How to Call Your Ship in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Last Updated
Feb 22, 2023

It is not possible to learn how to call your ship in AC Valhalla because even with some members of your clan still staying on the ship, they will not respond to you because you are the one commanding the ship.

Instead, this guide will focus more on how you can get to your ship faster by unlocking fast travels through a ship in AC Valhalla.

Unlocking Shipyards

Fast Travel Shipyards

Shipyards are vaguely similar to fast travel waypoints that you synchronize with in AC Valhalla. The only difference is that you do not have to climb anything to unlock it.

To unlock shipyard fast travels, you just need to pass by them when you travel along the river. It will automatically unlock a fast travel shipyard where you can teleport to along with your ship, Jomsviking, and a crew.

If you are mainly going for the main storyline quest, you might miss a ton of these fast travel shipyard locations. You need to traverse through all the riverways accessible on the world map.

Map Rivers

This should be fairly easy and might only take less than an hour to unlock everything. This is important because most of the quests you will be getting are far from each other and you will see that fast travels unlock through synchronization are just not enough to get around the whole world in AC Valhalla.

Customizing Your Ship

To customize and upgrade your ship, you will have to upgrade your Dockyard in your settlement. It will cost around 600 supplies and 45 raw materials to upgrade your longship to be more agile and more aesthetic.

You can also buy ship decorations from merchants in each of the cities accessible in AC Valhalla, including the merchant in your settlement. Make sure to check every city and check their wares if anything suits your fancy.

Tips and Tricks You Should Know

You can use Odin’s Sight while on the ship to check for treasure while sailing through the river. There are times where you can find a treasure hidden underwater such as materials, weapons and supplies for your settlement. This is often overlooked because of how your crew’s singing can distract you while you immerse yourself as a real viking.

Another thing you should know is that you can fast travel to your ship anytime you want. If you leave your ship in the middle of nowhere, you can still fast travel to it by just searching for it on the world map and use fast travel.

If you decide to go somewhere else instead of fast traveling to your ship, you can just choose another shipyard fast travel location so you can teleport your whole ship along with you to that area.


At the start of the game, you can find your ship very slow so sometimes players overlook the use of the horse when exploring. The ship is only there to add more fast travel locations and have an easier time raiding. There are some riverways that are easily crossable just by swimming towards the other side and just calling out your horse again.

Do not forget to travel by foot or horse more so you can get more experience points in finding treasures, abilities, artifacts, mysteries, and enemies along the way. You can check out our guide on how to level faster in AC Valhalla here.