Getting a character to the max level is only the first step to experiencing everything that World of Warcraft has to offer.

Most types of content like dungeons, raids, PvP, achievement hunting, gold making, and collecting are only really accessible at max level. You can do them beforehand, of course, but the real challenges and rewards emerge at max level.

In this guide, we will help you get from level 60 to 70 in World of Warcraft. We will show you how to level fast in Dragonflight, as well as everything you could and should do after reaching the max level.

Leveling Areas – 60 to 70

Dragonflight Map

When you get to The Dragon Isles for the first time, you’ll want to go through the different zones in order. After maxing out one character, you will unlock ‘adventure mode’ which allows you to finish any area in any order freely.

In order, the zones and relevant levels are:

  • The Waking Shores. You’ll finish this zone at roughly level 63.
  • Ohn’ahran Plains. Finish this zone up at level 66.
  • The Azure Span. This zone will finish at roughly level 68.
  • Thaldraszus. This zone will take you to max level.

Your goal is to complete the campaign. If you look at your quest log by pressing ‘L’, the top of your quest log will always be the main quest. This will be your campaign questline.

Campaign quest markers on the map also look different from the other quests, so it will be easy to see them as you go.

Since your goal is to complete the campaign and reach the max level at the same time, you want to be as efficient as possible. Try to keep on top of the zones and relevant levels so you don’t out level anything.

Best Way to Hit Max Level

The best way to reach max level in World of Warcraft is to always think about the type of content you need to finish while going through the campaign.

In Dragonflight, you’ll need to work on professions, reputations, Dragonriding, and obtaining decent gear. All of these are still accessible at max level, but it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes finishing additional content in your zone as you finish the campaign.

So, what is the best way to level from 60 to 70 in Dragonflight?

The best way is to go through the campaign story quests while ignoring the other quests along the way. You should focus mainly on just the main story quests, but if you go through just this type of content, you won’t reach the max level.

In skipping the other quests, you will lose out on gaining some reputation, achievements, and maybe some flight paths on each zone. However, if you go through all of the side quests, you might find yourself out-leveling the campaign or getting distanced from it.

To compensate for not doing the side quests, you should queue up for dungeons.

There is a slight dilemma here, though. You could come across dungeons that take a long time, depending on the group, or if you do enough dungeons, you might out-level the campaign again.

We are trying to avoid out-leveling anything because it is somewhat inefficient to go through the campaign while already being max level. Focusing on the campaign will give you a smoother experience overall.

As you may know, queueing for random dungeons gives you a ton of bonus experience. The bonus experience is equivalent to finishing 4 or 5 quests alone. You will still get experience while clearing the dungeon, and if you finish the dungeon quickly with a good group, it can help make your leveling experience even quicker.

It is also worth noting that when you reach the end of the campaign storyline on each zone, you will get a quest that involves finishing a dungeon tied to that specific zone.

Adding this dungeon quest experience, the bonus experience you get from queueing random dungeons, and the raw experience you get from finishing the dungeon, this leveling strategy is too good to ignore.

The dungeon quest giver is usually near the main NPC quest giver for each campaign. Once you reach the end of the chapter for the zone, you can expect the quest to show up as a normal quest.

Campaign Completed

Accept every single quest as you level up through the campaign. To summarize the strategy:

  1. Finish the campaign storyline for the zone
  2. Accept the dungeon quest
  3. Queue up for a random dungeon
  4. Continue moving to the next zone or the campaign quests while queueing
  5. Accept the dungeon and finish it, preferably with the quest
  6. When you have no dungeon quests, do not queue back up. Wait for the next one
  7. Repeat the process on each zone

When doing this leveling strategy, there are a lot of variables that can change.

Finding a group might take longer, depending on your role or server activity.

As you level up, you will unlock other dungeons on the random dungeon queue. You might not always get the dungeon you need.

Dungeons might take longer than usual if you have a terrible group.

You can always adjust to these situations as long as you follow the levels for each zone.

Finishing the campaign quests alone gets you from level 60 to around 67-68 without accounting for rested experience, side quests, bonus objectives, exp from crafting, dungeons, and others.

If you’re thinking about queueing for a random dungeon and leaving if it isn’t the one you need, it’s worth noting that this is quite toxic for the community. You will also get the deserter debuff for 30 minutes, and if you are entering as a DPS, where queue times are longer, it will hurt your efficiency.

Tips and Tricks for Leveling Fast

Turn War Mode On

Turning War Mode on is an option to get more boosted experience points while questing. You can get as much as a 20% boost but you might end up fighting a ton of players from the opposite faction.

This can derail your leveling by a lot. However, a lot of players who have War Mode on will only focus on doing their quests and leveling. Players usually ignore each other even if they can hit each other.

In Dragonflight, Blizzard introduced cross-faction tagging to help players level up. It is one of the best changes in terms of quality of life during leveling. You can have two players from opposite factions finish quests together by hitting the same mob.

It is still a risk to turn on War Mode because you can end up spending hours getting camped by players who are just warmongers, but the experience boost is worth it.

First-Time Crafting Bonuses

In Dragonflight, crafting got a complete rehaul. The most important thing to note about the new crafting system is the bonus experience that you can get for doing new crafts.

For each craft you do, you get a big chunk of experience points (4% to 6% of your experience bar) for crafting a specific recipe for the first time.

