Zaralek Cavern is packed to the brim with secrets.

Whether you’re an achievement hunter, completionist, or simply a raider looking for an upgraded trinket or two, finding these treasures is always worth the time and effort. The crystal-encased chest is a particularly useful treasure to hunt down.

Knowing how to open the crystal-encased chest in Dragonflight can be rewarding, although a little confusing if you don’t know where to go.

Here’s a quick guide on how to solve the riddle and get your hands on the prize.

How to Get the Crystal-Encased Chest

To start, you’ll need to go to Zaralek Cavern.

You can take a flight path from the Dragon Isles or use one of the overworld entrances, depending on your preference.

The crystal-encased chest can be found in the Viridian Throne area, on top of a waterfall. Before you unlock the chest, you won’t be able to interact with it at all.

In order to open the crystal-encased chest, you will need to find two attunement crystals in the nearby area.

There are multiple crystals that you can use for this, but I picked the purple and the yellow crystals as they were the closest to me.

Below is the location of the purple crystal.

You’ll need your Dragonriding mount to get to the purple crystal location, as it’s hidden on top of quite a tall pillar.

Once there, click on the crystal. It will fly away to the crystal-encased chest.

Then, head to the location of the yellow crystal as shown below.

As with the purple crystal, you will need your Dragonriding mount to get to the yellow crystal.

Interact with the crystal and it will float away to the chest, too.

Once both the crystals have flown away to the crystal-encased chest, fly back to the waterfall.

A small animation will play, showing the crystals hovering near the chest and sending out beams of energy, breaking the crystal encasing.

After this animation has played, you’ll be able to open the crystal-encased chest simply by clicking on the chest and looting it like any other item.

When I opened it, I got some Whelpling’s Shadowflame Crest Fragments, Dragon Isles Supplies, a handful of Flightstones, and an item level 385 trinket.

Other Treasures to Track Down

There are plenty of other treasures to track down and open in Zaralek Cavern, some of which are part of the Treasures of Zaralek Cavern achievement. They’re worth looking for, as they can reward you with useful currencies, pieces of gear, and collectible items.

Some of the best treasures to look for include:

It’s not just Zaralek Cavern that’s ideal for treasure hunters and completionists.

Exploring the other Dragon Isles zones can be very lucrative, too. Take a look at the Treasure Hunter of the Dragon Isles achievement for some more ideas about where to go and the particular items to keep an eye out for.