The M5A3 is one of the best starting weapons in Battlefield 2042 and is quite effective even when you level up.

However, to keep it relevant, you might have to use it for a while and unlock its attachments.

The M5A3 is relatively accurate, its recoil is manageable, and it can be pretty versatile as long as you have the correct sights and barrels.

So, if you are interested in sticking with an Assault Rifle when you are new to the game or if you genuinely like the M5A3 but need some pointers to make the most out of it, stick around. All you need to know is right here.

This guide will give you all the information you need on the best M5A3 Attachments in Battlefield 2042.

The Best M5A3 Attachments

The idea is to have a powerful setup for when you are closer to the enemies and a reliable one for when the target is quite far away, and you need accuracy.

There is also an option for stealthy gameplay. Being stealthy is especially useful for those playing Mackay, often considered the best specialist in Battlefield 2042. You will be able to easily flank the enemy and take them down without revealing your position.

  • Sights: BSK 8X, 8R HOLO, and BRAVO 3X

Best M5A3 Sights

You will need the three slots to carry this rifle’s best sights. Each of them will be useful in a different situation.


Maybe you spotted a hidden sniper or a few enemy soldiers running far away in an open area, and you want to take advantage of their vulnerable moment.

The BKS 8X has a zoom level that magnifies your sight eight times through the scope’s lenses.

This is your go-to Sights piece when you need to hit a target that is significantly far from you.

8R Holo

The 8R Holo Sights increase target visibility by enhancing your vision. Its zoom level of 1.5 is more than enough for you to aim better for the target’s head when you are close to them.

Bravo 3X

This one is the perfect scope for mid-range targets.

The 3 times magnification combined with just a slightly slower Aim Down Sight speed makes it a better choice than the BKS 8X for when the enemy is not too far, and there is a risk of being shot while aiming.

Best M5A3 Ammunition

Ammunition M5A3

This one is quite hard. Most of the M5A3 Ammo types are good, and they are helpful in different situations. So you can actually bring three of the recommended ones and just discard the one that is less fitting to how you play.


This one is for stealthier players who like to sneak behind the enemies. Subsonic bullets have more Tracer Visibility and Muzzle Flash Visibility Reduction.

High Power

This is the Ammunition that will give you more Firepower, more Accuracy, and More Range. However, it takes away some of your Recoil Control, Rate of Fire, and Reload Speed.

Armor Piercing

Although most players might not want to use their rifles against vehicles, there is an option for those who do.

Destroying vehicles help you earn some extra experience that might help you level up fast in Battlefield 2042.

With ARMOR PIERCING Ammunition, you have a much better chance to hit the pilot or driver of a vehicle when firing your M5A3 at them.

Close Combat

This one will diminish the individual damage of each bullet, but it will increase your Rate of Fire and make your Assault Rifle much deadlier at close distances.

Standard Issue

You don’t really have to go with a different Ammo Type since your standard Ammunition gets the job done just fine and has no downside to it.

Best M5A3 Underbarrels

When it comes to Underbarrels, you want to have an option for when you are moving around, another for when you are static, and a third one with an extra tool.

Rattlesnake Light Grip

This attachment grants you extra accuracy when you are moving around. This is good for chaotic situations and works quite well with Mackey’s passive ability if he’s the one you’re playing.

Cobra Grip

More stability if you are static. This is for situations that the RATTLESNAKE LIGHT GRIP won’t cover well.

40MM Incendiary

Since you have a third slot, maybe you want an extra weapon as well. This attachment adds a grenade launcher to your rifle. On top of that, the grenade is incendiary, as the name indicates.

Best M5A3 Barrels

There are three great choices for Barrels. One for stealthy approaches, one for that extra range, and a third one for everything else.

Extended Barrel

More Accuracy and Range for a little less Rate of Fire. It might work well for precision shots to the head of enemies that are a bit distant for you to trust the rifle’s burst.

6KU Suppressor

This attachment will keep you hidden. You will not reveal your position on the minimap when you fire a gun that has a 6KU SUPPRESSOR on it, allowing you to remain hidden for long periods.

Standard Issue

If the enemy is not that far and you don’t need to be stealthy, just go with the STANDARD ISSUE Barrel. It does its job well and has no downside.

Final Thoughts

Without attachments, it might be a bit hard to handle the M5A3. Still, it will be effective enough for you to start getting some kills and unlocking its attachments.

Once you have all available attachments, mix and match our recommended ones to find out the best combinations for each different situation that you might face in this game.