Marksman Rifles are semi-automatic, high-precision weapons that fill the gap between standard rifles and sniper rifles.

The idea is that by going with a Marksman Rifle, you will be trading the Full Auto or Burst Fire for more range and single-bullet damage.

That being said, although Marksman Rifles have a much greater range than your standard Assault Rifle, they are considerably less effective in trades where the enemy is closer to you with an Automatic Weapon.

Besides that, the range of Marksman Rifles is not as good as the one of a Sniper Rifle, and the damage is lower too. Meaning that, unlike a Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 2042, it’s very unlikely to kill someone with a single shot of a Marksman Rifle.

However, in Battlefield 2042, the weapons behave in different ways even when they belong to the same category. When it comes to Marksman Rifles, there is one weapon in the game that works amazingly for sniping people and trading shots.

So if you want to know the best Marksman Rifle in Battlefield 2042, keep reading our guide!

SVK — The Best Marksman Rifle

Attachments SVK

There is an impressively good Marksman Rifle in Battlefield 2042, the SVK.

The reason it is that good is because of its outstanding firepower for a weapon in this category. The SVK is pretty much guaranteed to kill if you hit a target twice.

The good news is that you can use attachments to control the recoil, making it reasonably easy to hit a target a second time before they can react to your first shot.

Because of its surprising range, the SVK often works better than the SWS-10. If you do not kill with the first shot, there is no long animation between shots fired.

Best SVK Attachments

The idea behind the SVK attachments is pretty much the same as with most rifles. You want to have options that let you be sneaky and also ways to hit your target consistently at any distance.

When it comes to long-distance shots, you should have a way to rely on your weapon’s accuracy and also a way to control how it sways when you are aiming.

Best SVK Sights

The key to using the SVK as a Sniper Rifle is the 8x magnification scope that allows you to aim at targets that are really far away. The other Sights are for closer distances.


As with most magnifying scopes, this one will significantly decrease your Aim Down Sight speed. It isn’t an issue, though, since you should be using it when you need to take some time to aim anyway.

Although the range of the SVK might be slightly inferior to the one of a sniper rifle, the fact you can quickly deliver two body shots and take down a target before they can react is what makes it so good. And with the BKS 8K, you will be able to aim at targets that are on the other side of the map.

Raven 4K

This is a mid-range Sights piece. Its 4x Magnification scope is more than enough to be effective in most distances except point-blank, being your go-to Sights Attachment in most situations.

K8 Holo

This is an attachment for close-quarters encounters. It enhances visibility and helps hit targets that are nearby. It works very well with the SVK because this Assault Rifle can fire single shots much quicker than a sniper rifle.

Best SVK Ammunition

Ammo SVK

There are only two types of ammo that you really need with the SVK. The weapon has 4 different Ammunition types for you to choose from, so you can pick any of the other two to fill the third slot.

High Power

With High Power Ammunition, players will have more range and more damage. The downside is a more noticeable Recoil and Reload Time. Your rate of fire becomes slightly worse too, but neither of those things is really a problem to a Marksman Rifle.

Armor Piercing

You will be switching Ammunition only when you see a vehicle, and you can aim for the driver or pilot. In that case, you can use the Armor Piercing Ammunition, fire a few shots to take that enemy down, and then switch back to the High Power one.

Best SVK Barrels

Barrel SVK

There is one Barrel that will work for you in most situations, and you should use it most of the time.

Still, the other mentioned options can help you under specific conditions, and knowing when to use them might give you a significant advantage over the adversary.

Extended Barrel

This Barrel increases Projectile Velocity, meaning your shots hit targets faster, and you have a bit more range too. The only downside is a slightly worse Rate of Fire, so you shouldn’t even feel the difference when using it as a Sniper Rifle.

6KU Suppressor

With this Barrel, you don’t show up on the enemy’s minimap when you fire. It also suppresses the sound of your shots, so you can remain hidden for long. It does reduce the damage and range of your SVK, though.

Champion Muzzle Brake

I do not recommend this as your standard Barrel. If you’re not hiding, go with the Extended Barrel. However, if you are too far away from the enemies and you are having a tough time hitting them in a sniper duel, you might want to try the Champion Muzzle Brake.

It increases your horizontal recoil, so you might not be able to double shoot someone before they can react, but during a duel where two snipers are strafing and trying to hit each other, it might be helpful.

Best SVK Underbarrels

The recommended Underbarrels are about enforcing the way you use a weapon or compensating for something that you were not able to do with the other attachments.

ADR Bipod

This is the attachment that works best when you are stationary. And it has sway stability and recoil control while deployed, meaning that it is the best attachment for when you are hidden or static and aiming down at your target.

With this attachment, you will be able to pull the trigger twice when aiming at someone without worrying much about adjusting the aim for the second shot.

Rattlesnake Light Grip

This one goes well with the Champion Muzzle Brake when you are trading shots with another player that has an SVK or perhaps a Sniper Rifle on their hands.

You gain more accuracy while moving, which can help you to compensate a bit for the horizontal recoil. Remember not to use it when you are static, though.


You won’t need to use the 40MM AP one unless you are pinned by a vehicle or have a clear opportunity to fire at one. This armor-piercing grenade launcher is excellent to deal with Vehicles, especially combined with the Armor Piercing Ammunition.

Besides that, you will default to the ADR Bipod attachment.

Best SVK Builds

Attachments SVK

For a single-shot weapon, the SVK is significantly versatile, and there are many different ways to combine its attachments to make the most out of a situation.

SVK Static Stealthy Build

You can go for the following attachments for quick kills when you are well hidden or very well positioned:

  • BKS 8X Sights: allowing you to aim at targets who will be too far to react effectively
  • High Power Ammunition: That’s all you will need in most situations
  • Champion Muzzle Brake: Aim at those who are too far to see you in their minimap
  • ADR Bipod Underbarrel: Stay prone, and the ADR Bipod will keep your weapon stable and reliable

SVK Mid-Range Build

The SVK is so versatile that you can build it to quickly deal with enemies from mid to long with a single set of attachments.

  • Raven 4K Sights: This is perfect for mid-range and can also be used at long range fairly well
  • High Power Ammunition: Again, this is your go-to Ammunition for most situations
  • Extended Barrel: With this Barrel, you will have the best possible range and damage for this range
  • Rattlesnake Grip Underbarrel: Enemies might retaliate at mid-range, so you need to move

SVK Flanking Build

This is the perfect build for those who are learning how to play as Mackay or how to play as Sundance. One of the things they need to get used to is using the element of surprise constantly.

Those specialists often flank their targets and take down as many enemies as possible without being noticed.

Doing that makes you vulnerable for being closer, so you will need to keep moving and try your best not to be noticed, not even in the enemy’s minimap.

  • K8 Holo Sights: There’s barely any magnification when you use this one, but it is beneficial at closer ranges
  • High Power Ammunition: This is your go-to ammo type unless you are aiming at a vehicle
  • 6KU Suppressor: You will be closer to enemies when flanking, so you don’t want to reveal your position
  • Rattlesnake Light Grip: You will be moving fast and hiding, so you should go with this one.

As you can see, all those builds are just some of the possible ways to use the recommended attachments. The SVK is surprisingly versatile for a Single-Shot Marksman Rifle, so you can count on it for several different situations as long as you can get used to not having the Full-Auto mode.

If you came to the conclusion that Marksman Rifles are not for you, maybe you should try out the best Assault Rifle in Battlefield 2042. For all the others, get your SVK and have fun!