Camping spots are quite popular in a game like Call of Duty. It gives you safety while giving you a chance to increase your K/D ratio slowly.

You can also do it to get killstreaks faster as you will be getting high killstreaks when executed perfectly. The weapons depend highly on the type of game mode and which camping spot are you holding.

This guide will show you the best camping spots in Cartel Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. It will also teach you strategies on what you should do for each camping spot.

Camping Spot 1

The first camping spot is a very wide one. You can use the cover on the truck or the crates on the left side to find cover. For this camping spot, you will still go up the window where you can find enemies flanking.

For Domination, you only have to worry about one side. In other game modes, you will look everywhere but what makes this spot effective is that you can hear footsteps from incoming enemies from the window side.

You can also use a Field Mic to help you identify close enemies near you. The bushes in the middle of Cartel are also a good cover and you can use close-range weapons for this camping spot.

Going back and forth from the window and holding the corner there is also an effective strategy. If you manage to eliminate enemies and you have been holding the same position for a long time, you might need to switch it up between that spot and this side. It keeps the enemies guessing.

Camping Spot 2

The second camping spot is the meeting point of flag A and flag C. The camping spot is on the high ground when dealing with enemies coming from flag A. If the enemies manage to get up from the ledge to this camping spot, there are occasions where you will not get spotted from this location.

Unless the enemies change their field of view in the settings, you are still quite concealed holding this corner. The only dangerous spot is enemies coming from flag C and going to flag A. Enemies are unlikely to go for that unless they cannot contest flag B and they want to scatter your team.

Go for mid to long-range weapons for this as you will be seeing enemies coming from the middle of the Cartel. Enemies will be moving quickly because the enemies you will spot from this angle are looking to flank flag B from either the middle sandbags or the back of the bushes. This camping spot can also work for both spawns whether you spawn at A or at C.

Camping Spot 3

The next camping spot is when you spawn at A. It is the main pathway for your allies going from A to B which makes this camping spot the safest one. While very few enemies will ever reach this part in Cartel, the angle you get from looking at enemies going under the sandbags and enemies flanking will give you a huge advantage. Use a mid to long-range weapon for this camping spot as well.

Sometimes, it might be hard to see enemies when your team is winning B, it is best to go a little closer and support from the sandbags near the middle of Cartel. If B is starting to get contested, you can go back to this position and support your team from this angle. If your team is gone and the enemy is still at flag B, you can definitely deduce their position as they would be either behind the truck or proning near the sandbags on the left side.


Camping is only good if you have great reaction times, good map awareness, and the ability to gauge how close are the enemies judging from their footsteps. Camping is a bit controversial but good players will know how to beat campers.

It is either by avoiding you completely or just plainly beating you in a fight. If you have all the good qualities mentioned above, you will be extremely hard to deal with. You might even win the game without going for objectives by supporting through killstreaks and cutting off reinforcements.