Mythic+ dungeons can be difficult once you go past +10, but the rewards are so good that it’s important to learn how to finish them in order to gear up.

Since there are a lot of factors involved, we will discuss the best tips for M+ Dungeons in Dragonflight you should follow to help make your runs go a lot smoother.

Theoretically, you should be able to finish any content with any class in the game but some simply outperform others in M+ dungeons. But, we deal with what we have to deal with, and these tips are going to help you, no matter your class or specialization.

Always Bring Bloodlust or Heroism

Best Tips Bloodlust

Bloodlust is a skill that buffs everyone in the party or raid with 30% faster melee, range, and spell attacks for 40 seconds. Once used, everyone will get a debuff that prevents the player from getting the same buff again for 10 minutes.

Bloodlust and Heroism are the strongest skills in the game by a mile. Shamans, Hunter Pets, Mages, and Evokers have the ability to buff everyone with Bloodlust or Heroism.

There are items that can buff everyone in a similar fashion, but they’re not as strong.

The buff brings so much damage to your group that running a team without the buff basically loses 3 to 5 minutes on your timer, depending on how many times you can use it.

The Nokhud Offensive dungeon gives you 40 minutes to finish the keystone on time. With Bloodlust’s or Heroism’s debuff set at 10 minutes, you can use it a minimum of 3 times a run.

Although, if you finish the run in less than 20 minutes, you might only use it twice. It really depends on how far your group is into the dungeon and how your pacing goes.

When to Use Bloodlust or Heroism

Since Bloodlust plays a big factor in every single run, you want to maximize it. Plan out your routes and find out where and when you can use Bloodlust.

For example, Fortified buffs regular enemies instead of the boss. That means the biggest struggle you will encounter will be facing strong packs of enemies.

At the start of a dungeon, you can do a really big pull (3 to 4 packs) on Fortified and use Bloodlust right at the start.

By doing this, you will be triggering the 10-minute debuff right at the start, and you will be clearing out a ton of enemies insanely fast.

For high M+ keys, players tend to use Bloodlust or Heroism on multiple-pack pulls. However, some affixes can make pulling multiple mobs hard.

It really depends on how you want to approach the situation with your group composition.

Learn About Affixes and Adjust

Best Tips 2

Player can soothe during the Raging affix. You can knock back Sanguine. It’s possible to dispel the Bursting affix.

Dealing with these affixes can be a pain because it forces you to show more bias toward other classes and specs.

For example, you want Hunters, Druids, or Rogues to help with Raging as they can remove Raging on strong enemies.

Monks, Evokers, Elemental Shamans, or Druids can knock back Sanguine.

Bursting can be mass dispelled by Priests.

These mechanics give other classes and specs prioritization when players are looking for groups. It does sound unfair, but everyone usually just adjusts. Every class or specialization brings something to the table, but forming the right team ensures a high completion rate for high M+ finishes.

Use Cooldowns Efficiently

Using the same logic as the Bloodlust tip, DPS cooldowns are usually around 3 minutes. If you are only using this cooldown on bosses, you are doing it wrong.

Imagine a 30-minute dungeon with a total of four bosses. If you use your 3-minute cooldown on just the bosses, it is only a total of four uses. If you use it every time it is on cooldown, you get to use it 9 or 10 times.

However, it isn’t really efficient to pop cooldowns on weak mobs.

You want maximum efficiency, so you will have to account for both scenarios where you will be using your cooldowns on many targets or bosses and as many times as possible.

This is why M+ groups with voice communication will have a far better run than random dungeon groups. If you have friends or guildmates you consistently play with, it will be much easier to communicate as well.

The strategy is to communicate DPS cooldowns and relay that information to the Tank.

Once the Tank knows there are DPS cooldowns on the table, the Tank can pull more mobs than usual to make it more efficient.

When you want to play a DPS, you should know this very well. It will improve your runs greatly.

Here are some situations you need to account for when triggering your cooldowns.

