Warzone has had its share of broken glitches and exploits throughout its release and with big updates coming out, players will most likely discover and encounter more and more of these.

The most recent one is the new invisible glitch in Warzone that’s appeared in Cold War Season 1 that allows players to run around the map completely invisible. It appears that enemy players can’t even shoot you, meaning you literally can’t be killed by an enemy, though this is unconfirmed at this stage.

This is a different invisibility glitch to the one that was made popular by Twitch streamer TimTheTatman, where you could allow a loadout box to fall on your head and sit inside it.

This Warzone invisibility glitch is far more powerful and, ultimately, game ruining.

This guide will show you the exploit and teach you how to do the Warzone invisibility glitch in Cold War Season 1. It’s pretty straightforward to do, though we expect to see the entire lobby trying to drop on helicopters at the start of every match.

In this video posted by OVO_CAMM, he started firing with the Warzone minigun on the helicopter and got downed by the enemy team. After this, you can see that his teammate came to revive him and his teammate uttered, “Dude, I can’t see you”. Skip to around the 7:15 minute mark on the video above to see exactly what happened.

Now that he is invisible to his teammate, you can check around the 12:49 minute mark that he encountered enemies saying “These guys are invisible dude, these guys are invisible” after he killed them.

It seems pretty broken as you can see the enemy paying attention to the sound of the footsteps but cannot keep track of the player’s exact location.

Though, before that kill and after that kill, including the final two kills of the Warzone victory, enemies appear to not be able to hear his footsteps. We haven’t been able to verify whether opponents can hear you whilst you’re invisible yet.

There have been other reports by popular streamers of this glitch happening and we can only pray that it’s fixed soon – who knows with Activision glitches these days! The recent Juggernaut glitch lasted for weeks and was never even fixed, they were simply removed from the game.

How to Do the New Invisibility Glitch

To do the invisibility glitch, you need to be riding the helicopter and using the minigun. You then need to be downed from the chopper whilst on the minigun.

There are two ways to do this.

The first way:

Your teammate could be flying the chopper with you on the minigun, and you could get shot down from the minigun.

Be careful because if you take too much fall damage from getting downed from the minigun on the helicopter, you can die instantly. It is best if you lower the altitude of the helicopter or find a rooftop or anything that can cushion your fall.

Or, your teammate could crash the chopper and jump out before they die so that only you get downed.

Your teammate will then need to revive you, or you will need to self-revive, and you will be invisible.

The second way:

You don’t even need a team mate to do this.

All you need is a chopper and self-revive, meaning this could even be done in solos.

Fly a chopper whilst you have self-revive, jump into the minigun seat, and then allow the chopper to crash into the ground. Use your self-revive and you’ll now be invisible.

Tricks to Use

One trick that we’ve seen invisible enemies using is to drop all of their cash on the floor.

When you see a big bag of cash, you can’t help but go and pick it up…but be careful, because there might be an invisible opponent waiting to sneak up on you.


You should do this new invisibility glitch at your own risk because you might accumulate a bevy of hack reports and who knows, Treyarch might even take action against those accounts who abuse it too much.


As of late in the day on December 17, minigun helicopters have been removed from the maps to prevent this game-ruining glitch from occurring. Fun (maybe?) while it lasted!