The SWS-10 is one of the best starting weapons in Battlefield 2042, but it is also one of the best rifles in the game.

This is a rifle that manages to stay relevant even after all the other weapons and attachments are already unlocked.

The SWS-10 is so good that you can even use it decently without worrying about its attachments. The standard version of this Sniper Rifle will work well. However, it can be optimized.

Selecting the best attachments for the SWS-10 will let you use it in a variety of situations and make the most out of it in many different scenarios, even when you are too close to the target.

If you are interested, stick around to find out what are the best SWS-10 attachments in Battlefield 2042.

The Best SWS-10 Attachments

In Battlefield 2042, loadouts do not cause you to be stuck with a single attachment build. You can choose up to three different attachments for each category: sights, barrel, underbarrel, and ammunition.

The only exception is in case the weapon does not have one of those. For instance, the best PP-29 attachments in this game do not include an underbarrel option because that weapon doesn’t have that kind of attachment.

Considering all that, these are all the attachments you should bring with you when you select your SWS-10:

  • Sights: SDB 10X and IRON SIGHTS

Best SWS-10 Barrels

Although you can equip three different barrels, you should be okay with only two.

If you really want a third one, just choose any Barrel that you like to make up for some aspect of your playstyle that we didn’t cover with the two recommended attachments.


You want to snipe people to take them out with a single shot. If you are playing with a sniper rifle and your shot doesn’t kill, chances are the enemy will immediately change positions and hide, so you need to make that one shot count.

Considering that, we recommend the Extended Barrel to increase your chances of taking down the target with a single shot.

This attachment increases the weapon’s range and damage. Its only downside is a reduced rate of fire, which shouldn’t be much of a problem in Battlefield 2042.


If you don’t want enemies to know where you are shooting from, this is the perfect barrel for you.

The SKU PROCESSOR suppresses sound and does not reveal you to enemies on their minimap when you fire your rifle.

This is perfect for stationary, hidden snipers who manage to find a good place to hide where they can spot many different conflict areas.

Best SWS-10 Underbarrels

Each of the recommended underbarrels here will be useful in certain situations that are common to snipers in Battlefield 2042.


This underbarrel increases your accuracy when you are static. This attachment works exceptionally well for hidden snipers with an SKU PROCESSOR barrel.


This attachment is the opposite of the LWG GRIP, giving players accuracy when moving instead of when they are static. 

Players who can switch between these attachments quickly depending on the situation will benefit significantly from them.


This attachment reduces sway and recoil once you press the X key to deploy the bipod.

This is very useful for hitting targets that are way too far away. It’s also useful when you find a spot with many enemies together, and you want to fire as quickly as you can.

Best SWS-10 Ammunition

There are only two types of ammo that you should be interested in when using the SWS-10. One that grants you more damage and the other one that gives you more bullets.


With this ammunition, the SWS-10 will have 4 extra bullets per magazine. It reduces your reload time, but it shouldn’t be a problem. Sniper Rifles aren’t chosen for their reload time in Battlefield.


This ammunition increases your Accuracy, Firepower, and Range, but it will reduce your Recoil Control, Reload Speed, and Rate of Fire.

I find this ammo type especially useful when you are able to take your time and aim at targets. If you are hidden and need that extra damage and range, go for the HIGH POWER ammunition.

Best SWS-10 Sights

You basically need a long-range and a short-range sight for snipers. The reason is the Aim Down Sight speed. Scopes are slow and have too much zoom, so they are only suitable to target enemies at a significant distance.


The best attachment for long-range shooting with the SWS-10. It grants you a bit of extra range, and it also zooms in 10 times, helping you aim for the head of targets that are really far away.


No scope at all is the best way to aim at targets that are relatively close. It has a pretty fast Aim Down Sight speed but no zoom or aid at all when you’re aiming at a target.

Effective Attachment Combinations

Players can go with the Extended Barrel, HIGH-POWER Ammunition, and SDB 10X Sights for maximum range.

If you intend to be hidden and static, SKU PROCESSOR Barrel and LWG GRIP or ADR BIPOD Underbarrel.

To be stealthy but mobile, we recommend the SKU PROCESSOR, EXTENDED MAG Ammunition for the extra shots you will be firing while moving, and the RATTLESNAKE LIGHT GRIP Underbarrel for you to shoot while changing positions.

There are many good ways to combine the recommended attachments. With time, you will be able to do that on the fly, depending on the situation you are in, and you might even find some combinations that fit your playstyle much better than the ones pointed out here.