How close is the next boss, and should you hold your cooldown until then? I would suggest using your cooldown even if the next boss is a bit near.

If you can use your cooldown on mobs and on a boss at 30% HP, it is still more efficient than just using it once. Always remember that holding your cooldown is already inefficient.

Try your best to time your cooldowns when Bloodlust is available. Bloodlust with DPS cooldowns is just too strong to pass up.

Also, coordinate your DPS cooldowns with other DPS players in the group.

Item Preparations

Best Tips 3

While these items aren’t mandatory, they are still very useful to have in your runs. There are difficult runs that might require you to use some utility potions so it’s good to understand what they are and what you might need.

Invisibility potions are useful for skipping mobs in M+ dungeons. People plan their route for every % of enemies to fight to get 100%.

Health potions and mana potions are cheap enough to have on every single M+ dungeon run. DPS potions combined with a DPS cooldown and Bloodlust give you even more firepower.

Getting a flask or food buffs is also great. Even if it increases your DPS by a mere fraction, it will still have a big effect on your timer because it will all add up with all the fights you are doing.

Runes can also help, but sometimes they can be a little expensive. These are mostly gotten from bonus satchels you get from queuing random heroics when roles like Tanks or Healers are scarce.

Mythic Dungeon Tools Addon

Mythic Dungeon Tools

As you may know by now, the objective of each dungeon is to get all the bosses and reach 100% on enemy forces beaten before the timer ends.

It is hard to calculate each enemy to get an exact 100% enemy force on your runs. Every mob fought past 100% is a waste of time.

Installing the Mythic Dungeon Tools Addon will not only help you plan your routes on a separate interface, but you can also actually see the enemy’s % contribution to the progress when beaten.

You can click the Mythic Dungeon Tools icon around your minimap and open the interface.

A window will open up where you can select any of the M+ dungeons and look at the map layout, enemies, and bosses.

Each group or team composition can change its strategy because there isn’t really a ‘best’ way to clear a dungeon. Just follow the tips above when you are planning your route, and you are good to go.

You just have to factor in hard mobs with specific affixes that can make it really dangerous for your party.

Healers Can Do Damage Too

While this might seem a bit pushy, you want to see Healers pulling their weight in damage too. Not every second calls for healing, and with the Healer doing damage as well, you can save your party a few minutes on the timer.

When you see a Healer on standby because there is nothing to heal, if they aren’t doing damage, they are pulling your group down.

Since Healers can do damage, DPS and tanks can also help with other things. Dispels can be done by other classes like Devastation Evokers and Priests.

Tanks and DPS have to coordinate interrupts to help the Healer by reducing overall damage output from the enemies.

Battle Resurrections

Battle resurrections, battle res, battle rez, bres, combat res, or whatever players call them (players may call them different things) is extremely important.

Battle res is probably the 2nd most important utility to bring into an M+ dungeon, just behind Bloodlust.

The utility skill just means you can do an emergency resurrect on a dead ally to bring them back to fight while in combat.

Players do make mistakes sometimes, and with a higher M+ run, a single mistake can mean a few minutes down the drain for your timer.

Battle res can get you out of dangerous situations. Even if a fight is already lost, a battle res can save a few minutes by resurrecting someone before the group dies.

The resurrected ally can wait for the enemies to reset before accepting the resurrect. They can start resurrecting other allies, and this saves a lot of time from the group running back again.

What to Do Next

If you’re still struggling with your Mythic+ runs, why not change up your approach and check out the easier M+ dungeons in the rotation? There’s no shame in starting off slow, and this can be a good way to get a better feel for the affixes and layouts of the dungeons.

Consider checking out the best addons for Mythic+ dungeons and general PVE gameplay, too. The addon community for World of Warcraft is fantastic and you’re sure to find some that help you thrive during your next run.

If you’re encountering any specific issues with your M+ dungeons, take a look at your rotation and see whether there’s anything you could change up. Could it be worth switching spec and trying to beat the dungeon from a new angle? It can often make all the difference.