Call of Duty weapon attachments has been a confusing ride every release and in Black Ops: Cold War, it is no different. There are multiple pros and cons an attachment can have and this guide will specifically aim to clear the air on one of the most confusing attachment bonuses in the game. What is the difference between sprint out speed and sprint move speed? Here are the details.

Sprint Out Speed

Sprint out speed is perhaps not what you think it could mean.

You might think that it is about how fast you can move to a sprint position but it is the exact opposite. Sprint out speed is basically how fast you can return to a normal stance after letting go of the sprint button or canceling your sprint.

This is a crucial attribute to have and benefits most weapons in the game. The faster you can have your gun ready at a normal position after you sprint, the faster you can shoot and use hip-fire if an enemy is nearby. Not only that, but you can also aim down sights quicker after a sprint, and with another increase in aiming speed, you can go from a sprint to looking down on your optics quicker.

Weapons that can benefit from sprint out speed

These weapons that require a fast pace can help you kill players faster when approaching corners or buildings.

Strong weapons with great hip-fire accuracy are also beneficial and complement each other well. The Pelington 703 is a unique case where you might find yourself using a ‘quickscope’ loadout and if you sprint frequently, you will need the Sprint Pad for the sprint out speed bonus.

Sprint Move Speed

However, sprint move speed is the one that simply increases your sprint move speed. It increases your max speed when sprinting and the most bonus you can get from an attachment for it is 4% from the Marshal Foregrip attachment. It does decrease your hip-fire accuracy and it just means that the two different foregrips have opposite builds.

It does not have a specific benefit to particular weapons because it is more like a general attribute to have as a player. If you sprint more with your playstyle, you can benefit from it but rarely anything that relates combat. It is only available with the Marshal Foregrip and the best attribute you can get from the attachment is the base move speed bonus which can assist your player sway with the enemies if you are using hip-fire.


The goal of the article is just to point the difference between sprint out speed and sprint move speed and not compare them. It is obvious that the sprint out speed is more beneficial after knowing what it does. You should always try to add sprint out speed without sacrificing any attribute in return.