on your travels.

How to Use Storm Sigils

To use your Storm Sigils, you can visit Researcher Baneflare on Morqut Islet.

Simply speak to Researcher Baneflare and select the item from your existing gear that you want to upgrade with Storm Sigils.

It used to be Retheleshi who upgraded your items, but at the time of writing, Retheleshi is simply the turn-in NPC for Cores and quests.

There is an NPC near Retheleshi who can upgrade your items named Erza, though.

You can also head to Corxian in the Gladiator’s Refuge in Valdrakken.

The vendor that you choose to go to does not affect the quality of the upgrade.

What to Do Next

Once you’ve finished hunting down Storm Sigils, make sure to keep an eye out for other useful currencies like Zskera Vault Keys, Elemental Overflow, and even Neltharion Gift Tokens. The Dragon Isles are full of resources that are worth having at your disposal.

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If you find these M+ Dungeons to be a challenge, spend some time looking at spec guides for your character that have been written specifically for Mythic content.

Make sure to check out some advice on how to play well in Mythic+ Dungeons before you start, too. Getting to grips with the format can make all the difference.