No matter whether you prefer PVP, PVE, or a mix of the two, there are plenty of currencies to pick up and farm in Dragonflight. It’s not the most currency-heavy expansion to date (I’m looking at you, Legion) but it’s certainly up there.

One of the most important currencies to keep farming in Dragonflight if you’re a PVP player is Bloody Tokens. You can get them in a variety of ways and there are some nice achievements that you can unlock along the way, too.

Here’s a quick guide on how to farm Bloody Tokens in Dragonflight, along with notes on how to get the various Bloody Token achievements, too.

How to Get Bloody Tokens

Bloody Tokens drop almost exclusively from PVP activities, as you might expect. That being said, there are still some ways to farm them without having to do any PVP directly.

The most efficient way to farm Bloody Tokens is to keep an eye out for PVP world quests as they pop up around the Dragon Isles and in Zaralek Cavern, too.

In order to see PVP world quests, you will need to have unlocked all the Dragonflight world quests and turned on War Mode. They’re not active all the time, but will pop up somewhat regularly throughout the week.

While you’re working on your world quests, make sure to keep an eye out for War Supply Chests too.

These Supply Chests drop periodically in various Dragon Isles zones from a plane, and they contain a lot of useful items alongside Bloody Tokens, like Rousing Ire, Profession patterns, and Bulging Coin Purses.

To maximize your efforts here, it’s worth joining a group to farm War Supply Chests. The timer for them isn’t particularly high (it tends to vary but often falls between 15-30 minutes) and it’s much more efficient to have a whole raid group working with you.

These groups are often listed with a name like ‘Bloody Tokens farm’ in the group finder.

Plus, this is a great way to avoid getting outnumbered by enemies.

Speaking of enemies, you can also get Bloody Tokens when you kill an enemy player in War Mode. This is one of the most fun ways to get your hands on Bloody Tokens, but it’s not one of the most efficient farming methods.

Supply Chests and world quests are much more lucrative, so unlock world quests and join a War Supply Chest farming run if you want to maximize your efforts.

Where to Spend Bloody Tokens

To spend Bloody Tokens, you’ll need to go to Valdrakken.

There are two NPCs that you can buy Bloody Token gear and items from, both of which can be found at the Gladiator’s Refuge near the Obsidian Enclave.

The screenshot below shows where the building entrance is in Valdrakken.

These NPCs are Malicia and Fieldmaster Emberath.

Malicia sells gear with a slightly higher item level, meaning that you can get a decent boost to your character’s performance and item level by farming Bloody Tokens.

The gear isn’t the highest-level PVP gear in the game by any means, but it’s good quality and will help you progress.

Alongside the Bloody Token gear, there are some toys and other collectibles that are great if you’re a completionist and looking to collect everything in Dragonflight.

How to Get Bloody Token Achievements

There are a few achievements that you can get while farming Bloody Tokens and they’re worth looking out for if you want to get a few more achievement points under your belt.

The achievements are as follows:

  • Bloodstained Bounty. For this, you’ll need to pick up 750 Bloody Tokens.
  • Prosperously Bloody. This one is slightly trickier, requiring 1500 Bloody Tokens.
  • Blood Bank. Getting the Blood Bank achievement can take a fair bit of grinding, as it requires you to pick up 3000 Bloody Tokens.

Each achievement is worth 10 achievement points.

What to Do Next

As you’ll have War Mode on when you’re farming Bloody Tokens, why not level your Professions up as you go? War Mode unlocks some exclusive types of nodes for the Herbalism path and Mining path, which can be very lucrative.

In particular, harvesting Infurious Herbs will reward you with Rousing Ire. This material can sell for quite a lot of gold, depending on what the Auction House is like on your server, and you can trade it in in for PVP gear as well.

If you’re looking to up your PVP game in Dragonflight, make sure to keep on top of which specs are currently performing the best in Arenas and Battlegrounds.

It’s almost always changing, after all. I play as a Mage and I find myself hopping between Fire Mage and Frost Mage almost every time there’s an update. Staying up to date with which spec is the most optimal can help boost your performance overall.