The PP-29 is possibly the best starting weapon in Battlefield 2042, and it is for sure among the best weapons available in the game.

It is a surprisingly stable SMG that works pretty well at longer ranges and has a quick time to kill.

This is the perfect weapon to grind those early levels until you have unlocked all the weapons and decide which one will be your go-to gun.

This weapon is a good choice in control points where the target won’t be too far from you and in tight corridors where you need to burst down all that is in your way.

With the right attachments, you can make it a bit more effective at a distance, and you can make it a bit more stable when you need to hold down the trigger.

Although battlefield allows you to equip multiple attachments and change them on the fly during a match, you still have to choose those attachments from ten to fifteen different options.

So if you are looking for the best PP-29 attachments in Battlefield 2042, stick around. This guide will let you know which barrels, ammunition, and sights to bring with you in order to take down as many enemy soldiers as you can with minimum effort.

The Best PP-29 Attachments

As mentioned above, choosing the best attachments is a matter of having the tools to adapt your weapon to various situations. Attachments are meant to help you make the most out of your gun in any context.

There are ways to optimize a weapon to fire faster or just be more stable, and it will depend on the player knowing how to combine the attachments properly to get the best results.

However, players can only combine the attachments correctly if they bring the right ones to the match. So here are the attachments you should definitely bring with you:

  • Sights: IRON SIGHTS, K8 HOLO, and TV 2X
  • Ammunition: HIGH-POWER

Best PP-29 Sights

Two sights are more than enough for the PP-29. You need one for short-range combat and one for long-range.

However, we will also show you a third option for when the enemy is far away and you have no choice but to shoot from a distance.

Iron Sights

This is the factory sights piece that comes with the weapon when you first unlock it, and it works just fine. It is pretty precise, even from a distance, and you should have no problems using it to aim at your targets.

K8 Holo

The game describes this one as the “close-quarter sight” attachment. It grants enhanced target visibility, which helps you to distinguish enemies from the background.

This is the attachment you want to use when the enemies are relatively close and when it’s hard to see enemy soldiers for whatever reason.


Although the game defines this one as the “short-range optics,” it is the one you are going to go for when the target is far from you.

If you cannot aim at a target even with this attachment, you probably shouldn’t be trading shots with that enemy, then.

This attachment grants you a decent Zoom Level and enhanced target visibility, but it makes your Aim Down Sight speed slower.



There are a few different options for the barrel, and the reasons behind their choice are not that different from what makes you pick certain sights.

Factory Barrel

The Factory Barrel is the standard barrel for the PP-29, and it works pretty well for short and medium-range gunfights.

Again, the good thing about this SMG is that you can just go with all the starting attachments, which will still be effective.

Extended Barrel

This is your go-to barrel if you want more range. It also increases your projectile velocity, but it reduces your rate of fire a little.

This, combined with the TV 2X can make the PP-29 quite effective at long-range combat — at least for a weapon in the SMG category.

6KU Suppressor

This is the best barrel for players who like to sneak behind the adversary and flank them without revealing their position. The 6KU SUPPRESSOR doesn’t indicate your position on the enemy’s minimap when you fire and also suppresses the sound of your weapon, but it does reduce the PP-29’s effective range.



The PP-29 has only 3 different ammunition options, but there is only one ammo type that helps you kill your enemies faster, and that’s the one we are going for.

High Power

This Ammo Type will make you lose Recoil Control, Reload Speed, and Rate of Fire. However, you get a little more range, damage, and accuracy out of it.

As a backup, you can bring STANDARD ISSUE in addition to the HIGH-POWER ammo, but chances are you will be only using one of them.

Final Thoughts

The PP-29 will work just fine with its factory settings — Iron Sight, Standard Ammunition, and Factory Barrel. It is a consistent and reliable weapon with low recoil and a surprisingly long range for a submachine gun.

However, it can be optimized depending on the situation you are in. As long as you have unlocked the attachments mentioned above, you will always have a better way to deal with specific problems than just using the factory settings.

It takes a while to get used to the frenetic adaptation and switching of attachments this game incentivizes.

You might be picking this weapon because you’re looking for a way to level up fast in Battlefield 2042, but it has a lot to offer as long as you are willing to learn all about it.

Take your time with the PP-29 and play around with the attachments once you start unlocking them. Choose two different sights and change them from time to time. After a while, you will start noticing a difference and will get used to adapting your weapon.

Eventually, you will get used to this system. You will be changing barrels, ammunition, and sight depending on the situation and map that you are in, making you way more effective with the weapons in Battlefield 2042.