The Dragon Isles are arguably one of the most interesting zones in World of Warcraft, and the introduction of Zaralek Cavern in patch 10.1 helped to give them even more depth.

Quite literally, in fact. Zaralek Cavern is underneath The Dragon Isles.

If you’re playing through the campaign and looking to gear up a character or two, it’s important to know how to get to this zone. There are plenty of quests to complete here, alongside powerful Elites and Rares to track down.

To help you speed through, here’s a quick guide on how to get to the Zaralek Cavern in Dragonflight, including all the quests you’ll need to complete.

Before You Start

To start, you’ll need to make sure that you’re level 70 before trying to get to Zaralek Cavern. Some of the mobs and Elites in this zone are quite heavy-hitting, so find a decent leveling guide to help you get to the right point in the game.

When you log into the game for the first time after the release of patch 10.1, you should automatically get the quest The Land Beneath when the splash screen pops up.

If you don’t get the quest automatically, you’ll need to progress with the Embers of Neltharion questline in the Forgotten Reach to unlock it.

It may look like a lot of quests in your quest log if you’ve not done any of them, but don’t worry, you only need to finish 1/7 quest points up to A Creche Divided.

This took me roughly 15 minutes on a somewhat undergeared Fire Mage. The vast majority of the questline is killing specific mobs.

Once you’ve hit A Creche Divided, you’ll automatically get the quest The Land Beneath added to your quest log.

How to Find Zaralek Cavern

To find Zaralek Cavern for the first time, you’ll need to progress with the storyline.

The starting quest The Land Beneath will take you to the Seat of the Aspects, and the next handful of quests will require a little RP and show you a cutscene to help you get up to speed with the lore in Dragonflight so far.

When you get the Where the Flames Fell quest, you’ll need to head to Cascades Canyon and meet Sabellian and Wrathion.

From there, you’ll end up investigating the area, killing some mobs, and entering a scenario called The Patience of Princes.

After this, there are a few more quests that focus on killing more mobs and investigating some artifacts. These quests don’t take long to finish.

Keep progressing through this quest line, and you’ll end up getting the Smells Like Loamm quest. This quest will take you to Loamm, which is one of the main hubs in Zaralek Cavern.

Make sure to pick up the flight path when you get there.

From there, you can continue with the campaign, look for treasures and Rare mobs, or even farm up useful currency like Flightstones.

There are a few treasures hidden around the first bit of Zaralek Cavern you’ll end up in.

How to Get Back to Zaralek Cavern

Once you’ve unlocked Zaralek Cavern, you can head back at any time with a flight path or by using your Hearthstone.

There are three flight paths in Zaralek Cavern, so make sure to pick them up when you come across them for the first time. They are in Loamm, Obsidian Rest, and Dragonscale Camp, all of which you’ll end up visiting while completing the campaign.

If you want to get to Zaralek Cavern on foot, there are three entrances in the Dragon Isles which you can access at any time after completing the introductory quests. They can be found in:

  • Ohn’ahran Plains, near Teerakai and near Cascades Canyon.
  • The Azure Span, at the Three-Falls Lookout.

I’d recommend using the Cascades Canyon entrance where you can, as it’s the closest one to Valdrakken and it’ll save you some time.

What to Do Next

Finishing the Zaralek Cavern quests is a great way to pick up some extra gear and achievements, so make sure to finish any main story quests that you come across.

Keep an eye out for any Rare Elites as you go, too.

If you’re a collector of any sorts, spend some time looking around the zone. There’s a lot to pick up! There are plenty of new Battle Pets to catch and new trainers to take down, and there are even some new mounts to pick up as well.