The easiest ways to farm Elemental Overflow include finding specific Rare and Elite mobs, completing world quests and dailies in the Forbidden Reach, and tracking down Forbidden Hoard chests.

There are lots of currencies and items to farm in World of Warcraft, ranging from Darkmoon Faire Tickets and Polished Pet Charms, to Trader’s Tender and Dragon Isle Supplies.

They’re all used for different things and will only be relevant to you depending on where you are in the game, in most cases. Dragon Isle Supplies aren’t exactly useful for brand new characters in Elwynn Forest, for example.

One of the most important currencies to keep an eye on right now in World of Warcraft is Elemental Overflow, especially since the 10.0.7 patch.

To help you get your hands on high quality gear, mounts, and collectibles, here’s a cohesive guide on how to farm Elemental Overflow in Dragonflight.

Before You Start

Before you start, you’ll want to make sure that you’re level 70 in order to maximize your efficiency. Leveling up fast in Dragonflight is decently quick nowadays, as patch 10.0.7 introduced a lot of catch-up mechanics.

You’ll also need to make sure that you can get to the Forbidden Reach zone.

While you can pick up Elemental Overflow in other DF zones, the Reach is your best bet for picking it up quickly and in larger quantities.

The daily quests and world quests in the Forbidden Reach are particularly great for picking up large chunks of Elemental Overflow in one go.

If you’re able to team up with someone, bring a friend along for the world quests and Elite battles that we’ll be looking at in a moment. They’re soloable but having back-up (especially if you’re a class without many heals or damage mitigation abilities) will be a blessing.

Kill Elite Mobs in the Forbidden Reach

The Forbidden Reach is full of Elite mobs and world bosses, and defeating them is a great way to gather up lots of Elemental Overflow.

The amount of Elemental Overflow that drops from Elites, Rares, and world bosses does vary quite dramatically, with some mobs dropping 10 EO and others dropping close to 100.

The mobs in the Forbidden Reach that drop the most Elemental Overflow are:

  • Spellsworn Constructs. These punchy Elites have a lot of health and they can be a little annoying to take down. They can be found near the Old Weyrn Grounds in the Reach, and have a 29% chance of dropping 103 Elemental Overflow.
  • Karkinus the Capsizer. This huge crabby Elite can be found on the Western shore of the Old Weyrn Grounds and is part of a world quest. It has a decent chance of dropping 40 Elemental Overflow.
  • Arcane Revenants. These Elites don’t drop as much Elemental Overflow as the previous two I’ve mentioned (9 Elemental Overflow) but you can farm them easily. They’re found North of the Old Weyrn Grounds, and the EO drop chance is very high.

It’s not just the Forbidden Reach that is home to useful mobs, either. You can find them all over the Dragon Isles.

In particular, get to the Primalist Future and keep an eye out for mobs like Glakis and Nimbulatus, as they drop a hefty amount of Elemental Overflow. I’d recommend finding a group or at least bringing a friend for these fights, just to make it quicker.

Find Forbidden Hoard Chests

Forbidden Hoard chests spawn every 30 minutes in the Forbidden Reach and they contain a lot of useful items. You can get Primalist gear, scrolls, Zsekra Vault Keys, quest items, and most importantly, Elemental Overflow.

Finding a Forbidden Hoard chest can be tricky, as there are 16 known locations at the time of writing and they’re incredibly popular items. You will have to contend with other people to get these chests.

The spawn points vary across the map, but there are some specific ones that I’d recommend checking out.

There are some Forbidden Hoard chests on small islands around the Forbidden Reach (specifically North and Northeast, and Southeast islands) and in caves along the coastline. There’s a spawn point to the East of Caldera of the Menders, too.

Take Part in World Quests & Dailies

The Dragon Isles are full of world quests, and the Forbidden Reach is no exception.

There are lots of world quests that you can complete in the Reach to help you get more Elemental Overflow, and they reward you with roughly 450 Elemental Overflow every time.

There are some very rewarding daily quests, too.

One that I found particularly lucrative was a Rare Elite world quest called The War Creche. This takes place near the Old Weyrn Grounds and rewards you with 450 EO upon completion.

The thing that makes this particular quest so useful is the type of mobs that you need to kill in order to beat it.

It’s a basic kill quest where you need to fill up the bar by completing mobs, and a lot of the mobs that you’ll need to kill also drop Elemental Overflow. For example, Arcane Revenants count towards the quest and as I mentioned, they drop 9 Elemental Overflow.

This makes it very efficient. Keep an eye out for other world quests and dailies that involve EO mobs and you’ll be buying the Noble Bruffalon mount in no time at all.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Primalist world events too, as these are incredibly lucrative in terms of Elemental Overflow and other useful items.

Work Through the Main Campaign

This may sound like an obvious point, but the main quests in the Dragon Isles can be quite lucrative if you’re looking for Elemental Overflow. A good portion of them reward you with a steady amount of the currency and often involve relevant mobs, too.

If you’ve just got to the Forbidden Reach, continue with the initial quests. They’re worth it.

I’d recommend combining methods and making sure that you’re looking for Elite mobs and completing world quests while working on the main campaign. This will save you time and make your run much more efficient.

What to Do Next

Once you’ve farmed up a nice amount of Elemental Overflow, you’ll be able to purchase a lot of useful items from Mythressa in Valdrakken. These can range from mounts and pets, to weapons and high quality gear.

If you’ve not bought anything from Mythressa, she can be found in the Sapphire Enclave in Valdrakken, as shown below.

If you’re trying to collect every Battle Pet in Dragonflight, you’ll need to make sure that you farm at least 2000 Elemental Overflow when shopping with Mythressa, as there are two Battle Pets to pick up.