The DM Ultra Camo or the Dark Matter camo is the hardest and most prestigious camo to unlock. It will take months and maybe a year for casual gamers to even unlock this.

It is the most coveted camo in Black Ops Cold War and the camo finish is absolutely mesmerizing. This guide will show you how to get the DM Ultra camo in Cold War.

Unlocking Diamond Camos Per Weapon Class

Unlocking the gold camos for the diamond camos will be the first step for this long and arduous task. You will need to max all weapon levels for each weapon in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War including secondaries. This also includes the combat knife which is not even the hardest one to complete.

There are a total of 29 weapons in Black Ops Cold War including secondaries. You will have to master all of them and accomplish all the challenges for their respective camo unlocks to earn the gold one. Every weapon category that you are able to turn gold will unlock the diamond for that whole weapon category. The same goes for unlocking DM Ultra or the Dark Matter camo but this time, it is every single weapon.

The most casual method for this is by going through the guns one by one and keep swapping secondaries. Since your main goal will be to unlock the DM Ultra or Dark Matter camo, you can freely swap to any weapon as long as it is not yet completed.

You can start by leveling up the hardest secondaries first like the launchers. While most of the challenges are destroying equipment, vehicles, and scorestreaks, there are two challenges there that require you to eliminate players without dying and scoring multi-kills several times.

Another hard challenge is from using the pistols. There are two challenges to note from them. They are eliminating enemies that are stunned or flashed and eliminating enemies taking cover. The latter is quite inconsistent because you might eliminate enemies on certain covers but sometimes, it would not register and get credited towards the challenge progress.

The combat knife can also be troublesome if you are not used to a very fast-paced playstyle. There are challenges like eliminating enemies while sliding and executing finishing moves that can be hard at times.

The shotguns in Call of Duty Cold War are quite powerful and there are multiple loadouts that are made specifically to run a shotgun as the primary. The only difficult challenge from these are getting Longshot medals as you would need mandatory attachments that increases effective range and even then, you will still need to shot enemies multiple times.

The primary weapons should be easy enough to accomplish compared to these challenges from the secondaries. It will just take a little bit longer since there are 20 primary weapons in the game. Unlocking the DM Ultra camo or the Dark Matter camo will be made easier if you follow these tips below.

Tips and Tricks for Unlocking DM Ultra Camo

  • Keep playing normally and always keep in mind that you should use your secondary every now and then.
  • Always have a loadout with a launcher secondary to shoot down killstreaks. You can easily switch back to a different class if you have taken care of the active killstreaks. Not only will it help you win the match, but it is also needed for the challenges.
  • Almost all the weapons in the game have the challenge of killing enemies while blinded, stunned, and detected by your scorestreaks, equipment, or field upgrades. Use flash grenades, stun grenades, Field Mics, and Spy Planes for each of your loadouts.
  • Try playing safe for killstreaks since most of the challenges that most players get stuck on are getting “X” amount of kills without dying. This is extremely hard for weapons you are not comfortable with especially the weak ones.
  • Remember that you have to reach a certain weapon level to progress through the other challenges. Keep that in mind and check your progress every time you are in between matches. Secondary weapons are only leveled up to weapon level 30 while the primary weapons are up to weapon level 50.


While each weapon and challenge will be a different progress or learning curve for each player, you should alternate between weapons that you are good with and weapons that you find hard to use. You can even mix them up with the Lawbreaker wildcard and only use the one that is good for a certain situation or area on the map.

Keep in mind that playing better by winning and killing more enemies will help you progress faster in terms of leveling up the weapon and for some other challenges too. Apart from prestige, completing and unlocking the DM Ultra camo will give you a great sense of accomplishment and an exceptional camo to flaunt to your friends and enemies.