Assassin’s Creed Mirage brings us back to the franchise’s origins, making the game more about stealth and infiltration.

With this decision to bring the franchise back to where it started, many new players might have been caught off-guard.

Whether you’re a novice assassin needing guidance or a seasoned mentor of the Brotherhood, we’ve compiled several valuable insights to help you improve.

Here’s our guide to turn you into a master at stealth in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Know Your Arsenal

Basim wields an arsenal of six unique tools at your disposal, each with its distinct purpose:

  • Throwing Knife: A lightweight blade ideal for dispatching guards at short to mid-range distances.
  •   Noise Maker: A small explosive capable of diverting and distracting your foes, aiding your covert infiltration.
  •   Trap: A non-lethal proximity explosive designed to incapacitate enemies and sow discord.
  •   Smoke Bomb: An iconic Assassin tool, releasing a dense smoke cloud to obscure vision, perfect for eliminating multiple adversaries or slipping away during a chase.
  •   Blow Dart: A silent projectile useful for rendering targets unconscious and sparing the innocent from your blade’s touch.
  •   Torch: For those moments when a glimmer of light is needed in the darkest places.

Cleverly combining these tools will lead to unexpected and exceptional outcomes. 

Initially, you’ll acquire throwing knives during your Hidden One training in Allamut Fortress, with the rest becoming available later in Baghdad. 

Throughout your journey, you’ll have the chance to enhance each Assassin tool, tailoring them to your unique playstyle. 

The Best Stealth Skills

As you ascend the ranks of the Hidden Ones, completing main missions and contracts, you’ll unlock new abilities.

Those seeking to excel in stealth gameplay should prioritize unlocking the following skills:

  • Extra Tool Capacity: To access all your tools early on.
  •  Chain Assassination: Swiftly eliminate two adversaries in quick succession.
  •  Path Finder: Enhance your eagle’s ability to reveal opportunities, such as faction ingredients, chests, or hidden entrances.

You can utilize the Reset All Skills option if you ever wish to explore a different path. 

Do note, however, that Extra Tool Capacity skills will remain unaffected.

Use NPCs to Hide in Plain Sight

Throughout your journey, you’ll find that blending into crowds can shield you from the prying eyes of your foes.

By joining a group of at least three civilians, you can seamlessly merge with them, eluding guards’ gaze or facilitating a swift escape.

Alternatively, you can employ tokens to bribe specific civilians and distract guards or seamlessly infiltrate places of interest within a moving group.

Additionally, you can harness your environment to strike from concealment, using hiding spots like gazebos, cabinets, haystacks, and stalking zones to outmaneuver your enemies.

Remember that whistling can lure adversaries closer, setting the stage for a silent takedown from your hidden vantage point.

Use the Environment to Hide

So you’ve learned how to hide among NPCs and the best tools to take down guards, but you should also make sure that you know how to hide when being chased.

Like the original Assassin’s Creed game, Mirage provides a bunch of different options to help you hide.

  • You can sneak into an empty house and pray that no one will look for you there.
  •  You can crouch in the bushes and wait for the worst to pass.
  •  The classic hay stacks are also in Mirage; you can hide in them.
  •  Sometimes, reaching a roof and staying there for a while can also work.
  •  Sitting on a bench to blend in works sometimes.

As you can see, there’s more to hiding in Mirage than just running away and ducking in a dark corner.

Make sure to use all the environmental advantages you find to your advantage, and also make sure that you do your infiltration tasks at night whenever possible.

Keep Your Notoriety Level Down

Your level of Notoriety represents how wanted you are by guards. The higher it gets, the more troubling it is to remain hidden.

Higher notoriety levels will make civilians call for guards, archers appear on the rooftops, and foot soldiers patrol looking for you.

Eventually, you will be actively hunted by powerful enemies that are considerably hard to defeat.

Not only does acquiring levels of Notoriety make it harder for you to walk around, but it also makes it more complicated for you to escape guards chasing you.

Make sure to do all you can to reduce your Notoriety Levels, and it should make your life much easier.

Final Thoughts

Your path to mastering stealth in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a journey of adaptability and choice. 

Basim’s six tools are your assets; combine them creatively and tailor them to your style.

Prioritize skills like Extra Tool Capacity, Chain Assassination, and Path Finder to unlock your full potential.

Blend, distract, and exploit your surroundings to outmaneuver your foes.

Make sure to do your best to keep your Notoriety low and work on mastering the basics of AC Mirage.

Your journey as an Assassin is personal, and your choices will define your unique experience.