Some players even found their way from 60 to 63 just by crafting each item for the first time.

It is a good tip to know if you lack experience points but have already finished the campaign.

Rested Experience

You can get rested experience just by logging off from the game. As you are away from the game, your rested experience will get bigger and bigger.

You will notice that your experience bar is color blue, which means the experience you gain is boosted until you run out of rested experience.

For players who aren’t as active as other players, it is a great catchup mechanic to help you level up and stay engaged with the game.

Bonus Objectives

Bonus objectives are optional side quests you see pop up as you enter a specific area. They give a ton of experience, and most of these bonus objectives just require you to eliminate mobs around the area.

You don’t have to look for these bonus objectives, but some of them will pop up while you are finishing your campaign quests.

When this happens, finish the bonus objectives too. It is just too efficient to ignore, as you are already in the right zone and they don’t take too long. If you’re looking to get all of your ‘Explore’ achievements for The Dragon Isles, doing bonus objectives can help with this too.

Ruby Life Pools

Ruby Life Pools is the first playable dungeon in Dragonflight that you’ll be able to as you level up. The dungeon is one of the shortest ones in the game.

You can finish it in under 10 minutes when everyone in your group is at a low level. If you are low level, you can go for this dungeon and spam it with a good group. It is also good for leveling alts.

Getting Cheap Gear

As you may know, completing hard content from the previous expansion gives you great gear. This gear is usable all the way to the next expansion for leveling.

If you are a Mythic raider, your gear can even be usable all the way to levels 68-70. Imagine leveling up from 60 to 67 with overpowered gear from the last expansion.

However, not everyone has the luxury of getting this gear before going into Dragonflight content.

Some of these pieces of gear are still for sale on the Auction House. Mythic raid-level gear might still cost a fortune, depending on your server, but crafted Shadowlands gear can help you through 60-65.

It just depends on the market and how much you are willing to spend for an easier time leveling up.

What to Do After Reaching Max Level

Adventure Mode


As soon as you level up, gearing up is the most obvious answer. It makes everything else easier once you have a max-leveled character with the best gear the game has to offer.

The process should roughly be the following:

  1. Normal Dungeons
  2. Heroic Dungeons
  3. Mythic Dungeons
  4. Mythic+ Dungeons
  5. Heroic Raids
  6. Mythic Raids

The list above is for PVE fans and you can follow it in order, but there are a lot of ways to get gear. In PvP, you can get straight to the action and mix in some weekly Mythic+ runs to get good gear.

You can insert LFR (before M+ dungeons) or normal raids (before Heroic raids), but you can also just go straight to Heroic raids. Learning raids can be hard, so it can help if you do some LFR and normal raids to get the mechanics right. This is especially true if you’re picking up a role like Healing or Tanking for the first time.

If you are a fast learner, Mythic+ dungeon gear should be enough for Heroic raids.

There are other easier methods of getting gear, such as world quests, world bosses, crafting, gold-making, buying BoE items, and even farming BoE items. It is completely up to you if you want to switch it up.


Professions in Dragonflight are a lot of fun. There are some players out there who like to be goblins and just make money as their endgame. There is nothing wrong with that. You can focus on leveling up your professions and try to make money with them.

There are important recipes that are locked behind reputation and Renown grinds.

If you are a gatherer, you can provide the raw materials circulating the market to make gold.


Personally, I find reputation grinds to be the most boring and time-consuming content in each expansion. However, the game does reward you for doing your chores.

World quests give a lot of reputation for each faction, as well as interesting gear and other rewards. If you follow the leveling guide above, you can also track down some side quests that reward you with reputation.


Renown has been completely reworked in Dragonflight and is completely different to how it was in Shadowlands. Renown and reputation essentially go hand in hand, so you should be getting Renown whenever you are grinding reputation for a specific faction.

Gold Making

Gold making is a grind in World of Warcraft that requires a lot of hard work and a decent understanding of economics. With the implementation of the WoW Token, you can make enough gold to purchase anything from the Blizzard store.

However, gold making isn’t that easy. Joining premade groups for 4×2 farming or for trash mob raid farming can make you a lot of gold.

Gathering can also get you more consistent gold, but it is quite grindy. Professions like Mining and Skinning can be particularly lucrative.

Crafting can be hit or a miss, depending on the market on your server. Professions like Enchanting and Jewelcrafting can help you rack up a decent amount of money, but if you don’t feel like taking a gamble on the market then opt for another gold making option.


As mentioned before, PVP is another way of grinding out gear. If you love this kind of content, you can start grinding out rating points in RBGs and Arenas.

You can test out compositions or practice PVP on unrated matches first. There are a lot of players that love PVP and competition, and the PVP community is thriving.

You can even PvP as a way to level up, but it won’t be as fast, and you will still need to do the campaign.

Achievement Hunting

Achievement hunting is another level of endgame content for WoW enthusiasts. There are a ton of new achievements to finish, and some of them have valuable rewards for your efforts.

There are achievements for every aspect of the game in World of Warcraft, with achievements for PVP and PVE, old raids and dungeons, exploration and questing, specific challenges and puzzles, mounts and Battle Pets, transmog, world events, and much more.

Put simply, if you want to hunt achievements and fill out your collections, you’ll have enough to keep you entertained for thousands of hours. Even collecting every Battle Pet can take a good chunk of time to complete, and that’s one of the more laid back options.