Fighting is never the best approach in AC Mirage, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

However, things get way trickier when you face an armored enemy. Basic soldiers are already a pain. They are brutal, relentless, and deal lots of damage with each hit.

So, when facing an armored enemy, you also have to deal with the fact they are more aggressive, have more health, and only take damage when you hit them from behind.

Unless, of course, you learn how to defeat armored enemies in Assassin’s Creed Mirage from our guide.

Identify the Type of Armored Enemy

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, there are two types of armored enemies: those with partial front armor and those with complete armor.

While both of them only take damage from weapon attacks that hit their backs, the first kind is somewhat easier to handle, while the latter is much trickier.

More often than not, you will be dealing with partially armored enemies that carry a huge mace. They are challenging and annoying but become trivial once you learn how to deal with them.

Later, however, you will face the more troubling kind of armored enemy. The ones who carry greatswords.

They are a variation of the previous type of enemy, but their armor also protects their heads and legs, forcing you to be more strategic in your approach.

Defeat Armored Enemies with Knives

As long as you’re not dealing with a fully armored foe, use your throwing knives to hit the enemy on their knee. Once they drop to the ground, you can end the threat with a finishing move.

It might seem deceptively easy, but there’s nothing deceptive about it. Just take Skyrim’s meme and make it true.

More often than not, all you will ever need is to hit them once. A clean hit to the knee will knock them prone.

Once the enemy is in that state, you can approach them and see the button prompt to close their eyes for good.

Use Sleeping Darts

Whether they are fully armored or not, hitting an armored guard on the back with a single sleeping dart will put them to sleep.

Just be careful and pay attention to their attack animations. It won’t be hard to identify when to dodge and move in.

However, instead of making a weapon attack, put them to sleep and move in to end the fight. The game will see a button prompt to slay them with a single button press.

Make sure to get some skill points to unlock the Counter Roll skill under the Phantom skill tree.

With it, you can roll over armored guards and land behind them, making it much easier to hit them in the back.

How to Defeat Heavily Armored Enemies

These enemies won’t fall for the knife-to-the-knee trick. You will need to hit them from behind.

Luckily, the blowing dart technique works on these enemies, too. However, what should you do about these foes when you have none with you?

The heavily armored foes wield massive greatswords, and their attacks are very telegraphed.

Defeating them is a tedious process of waiting for them to swing, dodging, hitting them on the back a few times, and moving away before they turn around.

It’s a tedious, repetitive process, but that’s how you deal with them.

That said, some tools and skills can make this process slightly faster, like the blowdart mentioned above. Hopefully, they make the fight more fun as well.

Upgraded weapons will likely increase your damage, making the whole fight last a little less.

Additional Tips for Dealing with Guards

While all of the tips above may sound great, you won’t always be dealing with a single enemy. In fact, guards usually attack in groups.

When being chased in Baghdad, chances are you will have a bunch of different enemies trying to catch you at once.

Sometimes, you will have to find a way to deal with lesser enemies while dodging an armored foe.

Learning how to handle multiple enemies at once is vital in AC Mirage. Once the lesser foes are out of the way, you can properly focus on the most threatening guards that want your head.

Upgrade the Trap Tool

The Trap is a ridiculously useful tool. It’s a non-lethal proximity explosive that is capable of knocking enemies prone for a decent while. With the right upgrades, it can be made lethal.

That said, more often than not, you won’t even need anything else. The fact that the enemies will be knocked down is more than enough for you to finish them off.

Also, note that there’s an upgrade that makes it detonate with a whistle. This makes the Trap Tool much easier to work with since you won’t have to rely on the Trap’s pre-set timing.

Unfortunately, the upgrade might be a bit expensive, so you might have to spend some time exploring Baghdad to gather crafting materials.

Use Smoke Bombs

The Smoke Bomb tool releases, as the name suggests, a lot of smoke upon exploding.

When near the explosion, enemies will be briefly confused and hesitant. If they are not able to see you, the prompt to Assassinate guards will show up when you approach them.

While within the smoke, go ahead and take down as many guards as you can. This approach can drastically change the odds in your favor.

The Flammable Smoke upgrade is another important thing to consider regarding your Smoke Bomb tool. 

With it, the smoke will catch fire if in contact with flames.

While not every place will have a fire source, you do have an infinite Torch Tool. 

Throw the torch near your enemies, then toss your flammable smoke bomb at it.

Be Aware of Red Powder Bags

Occasionally, you will find bags filled with some sort of red dust.

Striking them with your sword or throwing knives will make them release a red mist that works just like a basic Smoke Bomb Tool.

In other words, the enemies will be confused, and you won’t be visible for a while, which means you will get prompted to assassinate them without spending any of your tools.

Final Thoughts

Facing armored adversaries is AC mirage is an inevitability. These formidable foes demand a strategic approach that goes beyond brute force. 

Yet, you can overcome them by recognizing the sort of armored adversary you’re facing and utilizing the appropriate strategies.

From the precision of throwing knives to the subtlety of sleeping darts, you have a variety of tools at your disposal to incapacitate your foes.

Unlocking the Counter Roll skill adds a layer of agility to your combat repertoire, granting you the upper hand in close encounters.

When confronting heavily armored adversaries, patience and precision are your allies. 

The choreographed dance of evasion, well-timed strikes, and strategic retreats may be arduous, but it’s the key to victory. 

As you adapt to the challenges of facing multiple foes at once, tools like the Trap Tool, Smoke Bombs, and the enigmatic Red Smoke can shift the odds in your favor.

With these tactics in mind, you’re better equipped to navigate the treacherous landscapes of Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Mastery of these techniques will ensure your survival and elevate you to the status of a true Hidden One of The Brotherhood.

However, it is always good to master the basics and learn how to use the game’s systems before facing the most dangerous guards of Baghdad.