While there are also things like prestige and weapon mastery achievements that are hard to unlock, there are also 3 desirable camos every player would want to Call of Duty Cold War.

Gold camo is one of the three most coveted things to unlock and this guide will help you how to get gold camo in Black Ops Cold War.

Unlocking Gold Camo in Black Ops Cold War

To unlock the gold camo, you need to unlock all the camo for a single weapon. It will include a bevy of achievements that are all independent for each and every weapon in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Some are simple to earn just by playing a copious amount of time with the certain weapon you want to unlock the gold camo on.

The others might force you to play a little differently when trying to unlock all of them. Like for the AK47, things like getting 5 kills without dying 20 different times definitely makes you want to play safer. This will take hard work just to unlock a single gold camo for a single weapon. It is best to learn more about them before playing.

Another hurdle you need to overcome is the weapon levels. The progress only starts for a particular camo category when you reach a certain weapon level for that specific weapon. There are camo categories for every 10 levels in each of the weapons in Black Ops Cold War.

This goes all the way up to weapon level 50 and the challenges you need to accomplish gets harder each time. The best way to be efficient in accomplishing these is to do it unlock the weapon attachments and level the weapon up normally.

After reaching around weapon level 20 or 30, you can start focusing on completing the other challenges that you are missing. There is still a lot of time to finish it as it gets really grindy trying to reach weapon level 50.

This guide on leveling fast can help you throughout this journey.

Tips and Tricks for Unlocking Gold Camo

While it might take countless hours trying to unlock the gold camo for a single weapon, it is best to try and spread out unlocking things like perks, wildcards, killstreaks, and equipment first before going for the long grind.

You can level up faster by switching weapons and you can try to focus on two or three weapons while keeping everything mentioned above in mind.

Start focusing on the specific challenges when you are around weapon level 35-40. More often than not, you will find yourself finishing most of these without even looking at the challenges yet.

You can also increase your weapon level by playing and bringing your loadout to Black Ops Cold War Zombies. It is a nice change of pace if you ever get tired of grinding too much in multiplayer.

It is still faster to level your weapon in multiplayer especially in game modes such as Domination where your fragging is not limited to your team’s score like Team Deathmatch.


This is only the first part of unlocking the two more coveted camos in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. There is still the diamond and DM Ultra camo to unlock which all starts with unlocking the gold camos. Go ahead and start grinding to show off these stylish camos.