Assassin’s Creed Mirage is indeed reminiscent of the original games in the franchise; however, it also features new systems that set it apart.

This game introduces a Notoriety system, items you can sell, weapons to be upgraded, a pet that assists you in your missions, and much more.

If you’re a bit confused about how this game works, here are beginner tips to make your journey more manageable as you progress through the Assassin’s Creed Mirage campaign.

Farm Skill Points and Upgrade Tools

  • Focus on Missions
    • Skill points primarily come from mission and contract completions, so prioritize these.
  • Contracts are key
    • Completing contracts alongside story missions is the fastest way to unlock skills and upgrade tools.

Unbar Doors and Windows

  • Make a clear path
    • You will often enter areas with locked doors and windows. Most of them are actually barred from the other side.
    • When you enter a house or building of any kind, make sure to check for barred doors and windows and open them. This will make it easier to run around and escape when being chased.

Make Sure to Sell Unneeded Items

  • Travel light
    • Items you don’t need for crafting are marked as trinkets
    • Sell unwanted items and trinkets to accumulate wealth.

Use Assassin’s Focus to Teleport

  • Take down enemies above you
    • This is not a realistic ability, but it is undoubtedly a useful one. Assassin’s Focus works very much like a multiple takedown from Shadow of War.
    • When you use Assassin’s Focus, you teleport to an enemy, instantly taking them down, and can still target the next nearby enemy.

Stealth is Always the Best Option

  • Think of the original Assassin’s Creed games:
    • Not being seen is always the optimal way of handling things.
    • Avoid direct conflict and use tools like smoke bombs when necessary.
    • Look for tall grass, bushes, prayer cabinets, or crates to maintain stealth.
  • Fighting is usually a bad idea
    • Guards are dangerous and tough and will continue to show up looking for you.
    • Deal with enemies silently through assassinations to avoid direct combat.
    • If facing multiple guards, prioritize running and hiding over fighting.

Farm Favor Tokens

  • You need favor tokens to make NPCs help you
    • You can find favor tokens in pouches you take from people when pickpocketing.
    • The Pickpocket Master skill makes it easier to take other people’s pouches.

Keep Your Notoriety Low

  • Reduce notoriety whenever possible
    • Pay vendors or tear down wanted posters to lower your notoriety.
    • Locate Wanted Posters around Baghdad to decrease notoriety.

Check for Collectible Items and Chests

  • There’s always something to be found
    • Collectibles will usually be found within buildings. Just make sure to look around for interaction prompts and Hit E, Triangle, or Y to get them.
    • Chests might have rare materials or more important items.

Be Aware of Your Last Known Location

  • What is it?
    • You can tell your last known location by a golden outline showing where the guards last saw you.
  • Why does it matter?
    • Guards will search around this area, so it’s crucial to let the Last Known Location appear and then disappear to avoid detection.

Pickpocket Sleeping Targets

  • How to pickpocket easily? 
    • Use sleep darts to briefly make the target fall asleep, allowing you to steal from targets without going through the pickpocket mini-game.
  •  Upgrade your Blow Dart Tool 
    • Upgrade your Blow Dart Tool to Tier 1 to unlock sleep darts.

Use Your Eagle, Enkidu, Frequently

  • An eye in the sky
    • Enkidu acts as your eyes in the sky, marking enemies and objectives.
    • Only try to complete a goal after using your eagle vision first.
    • Clear out enemy shooters to protect Enkidu and maximize its usefulness.

White Cloth Pieces Indicate Parkour Spots

  • Navigation aid
    • White cloth pieces serve as indicators for optimal parkour paths in Baghdad.
  • Where to find them?
    • Keep an eye out for white sheets hanging off ladders, buildings, ramps, or crates.

You Can Cheat Using Photo Mode

  • Increase Your Line of Sight
    • Activate photo mode to scout solutions for Enigma puzzles and gain a wider perspective.

The Blowdart is Your Most Useful Weapon

  • Choose your tool
    • Opt for the blowdart as it’s effective both at a distance and in combat.
    • Use the blowdart to immobilize and eliminate armored enemies.

Pay Attention to the Environment

  • Use the city in your favor
    • There are more places to hide than you might be aware of.
    • Certain intractable places can help you reach high areas or suddenly jump to safety.
    •  Certain places are optimized for parkour, as mentioned above when talking about white pieces of cloth.

Final Thoughts

Assassin’s Creed Mirage presents a compelling blend of nostalgia for the franchise’s origins and fresh innovations that distinguish it from its predecessors.

With the introduction of the Notoriety system, the ability to sell items, weapon upgrades, and the invaluable assistance of a loyal pet, there is a lot to be mastered and used by Basim in Baghdad.

To navigate this journey effectively, keep our tips in mind and make sure to master all stealth mechanics.

Avoiding direct confrontations is always a wise choice. In Mirage, stealth is the ultimate approach, which is clear attempt by Ubisoft to return to the franchise’s roots.

Paying attention to your environment and the several mechanics and currencies of the game opens up a number of possibilities to help Basim complete his goals.

Embrace these tips, and you’ll be well-prepared to take on Mirage’s Baghdad, follow the creed, and become a legendary member of the Brotherhood.