If you’re a fan of PVE content in World of Warcraft, chances are that you’ve been rejected from a fair few groups in your time.

It can be frustrating to keep getting rejected from groups, especially if you’re playing on a character that appears to meet all of the different requirements that the group has advertised the run with.

There isn’t a guaranteed way to ensure you’ll never see a rejection when applying for Mythic+ Dungeons, of course, but there are a few things you can do and watch out for to help increase your chances of being accepted and having a smooth run.

Here’s how to stop getting rejected for Mythic+ Dungeons in Dragonflight, looking specifically at lower geared characters and newer Mythic+ players.

How to Stop Getting Mythic+ Rejections

One of the first key reasons why you might be getting rejected from Mythic+ Dungeons is the class or spec that you’re playing.

It may sound obvious, but there’s a strong meta in the Mythic+ scene that changes very frequently. If you’re applying to higher keys (which will generally have more experienced players in them) it’s likely that people will be searching for specific specs to join their group.

It’s worth getting to grips with all the specs that your favorite class has to offer. Being able to change spec on the fly and offer different abilities and skills in a Mythic+ Dungeon is very helpful, and being aware of the meta can help increase your chances of getting added.

Try running a few Heroic Dungeons with a different spec to see how it feels, then head back into the group finder and see if anyone is looking for your spec at the moment.

If you’re a diehard Arcane Mage and want to get into Mythic+ groups, for example, take a look at which Mage spec is currently performing well in Mythic+ Dungeons. If it’s not Arcane right now, try out Frost or Fire and consider applying to groups as that.

Another reason why you may be getting turned down is that you’re a DPS player.

There are lots of DPS players looking to get into Mythic+ Dungeons, and not as many Healers and Tanks. If you’re able, try queueing for lower keys as a Healer or a Tank and you’re almost certain to get in if you have decent enough gear.

In general, queue times are infinitely quicker for Tanks and Healers. Many players avoid these roles initially due to the extra pressure they can bring, but with a little practice and some time spent reading up on rotations, they can be incredibly fun.

This next tip only really applies to M0 and lower keys, but sometimes, the reason you’ve been turned down from a Mythic+ group is because you haven’t asked to join.

Sending the party leader a quick message asking to join (and listing that you have the right item level and useful items like food or flasks) can sometimes secure the deal.

This doesn’t really work for higher keys, but if you’re just starting and really struggling to group, it can be worth it.

The last reason why you might not be getting added to groups is simply because your gear isn’t good enough for the key.

While missing a few levels or being just on the mark might not seem like a massive deal, it can make all the difference when trying to queue for Mythic+ groups.

Use other tools like world quests and Heroic Dungeons to get yourself slightly above the required item level for the group you want to join. It can make all the difference.

Getting rejected from Mythic+ Dungeon groups can feel really frustrating, but unfortunately, it’s just part of the experience. You’re sure to experience this more on higher population servers, too. Stick with it and you’ll be running keys in no time at all.

What to Do If You’re Still Being Rejected

If you still keep getting rejected after researching the meta, trying out new specs and classes, speaking to party leaders, and improving your gear, the simplest way to ensure a Mythic+ group doesn’t reject you is to make your own.

Make your own M0 group to start off, and you’ll be able to work your way through keys steadily without worrying about getting rejected.

This can seem intimidating if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the social aspect of the game, but it’s worth the effort. If you have friends in the game and/or guild mates, make sure to ask them if they’ll join as this can make the process even easier.

Creating your own Mythic+ Dungeon groups also means that you can invite people who are also struggling to find groups and help others gear up nicely, too.