If you’re a fan of doing world quests and exploring in World of Warcraft, you may have noticed that The Dragon Isles contain a heap of unique riddles and treasures. The Isles are truly rich and rewarding for folk who are willing to push through a challenging puzzle.

One puzzle you will come across when you visit The Dragon Isles for the first time is the Possessive Hornswog. This NPC is blocking a cave with a unique treasure, and you’ll need to complete a riddle in order to get inside.

When I first came across this riddle, I was a little lost. If you’re feeling a little confused hunting for the solution to this puzzle, I’ve got you covered with this quick and easy guide, complete with screenshots of where to go and what to look for.

Here’s how to complete the Possessive Hornswog riddle in Dragonflight.

Where to Find the Possessive Hornswog

To find the instructions for this riddle, you’ll need to head to The Waking Shores.

If you’re brand new to Dragonflight, I would recommend working your way through the initial stages of the campaign first as you’ll need to have your Dragonriding skill unlocked in order to be able to complete the Possessive Hornswog puzzle. Completing the campaign is the quickest way to hit max level, too.

Getting to the Possessive Hornswog isn’t too hard, but obtaining all of the items needed for the puzzle without your Dragonriding mount would be virtually impossible as some of them are in some tricky locations.

To find the NPC, head to the Ruby Life Pools in the South of The Waking Shores. Head to the cliffs to the East of this area, and you’ll find a large cave with a big Hornswog outside. If you try and go into the cave, the Hornswog will smack you away.

Nearby, there’s an open book on a rock. If you click on it, you’ll be able to read the riddle and get an idea of what you’ll need to bring back to the Hornswog.

hornswog field guide

To summarize it briefly, you need to find:

  • An ivory bar with bubbles.
  • A flavorful, golden crescent.
  • A mildly frightening, white, and crunchy thing.

In other words, you need to find soap, a banana, and a bone.

How to Complete the Possessive Hornswog Puzzle in Dragonflight

The three items that the Observant Riddles: A Field Guide book mentions can be found in The Waking Shores, so you won’t need to travel too far. It took me less than 10 minutes to get all of the items and combine them back at the Hornswog cave.

The easiest item to track down is the banana. For this, you’ll need to head to the Dragonscale Basecamp in the South of the zone and find the Flight Master. Nearby, there’ll be an NPC called Doc Nanners who is throwing bananas.

hornswog nana

Go behind where Doc Nanners is and check out the open barrels and boxes. You’ll find a banana in here with the name Marmoni’s Prize.

The next place to go is the Wild Preserve, which is another area in the South of The Waking Shores. Here, you’ll be able to get your hands on a bar of soap.

If you’re a fan of collecting Battle Pets and leveling them up, you may know this area well already as there’s a trainer nearby. Find the Battle Pet trainer named Haniko, and follow the path down the hill nearby.

hornswog bar of soap

Here, you’ll find a large barrel on wheels and a few stacks of boxes. Look in the open barrel nearby, as shown above, and you’ll find the bar of soap needed for the riddle.

The final location that you’ll need to check out is the Life Vault Ruins, to the Northeast of the zone. The item in this location is the trickiest to get, as it requires you to have a good handle on your Dragonriding mount.

Fly to the back of the dig site and head to the tallest tower. I found it easiest to approach from above and then head downwards, as the item that you need to grab is on the highest floor of the tower and it can be fiddly to get to.

hornswog well preserved bone

The item at the top is a well-preserved bone. Pick it up, then head back to the Hornswog’s cave where the riddle book is.

Once you’re at the cave, you’ll be able to combine the three items you’ve picked up and turn them into a treat for the Hornswog. You’ll need to throw it at the Hornswog.

The Hornswog will then jump out of the way and let you into the cave.

Inside, you’ll be able to loot the Roseate Hopper, which is a Battle Pet that’s decently viable for PVP Pet Battles. It’s one of the most interesting Aquatic Battle Pets to pick up from the Dragon Isles, alongside others like Pilot.

If you want to balance out your Battle Pet team further and get a good Flying pet, why not add the Blackfeather Nester to your team? I’m a big Pet Battle fan and it’s one of the best ones that I’ve found on the Dragon Isles so far.